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" Lost, Yet not Alone"
"Angel of Provision"
Paeans Prologue
" The Majestic Oak Tree"
"My Divine Breath"
"Never Alone"

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"My Divine Breath"
"I saw You this morning in the beauty of my garden, roses wet with dew."
"I saw You this morning in the beauty of my garden, roses wet with dew."
May 22, 2002
Tuesday, 2:37 A.M.

“ My Divine Breath “
I am so glad to be able to enter into a solitary place with You, Oh Lord. There is peace and in the quietude of the moments that I spend with You, I find great comfort.
A time I set aside in Thee, just to lift up Thy holy name. It is a name above all others. Magnificent in countenance and perfect in all ways, art Thou, Oh Lord. True perfection I find in Thee. Blest be Thy name.
Weary and with great concern I have allowed myself to be so uncertain in many areas of my life. Is it lack of trust? Or shall I say, “ I am learning to be perfected in Your ways, oh Lord!”
There is coolness in the night skies tonight. I find myself open to You, Oh Lord. Hear me as I speak and worship Thee. I love You, Lord. Help me to place You first in all things. Teach me to be wise and discerning in all that surrounds my life. Allow me to be true to myself. Oh, how it is that feelings and emotions can take a hold and cause so much discomfort in the physical nature. Yet in my spirit I know that You are here.
I saw You this morning in the beauty of my garden, roses wet with dew. It is spring yet winter holds tightly and will not let go.
You Lord are full of splendor and arrayed in beautiful colors in Thy creation. You are present in the spring colors that burst forth. As the seasons change one into another, I too yearn for new changes in Thee.
Take a hold of the uncertain areas of my life and transform before my eyes a newness in Thee.
Sometimes I am afraid and seek to be assured by Your presence. I search You out, Oh Lord. I love the time we spend together. I find great consolation and a peace that is beyond compare. I want You to know that You are the base of my life. A pillar of support to lean on is my desire in Thee.
I am so unworthy of Your love, yet I see You; Lord and I feel Your presence. I praise You Lord and thank You for all that You have given me. Mighty is Your leadership over my life. I turn to You for direction and guidance.
Look down on me and give me wisdom in Your ways…
“ It is I, your Lord, your God. I am here. I surely hear your voice. I am moved by your love in Me. I hold the future of your life in My hand. Be not afraid, my daughter, I am in full control. Take each day and live each moment to the fullest. Be strong and bold. I am God. I deserve complete adoration. Adore Me and love Me. I wish to so bless your life. Do you not see that one season after another is different and incomplete? Adverse times are upon the earth, my daughter. As the day of My return approaches many will be wavering in their faith. Be not moved by the adversities that fall upon your life. I am here. I am here. Remember, my daughter, it is in your faith that I shall sustain you. Keep time with Me and remember I am nearer than you think.
I am the morning sun arrayed in warmth that shines for you each day.
I am the precious rain that falls and bathes My creation of it all.
I am the beauty of a single rose reaching upward in hues of crimson red.
I am Spirit, divine breath that breathes down on you each day.
I call thee out. Stand tall and be of good cheer. You are alive and it is My Spirit that dwells within your heart.
Take a hold of My hand and walk with Me. I will hold thee up and carry you into brighter days. Allow change in Me to take a hold of your life. In Me you will find comfort to able to endure. In Me you will grow and I shall teach you and direct thy life.
I am Lord. I am your God. Be assured, my daughter, I am raising up a people in these last days that will remain strong in Me. Hold steadfast to your love in Me. My peace I give Thee.”
Blest be Thy name, Oh Lord! Oh, divine breath of God oversee my life…

By: Valerie M. Boggess

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