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Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church
McDermott, Ohio


Preamble: The Bible is our only rule of faith and practice. The By-laws stated herein are for the purpose of governing the movements of this church and in the carrying out of Christís commands (I Cor. 14-33-40).

This Church shall be known as the Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church of McDermott, Ohio.

Section 1: Headship: Christ is our Lawgiver and Head, we are members of His body to execute His will. (Matt. 16:18; I Cor. 12:27; Col. 1:18)
Section 2: Rule of Faith and Practice: The Bible only. (II Tim. 3:15-17)
Section 3: Polity: All members are equal in vote and government.
Section 4: Purpose: To glorify Christ by carrying out His commission, observing His ordinances, and obeying His precepts.
Section 5: Independence: This church shall be separate and without subjection to another church, the state, or any earthly organization in so much as our own purposes are concerned.

Membership may be obtained as follows:
Section 1: By profession of faith and scriptural baptism.
Section 2: By letter of recommendation from any church of like faith and order. Definition of ďlike faith and orderĒ: A Baptist church that believes salvation by grace, baptism by immersion at the hands of a Baptist Church, closed communion, and perpetuity of the local church).
Section 3: By statement:
(1) If a church has gone out of existence or adequate information concerning the church cannot be obtained, a person may be received for membership if upon examination his/her baptism is determined to be scriptural.
(2) If a candidate for membership is refused a letter from the previous church, Cornerstone would ordinarily honor this refusal. However, if upon examination, it is determined in the opinion of Cornerstone Baptist church that the refusal is unscriptural, that person may be received by statement.
Section 4: By restoration. If a person excluded from the roll gives satisfactory evidence of repentance and reformation to the church, he/she may be restored to membership.
Section 5: All persons requesting membership by any of the above grounds will be received by a majority vote of the church.

Membership may be terminated as follows:
Section 1: Members shall be removed from the roll of the church by death.
Section 2: Members in good standing shall, upon application thereof, be granted a Letter of recommendation by the church to any other church of like faith and order.
Every such letter shall be forwarded by the church clerk to the church in which the member seeks admission.
Section 3: This church shall remove members from the roll by exclusion for these four basic reasons:
(1) Absenteeism: After a member has been absent from the services of this church for a period of three months, he shall be properly notified and questioned by a committee of the church as to his being interested or not interested in the work of this church. If this committee reports that they find no interest in the church, a negative attitude and answer, and no excuses are given which are acceptable to the church, such member shall be excluded within six months from the time of his first absence.
(2) Personal sin: If there came a disagreement or a trespass between brothers or sisters of the church which endangers the unity and harmony of the church they shall settle their differences according to the Lordís commandment in Matt. 18:15-17. If the differences cannot be settled, the church may exclude one or both from the assembly.
(3) Moral sin: If a member is found guilty of fornication, covetousness, idolatry, railing, backbiting, drunkenness, or extortion, (see I Cor. 5:11-13 and Gal. 5:19) they shall be subject to discipline and exclusion from the church.
(4) Doctrinal sin: Be it granted that all members may not fully understand the doctrinal beliefs of our church which are contained in The Articles of Faith, but if any member begins to propagate and teach doctrines contrary to those of this church they shall be subject to exclusion from membership. (See Rom. 16:17; I Tim. 6:3-5).
In matters of discipline the letter and spirit of the rule given in Matthew 18:15-17 shall be strictly enforced and followed. When a person is removed from the roll a letter of explanation shall be written by the clerk.


Section 1: Regular worship services shall be held on the Lordís Day in the morning and
evening, and on Wednesday evening for the purpose of bringing praise to our Savior and testifying to the lost. These meetings shall be for all people who may wish to come and shall be under the direction of the pastor.

Section 2: On each Sunday morning, a Sunday School shall be held for all ages which shall be under the direction of the Sunday School superintendent. On special occasions, a preaching service may be substituted for Sunday School.

Section 3: The regular morning and evening periods of worship each Lordís Day above provided for shall not be dispensed with, nor shall said periods be used by an person or organization for any other purpose than the regular and customary service for worship unless permission has first been obtained from the church by a majority vote at a regular service prior thereto with exception of inclement weather.

Section 4: The regular business meetings of the church shall be held on the second (2nd) Sunday evening of each month, with the annual meeting being held in December for the purpose of election of teachers and officers for the coming year.

Section 5: A called meeting of the church for any specified purpose may be held on any suitable evening, if ordered by a majority present at any one of the regular
services held on the Sunday previous. Special meetings may be held at any
service to receive members as candidates for baptism or promise of a letter
from another church.

Section 6: The order of business shall be as follows:
Call to order
Minutes of the previous meeting
Treasurerís report
Old business
New business

Section 7: All questions shall be settled by a majority vote of all members present. Proxy votes may be permitted by action of the church if the members present feel that the member presenting the proxy vote is aware of the discussion and all sides of the issue.

Section 8: Ten (10) members shall constitute a quorum.

Section 9: Informal meetings of the members may be held from time to time. At such meetings the women of the church are permitted to speak and express their opinions and offer their ideas.

Section 10: Robertís Rules of Order will be used by the church to conduct all formal business meetings.


Section 1: The church shall elect the following for an indefinite term: pastor, deacon and trustee. The church recognizes the position of pastor and deacon as scriptural offices and trustee as an office required by the state of Ohio.

Section 2: The church shall elect the following for a term of one year: treasurer, clerk, Sunday School superintendent, teachers as required, pianist, organist and song leader and assistants to each of these offices. At the same time elections are held, a Confidence Vote for the Pastor shall be held. If the vote falls below seventy-five percent (75%) of members present, there will be an official vote taken to retain the Pastor.

Section 3: The election of pastor, deacon and trustee shall be held whenever the need for such is determined by the church. The election of pastor shall be announced no less than three consecutive services prior to the election. The election of all other one-year offices shall be regularly held during the regular monthly business meeting in December or whenever a vacancy occurs. If the church feels there is a need to take an official vote to retain the Pastor, he must receive seventy-five percent (75%) of members present.

Section 4: All officers and teachers are to be elected for one year terms at the annual business meeting with the exception of pastor, deacon and trustee. These offices are indefinite and once elected the man serves as long as he lives or until he resigns or is terminated by the church. The office of pastor and deacon are the only offices recognized as scriptural offices and those filling these positions must meet scriptural qualifications. The termination of these offices must be by vote of the church, which has been announced no less than three consecutive meetings prior to the vote being taken.
(1) The qualifications for pastor:
a. Required to be governed by the principles set forth in I Timothy 3:
1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
b. Shall be in complete harmony with the doctrines of the church and
the Articles of Faith.
c. Required to be in sympathy with the churchís stand on church
fellowship and association.
d. He shall be ordained unto the gospel ministry by a scriptural missionary Baptist church.
(2) Duties and care of the pastor:
a. The pastor shall be in charge of the spiritual welfare and oversight
of the church.
b. He shall administer the ordinances of the church.
c. He shall act as moderator in all business meetings and serve as an
ex-officio member of all committees.
d. The pastor shall take the leadership in filling the pulpit in his absence with the approval of the church.
e. The pastorís salary shall be determined by the membership of the
f. The pastor shall be given two weeks paid vacation per year when funds are available.
(3) The qualifications of deacons:
a. Required to be governed by the principles found in I Tim. 3:8-13.
b. He should be in full agreement with the doctrines of the church and
in its Articles of Faith.
c. A man coming from another church having served as a deacon shall
not automatically be considered a deacon but must go through the
same process except that of being re-ordained.
(4) Duties of the deacons:
a. They shall serve with the treasurer as the Finance Committee.
b. They shall serve with the trustees as the Pulpit Committee.
c. They shall serve as a council of advice and conference with the pastor in all matters pertaining to the welfare and work of the church. They are especially to see the physical needs of the church and pastor.
d. A deacon shall act as moderator for business meetings in the absence of the pastor.
e. They may administer the ordinances of the church.
(5) The qualification of officers and teachers:
a. All officers and teachers shall be elected from the membership of
this church. They shall show forth a consecrated Christian life and
a dedication to the task to which they are elected.
b. Each teacher shall use such literature besides the King James Version of the Bible as is approved by the church and/or pastor.
c. The treasurer shall be responsible for all receipts and disbursements
and to make a monthly detailed statement to the church. The
treasurerís books shall be audited once a year by a committee appointed by the pastor with approval of the church. If the need arose the treasurer may withdraw from one fund to support another, if so authorized by a vote of the church.
d. The clerk of the church shall keep in a suitable manner all records
of the actions of the church and shall be the custodian of the records and papers of the church including the articles of incorporation, by-laws, and other official documents as required.
e. The superintendent of the Sunday School shall be responsible for obtaining volunteers from the men of the church to lead the morning devotional, for obtaining substitute teachers if neither the teacher or substitute is available, and for ringing the bell to notify the teachers that the Sunday School hour is completed.


Both the clerk and treasurerís records should be filed and stored at the church within two months of the close of the year.


The by-laws may be amended by making available to the membership written notice of the changes proposed at least two weeks in advance of the regularly scheduled business meeting where the vote is taken. Notice of the vote to change the by-laws and the availability of the actual change must be announced at three prior meetings of the church. The Articles of Faith may never be changed.

Adopted: August 26, 2001
Amendments made: May 9, 2004

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