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" Lost, Yet not Alone"
"Angel of Provision"
Paeans Prologue
" The Majestic Oak Tree"
"My Divine Breath"
"Never Alone"

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"Never Alone"
"In our daily walk through life, we sometimes feel alone, yet God is there."
"In our daily walk through life, we sometimes feel alone, yet God is there."
"Insults have broken my heart, and I am full of heaviness, and I looked for some to take pity, but there was none, and I looked for comforters, but I found none." (Psalm 69:20)

October 15, 2001
Monday, 1:36 A.M.

“ Never Alone”

Oh most powerful Lord, God Almighty. I call on Thee who is ever present at my side. Great is the peril I feel in my human nature. Yet deep inside I hear Thy Spirit and I know that I am not alone.
You are Lord over my life. The times I find myself turning to Thee are of great importance to me. I wish to follow You in all righteousness. Wash me white as snow.
There is great comfort in You. I love the comfortable feeling of being in Your Presence. It is so very peaceful. I am free from the uncertainties of this world. I wish not to see the evil that exists in this world. Yet, I know that You need a vessel.
Humbly I implore Thee, Oh Lord use me for Thy Will. Take hold of my mind and set it affixed on heavenly places. Shield and protect my thoughts and lead my footsteps in all righteousness.
Your are pure love, Lord. So great is Your love, it is never ending.
In You I see a dove of peace, gentle and assured in all things.
In You I see an eagle of strength, soaring to heights unknown.
In You I see a hummingbird, so small yet quicker than all others.
In You I see a seagull giving flight ore the waves at sea.
In You I see a night owl so still, yet eyes so sharp to see it’s way.
In You I see the wild geese all arrayed in a formation giving direction.
In You I see beyond the heavens a place of great peace. A peaceful home beyond the creation of it all. A place of rest, a place of comfort surely indeed. You are more beautiful to me than all that my eyes do see. Great is Your name. Above all there is You. Worthy of Praise and honor is Your name.
Love abounds in my heart, as I reflect on my deepest contemplation in Thee. You are always here. Never alone, always in Thee. I seek You out, Oh Lord! Show me the way. Teach me how to be humble, ease my mind, and give me an assurance of Thy Divine Presence in my life.
I call out to You! Oh Lord, have Thy way in my life. Let Your peace dove be a sign to me. I rest in Your love. Great is Your love. Warmly I embrace it in my heart. I cherish Your deep love and hold tightly to Thy hand.
Lead me, guide me, show me the direction for my life. This moment I wish not to depart from Thee. I shall always keep You deep in my heart.
Oh Love, Love Sweet Love, I am never alone!
Never alone, I seek Your face…

Excerpt from PaeansII

"Do you feel alone? Jesus said, "Come to Me all of you who are burdened and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." The only true rest, is that which is given from God. If you haven't given your life to Jesus Christ, TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION. Get absolute peace from the Prince of Peace.
If you stand in need of prayer, leave your prayer requests, and we shall agree together...
This prayer request page is no longer accepting new entries.

Valerie, I see your lovely invitation for prayer. Though I do know the Lord and have studied much, does not make me exempt from the need and agreement in prayer from other children of the King. I would request from you prayer and prayerful advice, on how to get more direction for my life. Thank you for being there. God bless you and yours.
Michael Boggess
Cincinnati, Oh USA - 05/28/06 at 14:41:04 (EST)
Dear heavenly Father, We call upon Thy most precious name. We give Thee all the praise and glory. You are truly worthy to be praised. Lord teach me to follow in Thy footsteps. Man is a sinner, and the wages of sin is death. God is just, completely just; and will not leave sin unpunished. He Himself came to earth through Jesus Christ, His Son, to pay that sin penalty. Cause us to repent and call upon the name of the Lord, that we may be saved. We ask this of You, Oh Lord, in the name of Jesus. Forgive us and make us whole. Amen
Valerie Maria Boggess
Cincinnati,, OH USA - 03/26/03 at 20:02:19 (EST)

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