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If you have any prayer request please feel free to note request('s). Thank you and God bless!

Si usted tiene petición de rezo por favor siéntase libre de notar la petición. ¡Gracias y Dios te bendicen!
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My husband has been a trucker for nearly 50 yrs. He is battling colon cancer. He was first diagnosed with it February 2009. Had major complications from his first 2 surgeries. February of 2010 the cancer came back with a vengence. His cancer markers were at 50. He started chemo the first of March, 2010. Brought his markers down to 8. Awesome results but the chemo took its toll on his health. We took a 3 month chemo vacation and visited with our daughter and grandbaby in Oklahoma furing that time. We got back to Denver on the 21st of December. He has been hospitalized 3 times since then. He is now in the ICU with a severe case pnuemonia. When we got to the ER this morning, his oxygen level was down to 80. They put him on a BiPap machine which slowly raised his oxygen levels up to normal but he's also on 12 liters of oxygen. They now have him off the Bipap and is on a rebreather mask at 12 L. If he has to go on the vent (which is the next step), he will more that likely not be able to get off of it. Part of the complications he had in '09 damaged his lungs because he was on a vent for 15 days. I am sorry this is so long but I'm trying to explain our situation. I'm trying not to be selfish. His prognosis is poor. We know there is no cure for the type of colon cancer he has. We just want to be able to spend a few good 'healthy' months with each other before he goes to his Heavenly Home. Please pray for improvement of his pnuemonia and God's intervention against his cancer. Thank you and may God keep you all safe. Kathy & Luther Jensen formerly of St. Francis, KS USA
kathy Jensen
Denver, Co USA - 01/12/11 at 00:32:54 (EST)
need favor at the dmv tests 4 my cdL its my last chance to pass.
Ricardo Garza
indio, ca USA - 06/05/10 at 08:47:46 (EST)
Please pray for my wife Dixie, She is 46 and has suffered most of her life with the devastating effects of Mitral valve Prolapse syndrome. She has a leaky heart valve which causes her heart to go into arrhythmias and runs of pounding and missed beats. Often she can’t lie down, sleep, go out of the house, or even get dressed and go outside the home. The doctors want to drug her or cut her open with no assurance of good results. She is Born Again and has been trusting for a healing these last 6 years. We want adopt children and serve in our local ministry but are stopped each time we reach out in faith. We wait daily for our lord to move. When we have a time of physical peace for Dixie we serve with all of our strength. We just want to Live for Jesus. Please pray for a healing and deliverance. Blessings, Jim Butler
Jim and Dixie
Bluffton, SC USA - 02/09/10 at 11:24:38 (EST)
Beloved brother / sister, I am with my family from India and working in Saudi Arabia. I have few prayer request required you prayer 1. We are planning to go for vacation on coming June 24, 2010 after 02 years. But we are facing shortage of money. We did not shopping yet because of financial shortage. We are under tension. The money problems came because of my husband salary arrears is hold up by company management. If top management of husband company will release the money we could enjoy our vacation without any problems. We are waiting since last Two year for a good vacation. Please pray for getting enough money for vacation and clearing my husband pending money from his company and finally pray for a good and healthy vacation. Moreover pray for Air Ticket. We are planning to book the ticket on coming April 2010. Pray for get the ticket confirmation. Pray for June 24, 2010, we want to go the same date as we planned before. 2. Pray for my husband that he is always in tension. Always mood off because of his company management. his company management promise him that he will receive new contract offer with salary increment on last May 2009. But till now they did not give and they are promising till now they will give a good salary. Since last 08 months my husband is suffering a lot, he is praying a lot but till now God has not answered our prayer. Without sign a new contract we cannot go for a vacation. We don’t know who is working hidden against him. Please pray for his new contract offer. We are also prying for that. 3. Pray for our baby girl. She had completed one year and pray for her health. 4. Pray for our job. We both need our job permanent because we have a lot burden in our shoulder because a large amount of family members are depend on our job and salary. So please pray our job. I hope you will pray the above and we will go on 24 June 2010 for a vacation with happy as well my husband will get a new Contract offer Thanks for your prayer Regards Sister in Christ Shibi KSA
dammam, sa ksa - 01/27/10 at 02:20:35 (EST)
I only have 1 yr experience and we just lost our contract. I had a felony over 20 years ago and urgently need employment. Please pray that me and my family's finances grow into abundance overflowing so that we may bless others with what God is providing for us.
Charlotte, NC USA - 06/25/09 at 15:51:27 (EST)
we need the lord to move on our finances and to move on me a better paying job i want somthing in doors that is for a real christian person and we need the money to fix our truck or for someone to buy it
john and mary fricke
london, ky USA - 06/23/09 at 08:37:19 (EST)
That my Children would began to seek God with all their heart(Lisa,Christina,Carl,and Tommy).
Greg Mason
Stroud, Ok USA - 05/24/09 at 01:13:11 (EST)
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