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" Lost, Yet not Alone"
"Angel of Provision"
Paeans Prologue
" The Majestic Oak Tree"
"My Divine Breath"
"Never Alone"

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" The Majestic Oak Tree"
"My spirit soars upward above the majestic oak tree."
"My spirit soars upward above the majestic oak tree."
Paean Eleven

"So they will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified."
(Isaiah 61:3)

August 24, 2000
Thursday, 7:00 P.M.

"The Majestic Oak Tree"

I sit here looking out at the wonders of it all. Your creation calls me out. I see the green colors of trees in all shapes and sizes. It is quiet here and I hear the sounds of locust and feel a sense of peace. I feel that in this solitude place there is comfort.
In the distance I hear the bellowing of a frog. I see not his presence, yet I hear the sounds of his bellowing. Your Spirit is like this. I see You not, yet I know that You are here. It is the presence of the movement of the wind and the sounds of nature that call to me.
Standing tall amongst the trees there is an oak tree. It stands taller than all the rest of the trees that I see. Its base is wide and strong. It is like the foundation of Your Church. Not even the gates of hell shall prevail against her. Reaching upward, the trunk of this majestic oak tree reaches out and divides into two. Upward these branches of towering strength reach to You. They seek strength from You. The branches of this oak tower over all the other trees. There is purity and strength in this majestic oak tree. It reaches upward to the openness of the sky. Its leaves and branches meet with the sky. It praises Your name. It calls to You for its life giving support.
You, Oh Lord, bring the rains and then You bathe this beautiful oak tree with Your misting showers. Just as You meet the needs of this oak tree, so it is that You meet my every need. You clothe me, feed me, and take care of me each day.
It is below the tree that I see a root of bark that appears to be pointing upward. I see a giant hand that points upward leading me to You. Looking at this I see You giving direction to my life. Seeing this majestic oak tree in its entire splendor makes me look up and I see You. Above all that is there is You, watching over all that You have created. In all Your magnificence, You have created every living thing that breathes upon this earth. There is splendor in it all.
The ground upon which this oak tree stands supports its foundation. It holds tightly to this oak tree. Yet I see how hard and tough this oak tree stands. It must learn to bend like the willow tree that sits far behind it. The willow tree that I see moves and bends with the wind. That is how my life should be, as strong as this oak tree. Yet I see a gentle swaying movement in the willow tree allowing me to be gentle in Your ways. Life is full of turbulent movement, yet amidst the storms of life, I must learn to adjust.
Each of these trees is so very different, yet I know that they each have purpose in life. The oak stands tall and proud. The willow is so soft and moves with such ease. This is how Your Spirit is. It is so very strong, yet as calm as the winds blowing through this willow tree. You, Lord move here and there. You travel through the winds on the earth. You blow through the leaves of each tree that I see. Your Presence is everywhere.
Help me to be like the oak tree, strong in nature, yet like unto the willow, calm and flowing. Let Your rains fall down on me. Let Your sun bathe me as Your light shines through this forest. Let me grow tall and strong. Allow me to reach upward to heaven.
You are my God and You are my deliverer. Mighty are Your works. I see all in the plan of Your creation. Everything gives back to You. There is a season for all things created under the sun. There is a time to grow and a time to die.
Even as this oak tree reaches in full splendor during the summer months, it shall sleep in the winter. It shall rest for a new beginning for a new season. So shall I! I was born out of the dust of the earth and until the day of my return to Thee, I shall remain in Thee. There is no death in Thee, only a new beginning. I will rise upward beyond this oak tree and look upward to heaven. Someday You will receive me and it is in Your arms that I shall rest. My spirit soars upward above the majestic oak tree. Truly it stands tallest amongst the other trees that surround it. Oh Lord bless this might oak tree and allow me to stand tall in its presence.
Majestic oak tree, remind me each day to be bold and strong. Oh Creator of all, Thou art truly my sovereign Lord...

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