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Your Prayer and Praises
Share your prayer requests and praises with us.
Share your prayer requests and praises with us.
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Please Pray GOD Blesses me so i can Bless others every day of my life .Please Pray a hedge of protection around my mind body and soul. Pray GOD overflows me with HIS Power,HOLY SPIRIT and Presence in my life. Pray the HOLY SPIRIT so strong in my life that satan and his servents will flee with terror because GODS presence is so strong in my life . Pray my body would be a strong vessel for the HOLY SPIRIT. Pray GOD causes satan and those used by satan great confusion when they come against me with their evil plans and Pray GOD sends His angels to to fight along side me when is happens.Pray GOD cuffs me in His Hand when evil comes against me.Pray GOD raises me lightyears above satan and those used by satan to glorify GOD In JESUS Name..Thanks for your Prayers
, USA - 01/24/11 at 22:22:28 (EST)
Please consider copying this request and praying for us monthly during the coming year. Please pray for the ministry of Greenwood Church in the following areas: 1. Pastor: That I would be dillegent in Holiness, Prayer, Study, Visitation, and Soulwinning. That the protection of God would be on myself and family. 2. Leadership: That the leadership would be an example in Bible study, Prayer, Giving and Attendance. 3. Congregation: That lost religious people would be awakened and saved, and the saved would grow in their desire for the Word, and become more involved. 4. Youth: That God would get hold of the few that we do have, who are running from God, and only come for the fun events. That God will bring in others that will fall in love with Jesus. 5. Prospects: That God will bring us workers that are grounded in the Word of God. 6. Outreach: That we would go out with the message of the gospel, and God will give us many souls. That God would bring the lost in as well. As of yet, we have had no one saved in three years. That God would bless and increase our Radio Ministry, and enable us to do Internet Ministy on Sermon Audio. 7. Missions: God has given us the opportunity to support a missionary to Russia. Thank you for being attentive to this long request, and may God fulfill all your petitions as they are made in Jesus Name; Amen Pastor Rick
, USA - 01/06/11 at 00:09:17 (EST)
mumbai, india - 01/02/11 at 02:32:49 (EST)
Many believer are fighting against many the troubles and illness and obstacles,but the Lord will be our victory and refuge in this day and he will answer my prayer request and yours ,be bless and let us win and be blessing in everywhere,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden
södertälje, sweden - 12/06/10 at 04:51:37 (EST)
Need healing of bulging disc.
, USA - 11/26/10 at 23:30:56 (EST)
(1)Souls to be saved in our church (2)God to deal with a deacon that is undermining the pastor. (3)The pastor's spiritual life to be enriched.
Summerdale, Al USA - 11/09/10 at 10:23:23 (EST)
GOSPEL TEXT MISSION____________________________________________ Mike and Georgann Viscome 206 Co. Rt. 85 Fulton, NY 13069 E MAIL--- PHONE- 315-598-1122 WEB SITE- Dear Pastor, We are the northeastern representatives for Gospel Text Mission a 60-year-old ministry. Our desire is to give away, free of charge, Gospel signs so that people can use them as part of their witness for Christ. The Lord has seen fit to bring many to Himself because of Scripture signs. The verses that people read could not be erased from their minds. As has been said,: The eye gate is much more effective on the memory than the ear gate.” Our signs contain only Scripture, the King James Version, are commercially painted, permanent, and are replaced if they become damaged. Signs never need a furlough, and unlike people, never miss an opportunity. We would love to come to your church, to present the ministry of Gospel Text Mission, and to give out signs to your people so that we might help them to be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. The signs are free. We make it a practice to never ask for money nor make any financial requirement of any church. We desire to give, not to get. The Lord supplies our needs. I would be able to help by preaching a Bible message, Sunday school class, or whatever would be best for you and your people. Please drop us a line (or email us at or if you would be interested in having us come. Thank you for your time. God bless you! Sincerely yours in Christ, Mike Viscome Northeast Representative
Mike Viscome
Fulton , NY USA 13069 - 08/20/10 at 13:10:59 (EST)
I think I am dying, not physically but mentally and spiritually. My heart is broken. There seems to be no hope. Please pray for my husband and me. We have been married for 27 years and he moved out in Feb. Please pray the whatever is causing this separation will be removed from his life. For God to heal our marriage. Please pray for a miracle restoration and reconciliation.
, USA - 07/02/10 at 13:27:19 (EST)
for some santeros vuddu that have been attacking church members: for maria guillen and fam., humberto guillen and fam., for vicente and rosy jimenez and fam., for bryan jimenez and fam., for maria jimenez and fam., maria gonzalez and fam. maria carrera and fam. for juany bogart and fam. for martha veliz and fam., for eduviges guillen and fam., for maria meraz and fam., for maria gomez meraz and fam., for rebeca gomez and fam.,for gudalupe garcia and fam., for saul hernandez and fam., megan hernandez and fam. for maria perez and fam., for maria veliz and fam. for horacio espinoza and fam., for monica espinoza gomez and for monica espinoza and fam., horacio pena and fam. for maria rubio and fam. for la clicha rubio and fam.
Maria Espiro
Calexico, ca USA - 06/24/10 at 13:52:03 (EST)
pray for my son sunny toget a job kindly let me know how to pray
james suhasini
guntur , a. india - 06/17/10 at 10:55:53 (EST)
Please Pray a hedge of protection around my mind body and soul. Pray GOD overflows me with HIS Power,HOLY SPIRIT and Presence in my life. Pray the HOLY SPIRIT is so strong in my life that satan and his servents will flee with terror because GODS presence is so strong in my life . Pray my body would be a strong vessel for the HOLY SPIRIT. Pray GOD raises me lightyears above Satan and those used by Satan to glorify GOD In JESUS Name...
, USA - 05/12/10 at 17:43:15 (EST)
Please pray for my uncle "Subramaniyam" who is in critical stage and will be having an on 07/04/2010. Please pray for a good recovery. Thank you all!
Chennai, TN INDIA - 04/09/10 at 05:48:40 (EST)
Please pray for my brother who has cancer and will be having an on 20/04/10. Please pray for a good recovery. May god bless you all my sisters and brothers in christ.
Elaine Tilt
London, Lo USA - 04/07/10 at 13:16:16 (EST)
I want God to guide me and help me. Please pray that God will help me quit drugs, protect me and my family, guide my steps, keep me safe, and set me free from sin.
, USA - 03/16/10 at 07:48:03 (EST)
Iam praying andlooking for my half sister sabrina mae townsley ,born in portsmouth, v on 0930, 1986.Ifanyone knows her and her where abouts please email meat
portsmouth, va USA - 12/17/09 at 06:35:29 (EST)
I am suffering from severe pain in my leg and hip for the past three years.Doctors advised to take hip replacement surgery.He informed due to stop of blood circulation in hip hip bones gets damaged.But the surgery is very risky.There is 50% chance of success.My age is 23 only.I am studying in college.I am not able to sit and walk from one place to another place.I want to cure this hip pain without any surgery.Kindly please pray for me to god.
chennai, TN India - 10/19/09 at 11:20:41 (EST)
Please pray GOD gives me all the desires of my heart that are righteous in GODs eyes.Pray GOD sends me on the mission He has for me now,Pray GOD raises me a mile above those used by Satan to glorify GOD,Pray GOD Blesses me financially now and always.Pray GOD heals my body completely now.Pray GOD brings me my soulmate now In JESUS Name Amen.
, USA - 05/22/09 at 22:44:52 (EST)
Please pray for me... I have sacradosis in my lymph nodes, kidneys, liver, sinus, and 90% of my body is covered with painful sacradosis lesions, I ask Jesus to touch my body and heal me today in Jesus name, according to His will, and plan for my life.I ask you to pray for strength, peace, and comfort,as I wait for Jesus perfect time to heal me....amen
caroll greenwood
calgary /alberta, canada - 04/23/09 at 04:42:43 (EST)
Please put Amanda McConnell on your prayer list She is sixteen and envolved with a man who is 31. We think he is providing her with drugs. She has not had a good example in home life and father is absent. Thank you
Ann kerr
Appomattox, Va USA - 03/23/09 at 20:31:32 (EST)
All my debts are paid. I have come up out of a financial crisis with more wealth and livelihood than I know what to do with. Myheart is overflowing with praise and affection for God. He has used a hard season to really grow my heart and love more than I ever through possible and he accomplished this by my financial testing
Steve Burns
Grand Rapids, MI USA - 03/08/09 at 21:56:59 (EST)
Please help me pray for my 22 year old son: Stephan, I want God to deliver him from every opression he has (anger, rejection, rebellion, suicide, heaviness, authism), for Jesus to live in his heart and to transform his mind totally, so h can live the purpose God has for him.
Curacao, Caribbean - 12/28/08 at 19:15:27 (EST)
Pray for REVIVAL! Charles (I) need to live in a state of Revival. Our Country needs Revival, our Churches need Revival, couples need Revival, our communities need Revival, as do our counselors and our campuses. May we proclaim the NAME of our Savior, JESUS CHRIST and live up to the name of this church--Faith Baptist Church. May the LORD use this local assembly to live out The Faith and edify one another, while we encourage others to also give JESUS CHRIST the Preeminence. May we prioritize the Spiritual, over the Emotional and Physical and may we see REVIVAL!
Charles Pugh
Blacksburg, VA USA - 10/22/08 at 10:49:27 (EST)
(Terrorist plotting against the U.S,Taliban,Bath Party officials,those caught in the battlefield fighting against U.S troops and enemies of the U.S).When these enemies are caught by the U.S,Pray GOD makes all these enemies tell the truth about everything they know,holding nothing back when talking to U.S interigators.Pray all these enemies of the U.S are forced to tell the truth about everything they know when asked by U.S interigators,just like Demons were forced to to the truth when they were asked questions by JESUS and the apostles in the old testament.....Many in the Liberal media pretend to be objective and unbiased,but they are not objective and they are biased.Pray GOD makes all bias liberals in the media tell the truth to their American audience always.Pray they will not have any control of themselves and won't be able to deceive the American people anymore.No more covering up,and no more hiding the truth...Liberals in the government deceive people and use the liberal media to cover for them.Pray liberals in our government will not be able to lie to,or deceive the American people anymore.Pray GOD makes all liberals in our government tell the truth to the American people,no more covering up,and no more hiding the truth.Pray they will have no control over themselves and will not be able to lie, or deceive the American people no more.Pray GOD makes them tell the truth the way He makes demons tell the truth In JESUS Name.
, USA - 10/21/08 at 13:32:40 (EST)
Dear beloved follower of christ, Greeting in the mighty name of Lord Jesus Christ, i am pastor stephen John from pakistan. I have seen your website page first time and it is nice website and blessingful to others. your ministry vision is powerful for the salvation work and you are doing great work for the Lord Jesus Christ. I have church ministry here in pakistan and i and my wife are both running this church ministry work here in our city Lahore cantt pakistan. Thanks be to God that He is using us for the salvation work. we have children, men, women and youth and education school ministry work here in pakistan and Praise be to God that He has choosen me and my wife for HIs glory. we want to bring Revival in Pakistan and save many souls for the kingdom of God. i am requeted to you please pray for our ministry work and our government of pakistan. we want to peace here in pakistan. God belss you and your ministry work. Love in christ, pastor stephen john and maria from pakistan church ministry.
pastor stephen john
lahore, pu pakistan - 08/24/08 at 01:39:26 (EST)
Pray GOD brings me my soulmate now.This is all i think about every waking moment,for 13 years...TORMENT
, CA USA - 08/01/08 at 15:26:02 (EST)
Pray GOD brings me my soulmate now.This is all i think about every waking moment,for 13 years...TORMENT
, CA USA - 07/26/08 at 23:44:10 (EST)
please pray for God's miraculous healing for my sister Vanessa who has a cyst in her right ovary, especiallythat it will not be malignant, for wisdom for her doctor, for the right medication and financial needs.I pray that she will entrust everything to God and she will accept the Lord Jesus Christ into her life.Please include the salvation of our whole family and God's daily provision and protection for them.Thanks so much for the prayers.
, USA - 07/22/08 at 11:48:31 (EST)
Praise God for our church and its people that we awaken and go do our duty to our father reaching out our hands to others to help them find a church home .Be with our pastor as he gives us our daily bread to be able to answer the questions these people may have 4 us concerning our faith.May i be faithful and do my part.Also i have in my heart the need to be able to transport others to church i am praying 4 a van or a fuel effecient vehicle that will hold at least 9 to bring the ones to church that i know of i could bring into our church.Also that one day the parents of these kids wake up and see they need the Lord as well.Pray 4 my sister in law she expressed the fact that shes searching through books 4 her answers for Gods will 4 her. Shes read to except the Lord but so far not touched by the familys efforts.Keep my step dad in prayer for his battle with cancer and his willingness to hang on taking his meds and treatments he still has the strength to fight using oxygen and hates taking the pill form of treatment he opted to take rather than chemo.God be with my mother thru out this ordeal and she also has my 84 year old grand mother in her care also.Pray 4 my son whos girl friend is expecting my first grand child that it will be healthy and help my son to be the father he should be.Pray continually 4 Charles Pugh that he will get a chance at reconcillation with his family.Thank God 4 my salvation because with out him there would be no desire to see a profitable end to our journey of this brief time.Be with the unsaved that may read this blog and give them inspiration in my writings for Gods Glory and Honor.In Jesus precious Holy name i pray.Amen
Patricia Cox
christiansburg, va USA - 07/06/08 at 07:36:40 (EST)
Pray that our LORD would see fit to use those who are seeking for Revival in our Churches to bring about a renewed spiritual emphasis of priority as we await the return of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. Pray that the LORD would use me to help bring this about in this community and elsewhere (as I prayed in the VT Chapel on 04-16-08). Pray that HE would use the website I have established to help this way ( Pray that the LORD would see fit to bring my family back together by 08-11-08.
Charles Pugh
Blacksburg, VA 24060 - 06/10/08 at 11:23:32 (EST)
SAN DIEGO , CA USA - 05/03/08 at 16:08:25 (EST)
Pray GOD Blesses me in every area of my life today.
Torrance, Ca USA - 04/23/08 at 02:21:33 (EST)
Salvation for Seth and Dennis Garman. Deliverance from drugs, alcohol,all bondages and generational curses known or unknown to be broken and lifted. May they see the truth of the Gospel and their purpose. God locate and bring Seths future Christian wife and Dennis' future christian wife to them each very soon. Special prayer for protection over Seth's beautiful eyes, no harm come upon them. > > Deliverance for Mimi from very very very strong occult oppression over her body and life to be broken and lifted off. Healing through bone and marrow and renew every cell in her body. Dark spiritual warfare over her and needs fervent continuous prayer. Job security in her new employment at Teletech permanently in Argentina and USA. > > Salvation and a very special annointing for the country of Argentina, and homosexuality to be turned around and healed, families to be restored and victory in all they do. Wash the entire country in the blood of Christ, removing the unGodly and replacing the Godly. >
, USA - 04/16/08 at 10:05:45 (EST)
F.F. is a devout Christian girl living in a Muslim country. She loves the Lord more than anyone I know but found herself engaged to a man who is not only an unbeliever but apparently hostile to the gospel. He will not go to church, admits having committed adultery in the past, has a rotten temper, gets mad when she talks about the Lord, and now he is forbidding her from going to Bible college or starting a ministry which shewants to do. She wants a family and he will not let her have both a family and ministry. She knows I love her, but said that she cannot break the engagement without his consent (a cultural taboo) though she has tried four times, but she also said she loves him at times while at other times implying the opposite. He is a control freak and will not let her go, nor will he let her work in ministry. Please pray that she is liberated from this man, and pray for me as well.
, USA - 08/09/07 at 16:11:36 (EST)
Pray its GODs will for my soulmate to enter my life now,I'm 35 and never had a girlfriend.
Torrance, CA USA - 07/24/07 at 22:30:07 (EST)
Please pray for me to give up a couple sinful bad habits (including smoking) and to lose a much needed twenty pounds (its effecting my health)..I need to be a good witness, and clean vessel to do good things for the Lord..Please help me I also suffer from depression doing better but need prayer support, and help..Thankyou, and God Bless...Cheryl Also for my finances to be cleaned up, While divorced from my husband for reasons of abuse (I recently remarried him),he never paid any child support even tho he makes 3x's what I do. I had to use credit to pay bills, and buy food,school supplies for children, and me. Now I am still trying to get out of debt, and I am struggling husband won't help cause he says I shoulda stayed with him, and wouldn't got in debt. Please help... I seen your website and have been looking for prayer support...I also want to be the wife the Lord would have me to be...
Depew, NY USA - 06/20/07 at 11:29:17 (EST)
Please pray for me first to be stronger in God's will than ever before to strive to be a proverbs 31 woman. I need prayer for my marriage. I remarried my ex-husband in april'06. I divorced him almost 7years ago due to abuse(abuse even came from his family). We had been married 24(sad)years. He has made some wonderful changes. Also I have had answers to prayer on a soul tie I had developed sinfully with another man right BEFORE divorce. I felt like I found true love, and happiness (I really didn't just sin). I still need prayer but really am not any where consumed with this man as I was even a few months ago. I also am praying for a new, Good church home. I have struggled with severe depression, and other issues over all this please pray for me. I need to strive to be the christian woman the Lord wants of me. Thankyou, and God Bless Cheryl
Depew, NY USA - 05/23/07 at 10:22:39 (EST)
Pray GOD causes all drug addicts that goes on Lorraines property to feel tormented worse than they ever felt from now on when on Lorraines property and the torment only stops for the drug addicts when the drug addicts are away from Lorraines Property.Pray this prayer continues always.
Torrance, Ca USA - 05/11/07 at 04:59:56 (EST)
Pray GOD causes all drug addicts that goes on Lorraines property to feel tormented worse than they ever felt from now on when on Lorraines property and the torment only stops for the drug addicts when the drug addicts are away from Lorraines Property.Pray this prayer continues always.
Torrance, Ca USA - 05/04/07 at 20:26:57 (EST)
Pray GOD causes all drug addicts unbearable discomfort inside out head to toe starting now everytime the drug addicts goes on Lorraine's property.Pray the discomfort only stops for the drug addicts when the drug addicts are away from Lorraine's property.Pray any pills the drug addicts take to get to them to sleep thru or relieve them from the discomfort will not work for the drug users(happened before).Pray this prayer will passover niece Nikki with this prayer only,she lives at the house with her baby.
, USA - 04/12/07 at 14:42:30 (EST)
i love
unoimoi s
, USA - 08/16/06 at 18:29:42 (EST)
i would like to pray for freedom in our country
`, va USA - 08/16/06 at 16:45:44 (EST)
Please pray for my dad in martinsville.He is dying slowly everyday of bone cancer.Also my uncle is expected to die any time.pray for grace for all of us.
Debbie Bailey
Pulaski, VA USA - 08/15/06 at 21:27:20 (EST)
Please pray for my health. I am having surgery in sept.06.Having blood pressure problems also. need to get under control before my surgery.
Debbie Bailey
Pulaski, VA USA - 08/15/06 at 21:15:20 (EST)
i pray for the army and the troops
ashley bailey
pulaski, va USA - 08/15/06 at 21:02:31 (EST)
i need you prayers for me and my family we are in look for a church to call home but we are tryign to get a place to live so we can raise our kids and get them into a bible beliving church i need you to pray for us that we can find a place to live and a church to get into with our kids i need a church that going to pearch the word of God and not be scared he well scare them off i was rasied in a baptist independent fundamental chruch even went to school there if you can pray for me and my family we have had our car stop working and all kind of thing happen to us i have not gave up my faith in God cause he does help me in my time of need he has gave me so many blessing in my life i want to find a church to give back to him Thank you Angel
angel howe
christiansburg, va USA - 07/30/06 at 09:07:47 (EST)
Need your Prayers for God to open a Church Door where I can continue the ministry God has call me into and that is pastoring. If you happen to know of a Baptist Church that is in Need would you pray about it and them my name phone number which is (434)799.3528.. Our pray is that Faith Baptist Church will continue on for the Lord Jesus Christ. Praying that Jesus will crown your services with many souls because you never know the next soul that is won for the Lord Jesus Christ maybe that last soul and then HE will call us HOME PRAISE GOD... A friend In Christ..
Rev. Donald Mahan
Danville, Va USA - 06/05/06 at 01:24:31 (EST)
Please pray for my sister Kitty, she has two brain tumors. This is her second bout with cancer..two years ago she had lung and lymph node cancer. I believe God healed her from that and now she has tumors in her brain. Please pray for her salvation ! Also she is very depressed and so afraid of dying . She has a son that is 15 years old and she just crys and says she don't want to die and leave him.. I feel so helpless I don't know what to do! I try to always be there for her and take her where she has to go and just listen to her but this is tearing me apart too!! She is my only sister and we have always been so close. I am trying to be strong for her, yet sometimes I feel like I just want to fall apart. Please pray that God will give her the peace that only he can give! Thank you very much for your prayers! May God Bless You! You can contact me at:
Roanoke, va USA - 05/20/06 at 23:42:05 (EST)
PRAYER REQUEST My Grandmother, Clara Ezell, is a sweet 91 year old Christian lady that has suffered 2 strokes since 12/04/05. She is suffering great pain, Please pray that God would heal or take her home to be with Him. Please forward to all prayer warriors
Don Ezell
Madisonville, KY USA - 02/01/06 at 12:27:55 (EST)
FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ USA - 08/14/05 at 00:28:02 (EST)
Dear Brothers and Sisters in the LORD, I have been asked by the LORD to disciple those incarcerated and those homeless. I have seen countless souls saved and healed by the LORD. I know that you and the members in your church, care for lost souls and know how to pray for needs. If you will agree to pray with me for the needs of inmates and the homeless, please email me at: For more information about this ministry, please visit: Please pray for the many needs of this ministry. Please also pray for the needs of these inmates: Derick - Stay true to the faith. Michael - Healing and Family Restoration. Jeramy - Family restoration & Appeal. M.T. - Strength in this difficult time. Chris – Has been away from his children for 4 years. Landon – Family restoration & Appeal. Justin – Stay true to the faith. William – Family Restoration; Appeal; Parole; and More of God. Chris – Relationship with 8 year old son. Jerry – Mind of Christ; Parole. Jason - His family. William - That the LORD will give him courage to witness. Dennis - The the LORD will provide healing to his family. David - His son's salvation. Johnny - His 3 daughters. Ray - His children and inlaws. Matthew - His girlfriend's salvation.
Roy Giles
, USA - 08/02/05 at 17:45:55 (EST)
Please keep my husband and me in your prayers as we plan a move to Christiansburg from Richmond. My husband has MS and his health is declining. He will be in Christiansburg in July and stay with his mother (our future next door neighbor) while our house is being built. I will remain in Richmond until closer to when our house is finished. I plan to visit your church on Sunday, May 29. I hope to meet some of you then. But please, just keep us in your prayers as we make this transition.
Julie Marshall
Richmond, VA USA - 05/26/05 at 10:32:32 (EST)
Please pray for God's healing touch for my body and my brother's diabetes and heart ailment...also for our financial needs. Please include my family's salvation and God's daily provision and protection for them. Thanks so much for the prayers and God bless your church!
, USA - 03/18/05 at 06:53:19 (EST)
I am asking you to pray for me. I need my professor or adviser to show me mercy and somehow let me make up the points so that I can graduate in May. Please help and pray for me. I feel lost, confused, and scared. Please pray for me.
Pullman, WA USA - 01/12/05 at 00:24:08 (EST)
Thank God for that I can submit my prayer request here, and thank you for your prayer, may God bless you. Firstly, please pray for that my mother was cheated by Mr. Kwong, Mr Ho, Hin Chai and Anna last year, she went to a company and worked as an Office assistant, but they cheated my mother, and compelled my mother to give her money out to them(they cheated my mother that the money was used for investment, and the investment was failured), and went away, thank God for that the policemen arrested Mr. Kwong now, but the Mr. Ho , Hin Chai and Anna were still not arrested, please pray for that God can help the policemen in the investigation, and find the evidence to accuse the Mr. Kwong in the judiciary court, thank God for that the policemen sent us two letters till now about that the investigation is in the progressing, please pray for that God can move their heart, Mr. Kwong , Mr. Ho, Hin Chai and Anna will regret about that they cheated my mother, and they can have pity on my mother , and return the money back to my mother , thank you. Secondly, please pray for that my brother was hurt his leg in the working place, please pray for that my brother can be rehabilitated soon, and he can be rehabilitated completely, and please pray for that he can be maintained in his job, please pray for that God can cure his leg, and protect his job, and give him good health, his boss will provide the sick leave fees for him till he totally restored his health, thank you. Thirdly, (1) Please pray for that I can improve my working efficiency, and please pray for and thank God for that God can protect my family members and I will not to be hurt by my workmates in order that I can have psychological health during working and I will have a stable job after my contract due, and pray for and thank God for that I will not be suffered in the marital problems in my job. Please pray for and thank God for that I can have talent to do a job if I will not further the contract later. (2)Please pray for that I can restore my psychological health, because I am always blame myself about the sin I committed when I was young, I am afraid that God will punish me about the sin I committed when I was young, please pray for that I can have biblical mind to know will God punish me one day or not, so that I can live out good witnesses and have peace to face the punishment from God one day. (3)Please pray for and thank God for that I will not be suffered in the marital problems, so that I can seek the kingdom and the righteousness of God first, and have a spiritual growth up, and I will not regret about the decision I made in this marriage this life, that I will only choose the Christian girlfriend that was arranged by God, please pray for that if God had not prepare a Christian girlfriend for me, help me to keep alone whole life, so that I will not be hurt again in order that I can restore my psychological health and have a spiritual growth up. (4)Please pray for that the son of my brother will not hurt himself, my brother and my sister will not be suffered in the marital problems , my sister can have good psychological health, and we can maintain a good relationship, we will not be hurt by the husband of my sister and the wife of my brother, so that my mother and I can help my sister and my brother to accept the Jesus Christ. (5)Please pray for that I can have assurance of the salvation, thank God for that I can keep on use mind to pray in the office, God can keep my health when I pray too vigorous, and please pray for that God can help me to fasting twice a week or more during lunch hour, please pray for that my stomach can maintain health if I fast for too long times, and I can pray at mid-night , and I will go to the church where my mother go to in the will of God and be baptised there, please pray for that I can maintain a good psychological and body health. (6)Please pray for that my family members and I can have place to live and food to eat, please pray for that we can apply for compassionate rehousing in God's will, may God have mercy upon my family members. (7)Please pray for that my mother and brother can maintain in their jobs, my mother can have abilities and strength to do the job, and had safety in her job, so that my family members and I can have good healthes. (8)Please pray for that my brother will not go on drinking the wine and gambling. (9)Please pray for that I will not be hurt by my colleagues, classmates and friends include Christian colleagues, please pray for that God can purified me, so that they can be helpful for me to live out a good witness before my family members, and my grandmother, my father, my sister, my brother can all accept the Jesus Christ, and my mother and I can have a spiritual growth up and can strenghthen our faith. And I am sorry for any inconvinience I made to submit my prayer request here.
Kowloon, HK China - 06/23/04 at 19:22:55 (EST)
One of my friends from church has been diagnosed with cancer.She has had it for quite a while now, and she has kept the best attitude possible. It had spread through out her whole body but we have just recieved that she only has a little bit of cancer in her hip!!! Please pray that God will continue to put her healing hands on her. Thanks a bunch
Jake Giddens
Sarasota, FL USA - 06/15/04 at 10:10:37 (EST)
Please pray for my wife. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank you all!!
Pastor McCue
Radford, VA USA - 05/01/04 at 10:49:07 (EST)
Hey y'all! Must run soon, but I love you guys in Jesus -- thanks for being around to minister to Hokies! I am not a Hokie, but I love them (and my sister is one)! Praise report: I am going on a mission trip to part of Asia this summer, and my trip is paid for! :) Prayer requests: 1)I need prayer partners for my trip -- please e-mail me for details :) 2)My teammates still need some of their funds to come in 3)My family may be moving to the Blacksburg / New River Valley area in a year or two -- grace in buying a townhouse in Blacksburg this summer :) Thanks so much and God bless! :) Lynda
Lynda Toia
Great Falls, VA USA - 05/01/04 at 10:04:34 (EST)
Hi my name Is Matthew Morris. I dont go to your church. Im just looking for people to pray for my mom Virginia Resnick we Live in Dublin, Va. my mom has Fibromyalgia a type of Arthritis and the Doctors told her that she would have it for the rest of her life but i dont beleave she will i thank god will heal her. shes in so much pain it she cant walk most days and cant even move somedays she just stays in bed and you wouldnt mind could you please send her a email get well card or just a email to let her know that people a praying for her . she thanks people just dont care about outher people as much anymore. and if you dont mind could you put this in your church. Thanks very very much, Matthew Morris P.S. Could you Email this to everyone you know thanks again Matthew
Matthew Morris
Dublin, Va USA - 02/14/04 at 04:29:18 (EST)
Please pray for my wife Barbara and her friend and co-worker Sabrina. These two Christian women had a trivial misunderstanding that got blown out of proportion. Please pray for God to take away any anger and bitterness and repair their relationship. Thank you.
, TX USA - 12/21/03 at 00:01:54 (EST)
Please pray for me and my family. I am married with 6 children and we are about to be homeless within the next 2-3 weeks. I am very arfaid right now and I am trying my best to keep my faith. My husband lost his job a few months ago and we have gotten very far behind. We have no family to help us out and we are suffering bad right now. My husband has only been able to find a job making 10 dollars a day and I have 2 in diapers so it takes up a lot of that and bearly leaves enough food food and other necasary items. It is really taking a toll on my husband, he is not sleeping very much and we are falling apart. I am afraid of losing my family over this and I trying so hard to stay strong through this. please keep us in your prayers.
April Christie
Detroit, MI USA - 07/16/03 at 17:11:26 (EST)
nunbers 33:53
paul e. webb
cleveland, oh USA - 07/12/03 at 15:10:32 (EST)
Workcomp Victim I was a Cabinet Maker Mye name is Rusty L Harris I was injured in 97 bye two employees in a hurry to unload particle board off a truck they slamed the sheet at a fast walk paste into mye lower back!I was told to take few days off but the injury was still bad so thier workcomp sent me to see a doctor who sent me therapy for few days and injection of steroids but that didn't help! I contacted a lawyer who got me more therapy to harden strengthen mye lower back they took MRI said I had degenerative disc disease. I was told that I would be limited to 20 pound lift limit. The pain decreased and I was given 11% disability rating and was retrained for desk job working with Cad based programs like Autocad! Was returned to work in 99 then in 2000 walking down the steps from a company meeting the injury flared up again! Mye case was reopened they sent me back for more therapy but it didn't help this time so they did a diskogram which revealed L-3 thru L-5 leaked L-4 being the worst,leaked out the front and back of the disc they all leaked so bad that IDET couldn't seal them. I was told that It was to high a risk to fuse three disks in a row! Now I am on three hydrocodone two oxycodone pills a day they make me drowsy and hard two focus on things during the day! We went to court for a ruling to get me rated as total permanently disiabled but the judge made a bad ruling on it only gave me additional 9% more,over mye original 11% rating! I have filed for an appeal but it may be 6 more months before I hear anything! I have two kids and a wife to take careoff but left In condition that make It impossiable to go back to work and most employers wouldn't want the liability of hiring me if I did,do to the meds! Me and mye wife have had to file bankruptcy and sell and pawn things to make it thus far! I want to do something to get out of this mess but have been left with having to take meds,thier is few hours in morning and few hours in the afternoon between meds that I can function so I need home base Occupation that I can do,during these few hours a day! But thiers no money to do this as me and mye wife can just verly make it each month-waiting, we get further behind in paying for the basics- phone, electric, gas the house payment! Even if I do get the ruling permanent disabled I will only get small amount of money 346.00 a wk! Not many familys can survive on this!But if I could just get the money to do something from home,with in mye limits. Like make pine furniture pine is light and I can lift it but need a building ,tools and materials to get going I have room for 20x40 building on mye property! But I need money help - all I asking is if you can help even if its a few dollars every little bit will help us through this! Do it for mye two Kids! Thanks Rusty L Harris 4413 S.E.23rd. St. Del City,OK.,73115
Rusty Harris
Del City, Ok USA - 06/22/03 at 20:25:36 (EST)
A Prayer Request For The Adams Family
, USA - 06/07/03 at 12:51:59 (EST)
Praise - After almost 2 years of praying and waiting, I received a 30 day suspension with out pay, for an offense that I thought wasn't wrong - but was. The offense has a 99.9% Termination rate. PRAISE GOD!! Next please pray for my mother who claims to be saved, she has an aneurism (5.3cm) and must have it operated on SOON. Bethany is graduating 05-30-03 and will be off to college in August. Naomi just found out she and her dept. at work are all being released on May 30th. We both have several ailments, but are otherwise OK. Pray for strength and our soon to be lowered finances. Michael & Naomi
Michael & Naomi Sibbitt
Danbury, CT USA - 05/03/03 at 03:22:07 (EST)
As we face the very real possibility of war, let us all pray for the safety of our solders, our country, Israel, and for the people of Iraq. John 3:16 reminds us of God's love for the world. Pray for the salvation of the people of Iraq.
Pastor McCue
Christiansburg, USA - 03/17/03 at 11:43:56 (EST)
I have an unspoken prayer that I have been praying for now for over a year. This has been on and in my heart for a long time. Pray God will show me what it is I need to do if anything. Thanks and God bless.
Pulaski, Va USA - 11/18/02 at 14:35:57 (EST)
Praise the Lord! Bill & Becky have a new son, William Landon. "Landon" weighed in at 9 lbs. 3 ozs. and was born Nov.15, 2002. He's a handsome boy, just like his big brother, Wes!! :-)
Pastor McCue
Christiansburg, VA USA - 11/18/02 at 09:56:50 (EST)
Please pray for the Boyd family. Carl Darius Boyd, Clark's son went home to be with the Lord today, November 7 at about 11:00 AM.
Pastor McCue
Radford, VA USA - 11/07/02 at 17:00:33 (EST)
Please pray for my brother-in-law Jasper Banzon, his father was shot and killed on Saturday in the Philippines.
Scott Day
Blacksburg, Va USA - 10/28/02 at 13:43:10 (EST)
We heard a wonderful message last night, (10/27), from Bro. Boys. He challenged us to "Look For Your Family". We all know someone without a Church home, someone without Christ. There is a FAMILY only you can reach! LOOK for YOUR family. Invite them to Church, tell them about Jesus. Please PRAY as we all LOOK FOR YOUR FAMILY!
Pastor McCue
, USA - 10/28/02 at 11:30:20 (EST)
Please pray for Denise Tawney, Donnie's step mother. The doctors found another tumor and she is starting radiation again today and they don't know if it would help to operate. She has cancer,and has had surgery on her brain. The doctors have found cancer else where. Keep her medical problems and finances in your prayers. She and her husband are fairly new christians and they have a young daughter. God bless.
Debbie ()
Christiansburg, Va USA - 10/18/02 at 15:48:22 (EST)
Please pray for the Townley family re: the death of Sanford. Thanks, Harold & Elsie
H. & E. Dudley
Blacksburg, Va USA - 10/12/02 at 13:00:25 (EST)
Please pray for Sanford Townley.He is very critical at Lewis Gale Hospital and in a lot of pain.Also pray for my sister and the family who are with him.
Elsie Dudley
Blacksburg, Va USA - 10/09/02 at 12:13:08 (EST)
Please pray for me for direction in the area of work the Lord wants me to go. I have been laid off from work - but was praying for direction in that area before. God answers prayer, sometimes in an unexpected way - I am seeking His will in this area.
Peggy McCue
Radford, VA USA - 10/08/02 at 08:01:08 (EST)
Please pray for Rev. Cecil Fulton our assistant pastor at Faith Baptist Church, Rustburg, Virginia. He is very sick.
Dr. Dave Smeltz
Rustburg, Va USA - 10/07/02 at 06:58:56 (EST)
God Bless America!
Radford, VA USA - 09/12/02 at 09:14:39 (EST)

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