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Dear brother/sister, Thank you for the possibility to send you an e-mail. You can read this letter, so you receive this mail. Please let someone of you send a letter back. A few words is enough. So that I know, I can reach you/somebody. I am the one and only prophet Elijah, send by God as He promised in Malachi 4 : 5, 6. And I/we need your help (I have a few faithful assistants, real believers, with me). I has to do the works for what God send me, but the devil is as a roaring lion, of course particular against me/us. (We don't give up notwithstanding the tyranny). Most of the work I have to do for God, I must do it for America and for the American people. But special here in the Netherlands, satan has much henchman and they, all together, make it for me almost impossible to do my work. They stop everyone who want to hear from my revelations and messages for them. They stop the e-mails to us and from us and take in possession our websites and e-mail addresses. They take from us all our money. Through special unjust taxes. Also by total unjust jurisdiction. Most of the people in the world have still not any idea how bad Holland is. In any case they have a much to nice idea of the Netherlands. For the prophet of God it is the worst place you can think. The most crazy injustice do they to Elijah. The most idiotic condemn pronounce they over Elijah. The most absurd convictions with only big lies and false distortions from all the facts and by breaking of all the laws. Everything is permit when it is against Elijah, including perjury under oath. The devil do anything to stop me/us. The last weeks they lay an attachment on my house (which have much overdue maintenance and a high mortgage), they lay an attachment on my bank balance/statements (with almost nothing on it, but I get my old age payment on it). And they lay an attachment on my old age payment. And I assure you; I have really nothing done wrong. Never! I must take a lawyer for all that cases they do to me, (now for 7 years), but I must pay him all by myself. (They pursue me now since 1989 on the most awfully way, with the most terrible things and lies). And please believe, we have no money, they have broke us totally, in all that years. We/I ask you: Please find ways to reach me and find ways to help me, so I can do the works of God, special what I must do in and for America. Please stay in contact. And please organise something to help me. You have no idea what the haters of God, do against me/us. Holland is full of theme, special they that can do very much against the real believers in God, in Jesus Christ, and they that can do almost everything against Elijah. This is none accusing or begging letter and certainly no letter to arouse compassion. It is a shout for help, from the one and only prophet Elijah. Please forget your own thoughts about who and how Elijah should be and believe me. If you donít believe that I am the real prophet Elijah about what God speak in Malachi 4:5, 6, be sure, the devil knows it very well. And the devil knows the times and he know he has still a little time. And he have the most ugly henchman. The leader of theme get every chance and help from the haters of God, and they occupy almost all de posts where they can do there works for satan. So he try to stop the knowledge and the works of Elijah. Please, do everything to help Elijah, so he can do the works of God? Attempt something, organise something to help. But if you do, please be careful. You get to do with the nearest assistants of satan. If you want to do something for the prophet of God, be circumspect, cautious. But please do something, so that Elijah can do the works of God for America. Try to reach me, on , or any way you can. For sure we answer you. If not, they stop your mail. Than, try another way, but do something for Elijah, for the Lord. Please see the website of Elijah Please let me hear something from you, so that we have hope for help from believers and so that we can pray for you. You shall be bless for your work for Elijah. Even, I thank you and wish you all the best. Hearty greetings and God bless you very much, Heinrich van Geene.
Heinrich prophetelijah
Heinenoord, Netherlands - 09/09/08 at 21:39:53 (EST)
Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back ;)
, Russia - 11/28/07 at 17:43:56 (EST)
Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back ;)
, Japan - 11/28/07 at 17:43:50 (EST)
yjwzpc rxcflv wqcve viulm jhosdy roal xubs
sxnyaizjc rcqzp
hsetkzg, CA USA - 11/23/07 at 23:15:17 (EST)
lo578l, lo578l USA - 06/03/07 at 23:16:52 (EST)
lo819l, lo819l USA - 06/03/07 at 23:16:25 (EST)
thanks all the hard work
Minster Herman Redmon
littlerock, ar USA - 01/25/07 at 11:15:38 (EST)
qdcplkxoe fysozpgnk ibpqc gvtlc enwuo krpjzivc pxinvwkfj
vzqkc sivlq
wdtigme, CA USA - 12/06/06 at 06:12:29 (EST)
gkjmyclte txfdlq lkgvpc hwfm cjkostlr ogfq sbul
vhrncy ypqxdnohj
maclpe, CA USA - 12/02/06 at 20:27:46 (EST)
Looking for information and found it at this great site...
NYC, NY USA - 11/28/06 at 11:21:29 (EST)
Looking for information and found it at this great site...
NYC, NY USA - 07/23/06 at 23:02:10 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
..., ... ... - 06/13/06 at 17:42:08 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
..., ... ... - 04/24/06 at 16:38:08 (EST)
Fabulous site.
USA, USA USA - 04/19/06 at 09:13:50 (EST)
Adrienne this website looks great, you are doing a wonderful job. I pray that God will bless this ministry and raise up a generation that will stand bold and strong for God. My Love T!
Tiawanna Johnson
Little Rock, AR USA - 01/30/06 at 12:17:56 (EST)
Hats off to the YAM. I am proud of the progress that I have seen. You all are definitely an intimate part to the ministry of SBC. I'm praying for your victory
Pastor Kevin A. Kelly
Little Rock, AR USA - 01/26/06 at 16:11:32 (EST)
Gabriel Foreman
Little Rock, AR USA - 01/09/06 at 10:41:48 (EST)
Nice design, good work !
Jonathan Dillon
Chicago, IL USA - 12/12/05 at 13:39:55 (EST)
Nice design, good work !
John Anguera
Chicago, IL USA - 12/12/05 at 13:06:18 (EST)
Nice design, good work !
Nathl Lisle
Chicago, IL USA - 12/12/05 at 11:49:37 (EST)
Nice design, good work !
Weatherburn Lisle
Chicago, IL USA - 12/12/05 at 10:49:21 (EST)
Hello!I'm new to the 2nd I fellowship on the southwest side.I became a member on the 1st of may.YAM seems to be a pretty good ministry.To God Be The Glory!
Cielita Santa-Cruz
Little Rock, Ar USA - 05/29/05 at 17:56:13 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Rev C N Ricks
Brownsville, TN USA - 04/26/05 at 14:22:36 (EST)
This is very - very nice.
Gloria Gill
Little Rock, AR USA - 04/07/05 at 13:35:09 (EST)
LITTLE ROCK, AR USA - 12/02/04 at 11:13:13 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Overseer Wisdom Morgan
, CA USA - 11/06/04 at 02:22:14 (EST)
Dear beloved in CHRIST Greetings in the name of Jesus, our LORD and SAVIOUR I was blessed by my visit to your site today and I pray the holy spirit will be poured upon you as you touch the hearts who visit your site. YOUR SITE IS AN ANOINTMENT FROM GOD and I truly have been blessed by my visit here more than you will ever know. It is truly a blessing to visit sites that are such a blessing for a lost and dying world on the internet. We certainly need more sites as yours and others to reach the web for the Lord. DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA TO VISIT INDIA? If so I will arrange some meetings for you. God Bless you dear servant of God and I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU. I want to know more about your Ministry. So please send some literature, Magazine, Newsletter and Books. God Bless you all. I AM EAGERLY WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY.Please visit my website at Thanking You, With Love and Prayer Your Brother in Christ P.ELANGOVAN My Postal Address P.Elangovan Go Ye Missions 209, Water Tank Road Nagercoil 629 001. India. email.
Nagercoil, TN India - 09/01/03 at 08:19:27 (EST)
I really enjoy the YAM and all that it does for me. It's wonderful to know that no matter what the situation, we serve a forgiving God.
Antoinette Thacker Givan
Conway , Ar USA - 01/17/03 at 08:36:57 (EST)
LITTLE ROCK , AR USA - 12/02/02 at 19:46:04 (EST)
Andrea Cummings
little rock, ar USA - 09/24/02 at 21:24:28 (EST)
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