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Authorsden website for PAEANS, written by Valerie Maria Boggess
" Lost, Yet not Alone"
"Angel of Provision"
Paeans Prologue
" The Majestic Oak Tree"
"My Divine Breath"
"Never Alone"

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Dedicated to the Lord, my God almighty
Dedicated to the Lord, my God almighty
written by Valerie Maria Boggess

I desire to express with great love and emotion the writings of Paeans for my Lord. In a willingness to be obedient, I found myself seeking love in Him and all of His creation. God said that He has placed knowledge in the heart of every man to know that there is God. Upon this thought, I decided to keep a diary with the Lord. It was in the stillness of the many nights, and the experiences of many days that I sought Him out. His Presence overcame me in the silence of the night with His great love and seeking to be loved. It was in the days and nights that the Lord encouraged me to take up pen and write. I shall continue to record and give voice to my Lord. Truly my God is evident in all of His creation. He is worthy to be praised...

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Cincinnati Ohio

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