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Aloha House
Sustainable Agriculture
The Fundementals
1. Proper crop rotation
2. & 3. Legume usage and Companion planting
4. More than just Natural Fertilzer
5. Green fertilizers
6. & 7. Mulching and Cover cropping
8. & 9. Minimal Tillage and Insect Habitat
10. Animal Integration
The Farm Overview
Recent Harvests
Agritourism World

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Sustainable Agriculture
Teaching Methods that will Transform Soils and Habitats Naturally
Teaching Methods that will Transform Soils and Habitats Naturally
In our seminars we teach the fundamentals of Sustainable Agriculture. Some call it Organic farming, some Nature Farming, others Natural Farming. There are subtleties that can make them a little different but the commitment is to safe, quality food production without chemical inputs. If we feed the soil and the microbes, then they will feed the plant. We use EM Technology from LARUTAN MARKETING, the exclusive distributor of EM-1 (Effective Microorganisms)in the Philippines. We are an EM DEALER and can supply you with training as well as product. Pest and disease management can be obtained naturally. Food Production from the worst areas can be possible. We train the indigent community as well as tribes and commercial farmers on the benefits of natural methods in food production and waste remediation.

Aloha House, Mitra Rd., Santa Monica
Puerto Princesa City Palawan 5300



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