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Nazarene Heresy
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Nazarene Heresy
Christians have believed all of the Bible is true for the last 2000 years.For the last 100 years some denominations, churches,Bible Colleges have sinned against God by turning away from this belief. Sadly this now includes The Church of the Nazarene.
In the book " An Introduction to Wesleyan Theology", written by William Grethouse, listed as a "general superintendent in the Church of the Nazarene.", & H. Ray Dunning "chairman of the Department Religion and Relion Trevecca Nazarene College", they make the claim that not all of the Bible is God's word!
On page 12, of their book, "An
Introduction to Wesleyan Theology", they state "The majority of Wesleyan
scholars today support the position that the inspiration and authority of
Scripture extends to those truths neces
sary to salvation but not necesarily to
scientific, historical, and other non
theological matters."... This is bad
enough, but I will show that they also
believe the Bible has errors! On the`
same page they go on to say, " (1) The
Holy Scriptures are the written Word of
God; (2) they contain the living word of God; and (3) they become for those
who have faith, the personal Word of God." As we shall see later, this state
ment means, unless you have an existent
ial experience with the word of God, it
is not really God's word, unless it has
to do with salvation truths.This is
Further, they state on pages 12 & 13," Certainly it cannot be claimed that the whole Bible contains the words
of God. There are temple records, prayers of men, pronouncements of proph
ets, and even words from the devil; ...
An important distinction must be made
between the word of God (lower case)
and the Word of God (uppercase). The
latter comes to expression in the former, making the former the vehicle
of God's self communication. It is crit
ically important for there to be an
objective point of reference. Without
that it would be too easy to confuse the
word of God with subjective feelings.
But the words of Scripture provide a
benchmark by which to constantly check
the authenticity of our claims to hear
ing the Word of God. It is possible to
accurately understand the the words of
Scripture without ever hearing the word
of God. In that sense the two can never be equated. Nonetheless, the Word is heard through the words and cannot be
seperated from them without serious
danger."... If you understood what you
just read the gist of it is that not
all of the Bible is the trustworthy
word of God, but there is some trust
worthy word of God in the Bible. This
my friends is a doctrine of the Devil!
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