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" Lost, Yet not Alone"
"Angel of Provision"
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"My Divine Breath"
"Never Alone"

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"Angel of Provision"
"I the Lord, your God shall supply and provide for your needs."
"I the Lord, your God shall supply and provide for your needs."
PAEANS III, "Angel of Provision"
By Valerie M Boggess

April 19, 2002
Friday, 11:30 P.M.


Oh dear heavenly Father, my heart and soul does seek to enter into Thy presence. I seek Thee in all humility and with a fervent love.
As I quietly spend time with Thee, I find myself open to receive Thy will for my life. Influence me in Thy ways. Send forth this night Thy divine Spirit. Take hold of my thoughts and allow me to hear from Thee, Oh most powerful, mighty Lord!
You are to me more precious than all that Thou hast created by Thy mighty hand. Truly, You are my sovereign Lord. Thank You for this day. Thank You for this precious time that I have with Thee. Thank You for Your presence in my life.
Give voice Lord and use me as a vessel to receive Thy Holy Divine Will!
" I the Lord, your God, am here, my daughter. I hear thee and see all that surrounds thy life. I am moved by that which you feel in your life. Continue to walk forward in all humility. Be not dismayed in all that seems so unbalanced. In Me you will find strength to discern and move on.
Have faith in me. Trust in Me. Remember, I am mighty in thought, word and deed. Hold steadfast in your faith. Allow Me to give direction and purpose to thy life. I am moving this night, traveling the night skies and I hover over thy life. It is in thy heart that I reside. Do not let the uncertain areas of your life take control. I send to you this night an angel. A guardian of My love for you. You shall call him, Providian. He shall watch over your life and shield your very footsteps. His name shall be called so. Providian means, I the Lord, your God, shall supply and provide your needs.
My daughter, do not be afraid. I the Lord, your God, shall provide for you and yours. I will teach you and lead you onward into a greatness in Me. Continue to seek righteousness and clothe thyself in goodness. Providian, shall be with thee and stay close to thee. Remember it is I that supplies your every need.
My patience shall overcome thee and you shall be assured in the gentleness of My love. I am perfecting in thee a stronger faith. It is My desire to give thee wisdom from on High. Continue to be steadfast in your presence with Me. It is in the quietness of your heart, mind and soul that I am received.
I shall provide and look down on your needs. The treasury of My storehouse is full of provision. Be not worried or over-anxious. I shall be your provider.
I shall supply your daily bread, and you shall lack for nothing.
I shall provide you with the strength in able to endure.
I shall open the portals of Heaven and shower My blessings
down onto thy life.
I shall replace that which has been taken.
I shall renew thy mind and give thee peace in all thy ways.
I shall give you victory over your trials and tribulations.
I shall walk with you and assure you of My presence in your
life. Never, never are you alone.
I shall bless your seed. You and yours, I hold tightly in the
palm of My hand.
I shall bless all that surrounds your life. All that you touch will
feel My love and know that I am ever-present.
I shall bring forth beauty from the grounds that surround your
I shall surround thee with the beauty of My creation.
You see, my daughter, I hear you. My promises are true and I set forth this day My seal of protection over your life.
Be blessed. Be of good cheer. Be anointed for my name sake. Always remember that I have sent this day, Providian, to you. He shall take charge over thee.
I the Lord, your God truly am worthy to be praised. Let your mind, heart and soul give praises to My name.
Be still, my daughter, and remember "I truly am the I AM, I am GOD...""
I am open and seeking provision from You, Oh Lord!

Taken from: Paeans III

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