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" Lost, Yet not Alone"
"Angel of Provision"
Paeans Prologue
" The Majestic Oak Tree"
"My Divine Breath"
"Never Alone"

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" Lost, Yet not Alone"
"Rest, peace and tranquility abound in this place."
"Rest, peace and tranquility abound in this place."
Paean Twenty-Three

"Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?"
(Matthew 6:26)

December 2, 2000
Saturday, 3:14 A.M.

"Lost, Yet Not Alone"

Rest, peace and tranquility abound in this place. There banking along the shores are cragged rocks of assorted sizes reaching above each other. Ripples of silent waves move across the top of the lake that I see. Reaching upward are steam vapors of condensation. Gently falling to touch lightly on the cool surface are light, airy snowflakes. Downward, downward they fall gently. They are so beautiful for the eye to behold.
On the banks of the shore and atop the waves of water are huddled together wild ducks arrayed in silken tones of blue, green, and brownish-black. Spiraled curls of feathers give tail to these beautiful creatures that God has made.
Soaring overhead, a lonely, solitary seagull gives a flight dance to and fro. Alone and so far a distance from an ocean's shore. Are you lost, oh lonely seagull? Huddling close are other fair weather friends, not same in nature, also seeking a food source and fresh water for life's journey. Oh beautiful seagull you make flying seem so much at ease. You are perfect in bending, tipping, and swerving as you glide through the air with ease. Are you lost in flight? Are you separated from your own kind? Somehow your very life is being watched over by a silent hand. This hand reaches out and guards your every flight of movement. It is God our Father who has created you and it is He that leads you onward.
No competition you find here for your food source. The wild ducks give you first choice as you are more courageous and without fear. Alone, you withstand the winter snow and cold temperatures.
Where do you sleep at night? In the tops of evergreens that shine out where no leaves color other trees? I'm sure my Father knows your favorite spot to rest.
It will be hard to find food as winter approaches. The cold winter season is upon the end of autumn. Shall I promise thee that I will come and seek thee out? I will come and bring thee food for a long winter's rest. If you do not appear again than I shall know that it is He, my heavenly Father, that has encouraged you to move on.
My prayer for thee, oh beautiful white seagull is give flight and find your traveling friends. May you be joined back to that which you have been separated from? It is not good to be alone. You are alone, one in its own kind. Silently as you soar overhead, I hear the whispers of angels wings gently taking charge of the very nature of it all. Silence envelops the lake, trees are barren, and no leaves are to be seen. Early winter is soon to appear. Blankets of snow shall soon cover all that I see. The lake I see shall surely freeze.
I shall say, I will not forget you, a large, rounded, beautiful soaring bird. I shall return to see and feel the whispers of angels all around this peaceful, solitary place.
Heavenly Father, Your creation is wondrous indeed. This forever-lasting scene shall set an impression upon my soul. I should say to the lonely seagull, You are a survivor all alone in the creation of it all. I will learn from your very pursuing existence. Stay awhile or give flight and return to your own.
You, oh lonely seagull are lost, yet you are not alone in the creation of it all...

An excerpt taken from PAEANS, written by Valerie Maria Boggess...
Art illustration by Maria Michelle, my daughter, fair and lovely in the Lord...

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