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Julien Baptist Church
History of Julien

In March of 1944, members of the Julien Community, Christian County, Kentucky, met to establish a New Testament Missionary Baptist Church in the community.
With the authority of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Trigg County, Kentucky, Julien Missionary Baptist Church was organized March 8, 1944.
Founding members, having been granted letters from their home churches were: Pastors J. R. Guess, Roscoe Noel, and Carl Noel, with members Ulysses and Mary Noel, Albert "Wink" and Mary Ann Roberts, Ralph and Alene Roberts, Blanch Wallace, Bartley and Dean Taylor, Lacy and Macie Thomas and their three(3) children: Aubrey, Daphne, and Doris Thomas, Driscall and Lucille Ladd, Annabell Broadbent, and Dorothy Griffin.
The new church adopted the Articles of Faith as given in "Pendleton's Church Manual". The church voted to purchase an old store building from the United States Government, located at the intersection of Highways 272 and 117. They chose the name of Julien Missionary Baptist Church and proceeded to call Brother Carl Noel as their first pastor. The first sermon was preached on Sunday March 12, 1944. The first revival was held in July of 1944 with Brother J. R. Guess as evangelist. Thirty members, seventeen by baptism and thirteen by letter were added to the church membership.
The first deacons were Floyd Lancaster, Lacy Thomas, Clyde Finley, and Bartley Taylor.
In 1947, Julien first broadcast a radio program on station WHOP, 98.6 FM, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.
In 1948, Julien Baptist Church purchased the home of the pastor, Carl Noel, as the designated church parsonage. On October 31, 1951, Brother Carl Noel resigned as pastor after serving for eight years.
Julien called Brother Elton Wilson as their new pastor, immediately. He remained the pastor for six years resigning November 17, 1957.
In May of 1954, the church auditorium was enlarged and Sunday School rooms added.
Brother Dempsey Henderson was the pastor from January of 1958 until June 12, 1966. Brother Dempsey Henderson became a foreign missionary to Brazil from Julien Missionary Baptist Church.
In September of 1965, restrooms, nursery, and vestibule were added.
Brother Wallace York was pastor from November of 1966 until September of 1975. During this time period, a new parsonage was built.
Brother Garner Smith was pastor from March of 1976 to May of 1987.
Brother Lonnie Perigo was pastor from June of 1987 until November of 1989.
Brother Elton Wilson served his second pastoral of Julien Missionary Baptist Church from January 10, 1990 until September 24, 1995. During this pastoral period, November of 1991, the basement was renovated to create a Fellowship Hall complete with a kitchen.
On March 8, 1994, Julien Missionary Baptist Church celebrated her 50th anniversary with 166 in attendance.
Brother Don Scott, Jr. assumed the responsibility of pastor of Julien on May 1, 1996. In July of 1996, Julien began a weekly Sunday morning (8:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.) radio program on WQKS, 1480 AM, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. In October of 1996, Julien expanded the radio ministry by starting a weekly Sunday morning (8:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.) radio program on WKDZ, 1110 AM, in Cadiz, Kentucky. Brother Don Scott left at the end of August 2000. In December 2000, Brother Shawn Berry was called to be the pastor. Brother Shawn Berry decided to leave in October 2002. On May 14, 2003, Julien called Brother Troy McGahan as Pastor by a unanimous vote. Brother Troy McGahan last service to be pastor was in November of 2005. As of July 21, 2006; Brother Rick Catt took over as pastor and he left to go back to Illinois in the middle of September of 2007.

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