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Julien Baptist Church

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We are an Independent Missionary Baptist Church. We are a Landmark in our church doctrine believing that Christ started His New Testament Church while on earth, and that Church has always been in existence since the time of Christ. We also believe that man is totally saved by Grace through Faith plus nothing and minus nothing. Our Church believes and practices local Church mission work and no mission work can be done scriptually apart from a New Testament Baptist Church. Boards and conventions cannot take the place of a Church in doing mission work. We also are Independent which means that we are not affilitated with any association, convention, or organized fellowship of Churches. This is just a small portion of who we are and what we believe.

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If you have a question about this website or even suggestions; please use the link on the left that says EMAIL US and it will be sent to the appropriate person. Thank you very much.

If you have a question about our beliefs, the church, or being saved; please use the email listed BELOW and email the pastor. Thank you very much.

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This site was created on February 13, 2003. This site was last updated on December 22, 2008 at 01:59 a.m. Central Time This site was created and maintained by Mike Creamer - former member of Julien

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