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lazar ometita,

On a recent occassion we reviewed your OurChurch.Com website. We sent the email included below requesting more information, but after 4 weeks and 2 reminder emails we still have not received a response. Because it is very important to us to maintain a Christian environment at OurChurch.Com we are forced to suspend your website until we receive a response. We look forward to hearing from you and resolving this issue so you can continue your website service with us.

In His Service,

lazar ometita,

We have received your request to have the following website listed in the OurChurch.Com Directory of Christian Websites.

- Title: Pasi in cunoastere
- Web address:

Unfortunately, we were unable to review it because there is no English translation available. If you would like for us to list your website please either add an English translation to your website or email a statement of faith (in English) indicating what your spiritual beliefs.

In His Service,

In His Service,

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