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"May the G-d of Peace be with you all..."
"May the G-d of Peace be with you all..."

" Ye'varechecha Adonai v' yishmerecha:
Ya'er Adonai panav eleicha v' yasem, l'cha shalom~~~"

" The L-rd bless you and keep you, the
L-rd make His face to shine upon you,
and be gracious to you; the L-rd lift up
His countenance upon you and give you peace."

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LONDON, LI USA - 01/30/11 at 05:19:08 (EST)
i am looking for fellow messianic believers to study with in my area.please respond
tamica covington
middlesex, nc USA - 01/28/11 at 22:12:49 (EST)
Just a man. A simple servant of the most High Elohiym. A watchman, keeping watch. Preaching/teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. My wife and I love to share our Hebraic view of the Scriptures and study Torah.
Grteg Witter
Fort Wayne, IN USA - 01/24/11 at 11:17:43 (EST)
Shalom to the Messianic community,stpatricksfm are promoting Christian and messianic sounds, and sharing the good news through esessions magazine with news, reviews,and music.Our first issue needs some help from web wise believers,and features a Baltic special:Happy toes.Suggestions for anointed messianic sounds are very welcome,grace to you,patrick
london, EU UK - 01/18/11 at 05:42:15 (EST)
shalom,brothers and sisters . the messianic community in uganda is seeking relationships wih all believers of yeshua hamashiach. we are a faith based organisation ,fully registered by the government of uganda. we believe in yeshua hamashiach, we keep the shabbat''saturday''. we observe kosher, we keep the feasts of the lord i.e rosh hashana,yom kipur,shavot,sukkot,purim,etc. we pray for israel and the jewish people as a legitimate jewish state, that should exist within safe and secure boarders. we are torah observant.for details contact or call +256772527931. toda rabah .shalom.
swaga john
mayuge, uganda - 12/31/10 at 01:02:20 (EST)
shalom, iam swaga john a messianic believer in uganda. i wish to establish spiritual relationship with you. we are a faith based organisation, fully registered by the government of uganda. we believe in yeshua hamashiach, we keep the shabbat'' saturday'' we pray for israel and the jewish people to exist in safity and secure boarders as a legitimate state.we observe kosher. we keep the feasts of the lord i.e rosh hashana, yom kipur,shavot,sukkot ,purim .i will give details once accepted. swaga john
swaga john
mayuge, uganda - 12/31/10 at 00:03:50 (EST)
I am in S. Korea helping my Grand Daughter in the Army who just recently had a baby. For the time I am here I would love to have fellowship with messianic congregation.
antonia orabona McMullin
Beverly Hills,, FL USA - 12/19/10 at 03:41:20 (EST)
Looking for a Spirit Filled Church in Miami or Ft Lauderdale arear
Marcel Bruff
Miami, FL USA - 11/18/10 at 03:53:03 (EST)
jnRZORmivuhCqKzQAhr, LQ USA - 11/14/10 at 02:05:05 (EST)
Shalom brothers and sisters, I urge you all to pray for Israel and Yerushalem....'they shall prosper that love thee (Israel)..'
Nairobi, Kenya - 11/04/10 at 08:11:18 (EST)
We are searching for Messianic fellowship. We study the Torah and want to live our Christian walk that way. We find that there is only a few that believe this way spread out all over the world. we want to find it in our own home town.Is there anyone out there!
Laura Metzing
St. Louis, MO USA - 10/30/10 at 19:10:23 (EST)
hallo every one baruch hashem am amessianic jew and our kehila [congregation] is situated off ngong rd along oledume rd/muringa rd at vineyard school we are torah centered and we obey hashems mizvout if you want to join us and learn more about hebrew you are welcome every shabbat toda raba shavua tov
nairobi, kenya - 10/30/10 at 13:58:22 (EST)
entry removed by admin
Caroline José Luis
LONDON, USA - 10/20/10 at 21:41:38 (EST)
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Mr Berry
houston, Tx all - 10/11/10 at 22:40:18 (EST)
kenneth opiyo
gulu-uganda, 1 USA - 09/15/10 at 12:10:45 (EST)
Hello I am seeking to find a Messianic church in In Ohio preferably in NW Ohio or SE Ohio and surrounding areas.Blessings Rob&Vicki Richardson
Rob& Vicki Richardson
Delta, OH USA - 09/09/10 at 20:54:06 (EST)
I desire to find a Messianic church that believes in the outward manifestation of the Holy Ghost in Christian life.
Marlis Johnson
Columbus, OH USA - 08/27/10 at 17:02:07 (EST)
I so much wish to find a Messianic congregation in Sout St. Louis County I felt so blessed to have shared in the holy Spirit amongst fellow worshippers of both Jews and Gentiles What a spirit filled experience!!Helen Solomon,St. Louis, MO
Helen and Ricard Solomon
St. Louis, MO USA - 08/22/10 at 23:13:59 (EST)
I am looking for a spirit-filled Messianic service in the St. Louis area. My wife was exposed to her Hebrew roots and feast while in Florida, and would like to continue that part of her walk and expose the remainder of the family to the blessing she received.
Rick McMilin
St. Louis, MO USA - 08/19/10 at 16:34:53 (EST)
hello im kenyan id like to be with you and pray like you let me know how to speak the language of our lord yeshua and know the tanakh.
jillo dada
mombasa, kenya - 08/18/10 at 16:26:29 (EST)
hello im kenyan id like to be with you and pray like you let me know how to speak the language of our lord yeshua and know the tanakh.
jillo dada
mombasa, kenya - 08/18/10 at 16:19:27 (EST)
Thank you so very much, I am trying to learn my Hebrew Roots
Klerksdorp, South Africa - 08/09/10 at 15:51:38 (EST)
entry removed by admin
Bruce goldes
canyon countre, ca USA - 08/07/10 at 13:00:56 (EST)
Hallo I`m glad to see your add on the web.I`m a student here in kenya.I want to make a change in Africa but i`m very poor..I need school fees.I request for your help. I need $1500 dollars for my school fees Thanks Yours Laban my email is
laban moturi
kisii, kenya - 07/11/10 at 07:13:01 (EST)
Hallo I`m glad to see your add on the web.I`m a student here in kenya.I want to make a change in Africa but i`m very poor..I need school fees.I request for your help. I need $1500 dollars for my school fees Thanks Yours Laban
laban moturi
kisii, kenya - 07/11/10 at 07:11:37 (EST)
There is a messianic jews church in EASTLEIGH SECTION3 along Kiambiu road.
NAIROBI, KE USA - 07/06/10 at 13:46:55 (EST)
Great greeting from the summer sweden with best blessing and prospetery for you and me in Christ and for his love to all believers hearts,be touch of wisdom in power of God and win,thanks and bless and pray for me for more visions from the bibles,your brother in faith,keijo sweden
, sweden - 07/05/10 at 03:34:29 (EST)
I am a Jewish Believer in Jeshua for over 40 years now.
Denise Caeiro
Perth, Western Australia - 06/30/10 at 03:14:49 (EST)
I'm jewish looking for study with Messianic I have over 35 years in jewish study, I have many questions about this new religion. Jubel
lakeland, fl USA - 06/25/10 at 19:38:48 (EST)
I am a christian saved for almost 2 years i seek the truth please give me info about your beliefs
amanda bordelon
saucier, ms USA - 06/21/10 at 13:58:07 (EST)
24hrs………………………………………… (KAFO WORLD WIDE) COUNSELLING Dating, Relationship, Courtship, Marriage, Family Planning& Growth, etc. Relationship is the power of evolution or revolution. Your relationship with people is a reflection of your kind of relationship with God, thus, how you deal with God is just the same with how you deal with people, even yourself. Forgiveness or unforgiveness is a perfect match of what I’m talking about; it defines love or hate that you have for yourself. Relationship is never a served merit but a solved math. True love, interest, effective communication, abstinence from sex, honesty if never used as a foundation of a relationship will become a confusion you will forever remain fused into without getting answers. Interestingly, what jealousy is to relationship or love is what motivation is to faith, with God. Moreover, motivation is a perfect communicator. Is not really communication that builds a relationship but motivation. Effective communication will lay the foundation or part of the foundation. Motivation is not enticed or hypnotized on a person but defined i.e. personal definition. If you have a question, ask, so that you will be defused from wrong partnership and then converted to the right one. This is in Partial Fulfillment of the Abiriba, Igbere& Ohafia 2018 Projection, of KAFO Vision. KAFO WORLD WIDE is an oracle on relationship issues and having fourteen (14) days ready solution to any situation: In the 2018 Provision & Mandate: Preservation of Virginity, HIV/ AIDS Lessons, The Spell of Sexual Immorality, Changing your Mentality in Relationship, God’s Mate Finder, Easy Trace to Every Criminal Mind, Easy Cure for Anxiety Disorder or Fear, Discovering Who God Created You To Be, Power to Love and to Remain in Love, The Beauty of a Relationship, What Motivation Can Do to Your Relationship, Healing and Deliverance from Demonic Spells, Understanding the Mystery of Your Past, 2018 Standard Psychiatric Hospital, etc. We believe in Relationship, in Knowledge and Power! Contact: +2348137904858;
Aba, Ab Nigeria - 06/06/10 at 18:28:25 (EST)
My family has been under the most horrific type of persecution for many years even though we do live in the United States and please pray for wisdom, guidance, and protection. My fathers birth name was Green, and he was adopted (here in lies the major portion of the problem)
Jeremiah Gaver
boise, id USA - 06/06/10 at 10:31:27 (EST)
Shalom,brothers and sisters!
Riga, Latvia - 06/03/10 at 13:41:01 (EST)
nice. are there any messianic jews or jews in debai that meet together?
martha lattimore
, dubaiuae - 05/27/10 at 15:19:32 (EST)
am a jew, shalom, shalom!
patrick kiboko
nairobi, kenya - 05/13/10 at 10:43:17 (EST)
entry removed by admin
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Austin, Au Austin - 05/07/10 at 16:41:41 (EST)
Hello and thank you for your web site. I have a question, where is a good place to learn the Biblical calendar? I've just listened to a Messianic Rabbi in a video who states that the LORD goes by the Biblical calendar and in order to understand prophecy, you must first understand the correct calendar. Some one please answer this question for me and may GOD bless you:)
Red Bluff, CA USA - 04/25/10 at 14:15:24 (EST)
Shalom All, Just letting you all know about the free Restored Name Scriptures that are availabe at if you have Scriptures then that is great but there is many that do not and cannot afford them so order these up and get them into the hands of those that have ears to hear. Blessings Shalom
Cal, FL USA - 04/19/10 at 02:29:30 (EST)
I want a certification in Messianic studies, to teach and be able to certify others as well.
Gladys Dark
Atlanta, GA USA - 04/15/10 at 16:38:39 (EST)
Dear brethren, We are a newly established congregation here in Nigeria.This church came to being after we survived from a very serious tribal war in our region.We need your financial help for our church and orphans that are with us also pray for revival in our church and in the live of all brethren.If you consider it right we will like to be your branch church here in Nigeria. Thank you. I am your brother and a servant of the most high. Solomon Emmanuel
solomon Emmanuel
uyo, ak Nigeria - 04/13/10 at 08:41:52 (EST)
Shalom I was wondering if there are any Messianic Congregation or Fellowship I could join in Western Australia because I will be moving there next Thursday.Thank you God Bless You Mark Koh
Mark Koh
Hobart, TA Australia - 04/08/10 at 05:44:04 (EST)
Would like to find a place of worship in the Greenville,NC. area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you,
Vicki Glenn
Chocowinity, NC USA - 04/01/10 at 23:27:13 (EST)
Thanks, Peter for message, will contact you for further info. Sorry it's taken to long. To PMA - Dianella is far and I dont have transport Please could you email me other groups closer to me - Queens Park, WA. (
Kim Cavanagh
Perth, WA Australia - 03/30/10 at 03:37:14 (EST)
Please I need direction can you assist me?
samul fernando
banjul, We Gambia - 03/27/10 at 13:24:52 (EST)
I am very interested in joining a messianic church. If anyone knows of one in South Korea please let me know.
george Santana
Suwon, South Korea - 03/25/10 at 19:18:44 (EST)
Shalom; We used to have a Messianic Congregation years ago but RABBI left. I was an elder. We keep Shabbat/festivals at home. Maybe we can start new one? In Yeshua, Jose Luna, McAllen, Tx.
Jose luna
McAllen, Tx USA - 03/19/10 at 22:50:22 (EST)
I have known for a long time that the messianic jewish faith is where God wants me to be planted. The mainstream Christians left out the true power of God and His ways and the Jews left out Jesus, so God is saying He needs the two lacking areas to be corrected so that there may be true worship in Him to please Him...and this is truly being done in the Messianic Jewish faith. Please pray for the protection of me and my children! Also could you help me to find a worship center of this faith close to us. I will be moving to Atlanta Georgia soon
Tijuana Canders
Canal Winchester, OH USA - 03/10/10 at 07:27:25 (EST)
HOUSTON, TX USA - 03/05/10 at 21:01:50 (EST)
looking for messianic group i am spirit filled in ga
Lorraine Thorne
adle, ga USA - 03/03/10 at 18:02:25 (EST)
I'm not Jewish, but have been interested. Thanks for the website.
plumville, pa USA - 02/28/10 at 00:50:44 (EST)
Shabbat Shalom to all; "Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" I see plenty of unity in websites like this one. May YHWH bless all who visit this blessed place of worship. May all who come seeking, find their needs met here as well. It would be good for the dead picture links on this page to be refreshed with new ones that are alive. YHWH's blessing be upon all who tarry here, in Yeshua's name!
Debra Hargersilver
Tulsa, OK USA - 02/13/10 at 06:36:08 (EST)
Martha Villareal & Jose Rolando Nava McAllen Texas check out "Church of the Remnant Hope" Weslaco, Texas. It may provide what you are looking for.
Ralph Herrera
mcallen, tx USA - 01/30/10 at 22:02:36 (EST)
You have a wonderful website and I thought you might be interested in Judaica Beautiful is an online Judaica Store and Community space, customized for Temples & Synagogues. They offer modern and traditional Judaica that enhances the Jewish tradition and provides fund raising tools for Congregations, Synagogues & Temples!
Carmi Plaut
Taos, NM USA - 01/20/10 at 18:12:06 (EST)
just looking
Wasilla, Ak USA - 01/09/10 at 01:38:14 (EST)
"It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculous signs and wonders that the Most High God ha performed." Greatful miracles will happen in Christ in my life too,when the HOly Spirit will revealer and show his person to me and for all in blood of Christ,thanksa nd bless and pray for me and for gospel,keijo sweden
, sweden - 11/24/09 at 12:28:10 (EST)
I am not a jew,but i am a follower of Yeshua our Mesiah,who strongly believes in the prophecies of the restoration of Isreal before our Saiour returns.I would be glad meet this wonderful people of God.
perth, WA Australia - 11/23/09 at 10:15:39 (EST)
trying to locate a messianic congregation in the lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas (I'm located in McAllen, Texas
Martha Villarreal
McAllen, TX USA - 11/22/09 at 20:28:16 (EST)
my father is a jewish rabbi of messianic beliefs in the town of Andrews, Tx. in west Texas. I need to find a home of teachings in the reno area for me and my family. In Texas we were meeting on wednesdays and fridays for Shabbot. Pleases contact me as soon as possible so we can get back into studies.
sean mcgee
reno, nv USA - 11/17/09 at 17:00:20 (EST)
want to know more about this service.
hubber LIE
bogor, INDONESIA - 10/25/09 at 00:59:08 (EST)
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tOauvFwTCjbuV, nG USA - 10/23/09 at 08:30:19 (EST)
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tRdBgEEVs, uO USA - 10/22/09 at 10:27:16 (EST)
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tRdBgEEVs, uO USA - 10/22/09 at 10:26:40 (EST)
Trying to locate nearest messianic jewish temple in my area - seems almost impossible to acquire any information
Littleton, NC USA - 10/04/09 at 15:49:13 (EST)
Hello Dear, How are you today I hope that everything is ok with you as it is my great pleasure to contact you in having communication with you starting from today, please i wish you will have the desire with me so that we can get to know each other better and see what happens in future. Well my name is Lucky Sunday, from weat africa, i am 30 years old I will be very happy if you can write me through my email for easy communication so that we can know each other. I am just looking for a serious woman for a serious relationship and see what happens in future.waiting for your response as i wish you all the best. as it is my great pleasure to contact you in having communication with you, i wish you will be the one that i am looking for Well my name is Lucky Sunday, from nigeria in west africa liven in burkina faso, i am 30 years old I will be very happy if you can email me through my email id for easy communication so that we can know each other.more betar and i need your pics too, i don't have children, i am a christian, i am a business man tell me more about yourself my dear friend! If I told you that i am looking for a serious woman for a serious relationship would you catch me? I’m lovely caring, energetic, loving, respectful, responsible, spiritual, creative, sensual, romantic, passionate, endowed, good listener, outgoing, understanding, honest... I’m looking for constant and faithful relationship with serious and reliable woman, who is kind and friendly, which can make my heart beat faster with love and happiness... i am a man, Have a good mood i am waiting Please you can contact me at my private telephone no:+226 75381462 Thank you very much. Your New Friend, Lucky Sunday.
BOBO, BF USA - 09/24/09 at 04:10:05 (EST)
We are Congregation grooups here in kenya and we need any Messianic Groups to come and join us and spread the truth here in kenya , we wellcome you all and feel free to associate with us to soread the truth here in kenya.
Elder Lawrence Oderoh
Nairobi, k Kenya - 09/23/09 at 07:44:49 (EST)
Glory to God for you Jo-An as your love and service go forth for Adonai. Prayer for your health and finance to accomplish His will.
Chaplain Priyta Lakini
NY, NY USA - 09/20/09 at 02:22:18 (EST)
yblByCfDYYHgKMkmM, Pt USA - 09/15/09 at 07:45:36 (EST)
Please help me to locate the nearest Messianic church to Ceres, CA? Please, Bevakasha? Toda Raba! Patricia Nash
Pat Nash
, USA - 09/14/09 at 18:06:41 (EST)
My compliment's to everyone involved in the creation of this site. Your site is clear cut w/ excellent graphic's, easy to understand, and will deliver a good amount of information and teaching's to anyone who is willing to sit down and really take the time to learn the material. Robert of Chicago
Chicago, IL USA - 09/09/09 at 18:12:05 (EST)
I'm tring to find a messianic group in my area. Eph.2:8-9
Jose Rolando Nava
mcallen, tx USA - 09/07/09 at 10:03:52 (EST)
Thank you so much..., i came across the page as i was searching for any body who can help me support my education,feeding&accommodation., i am a senior four school dope out due to lack of school fees .i lost both of my parents in the long civil war in Northern Uganda in next level of education is senior 5-6(2 years) then to the University.if any body can help sponsor my eduction then please contact me on ; i will be greatful for any support that you will give me... OKWERA AMOS,Gulu-Uganda
Gulu, Uganda - 08/22/09 at 04:03:04 (EST)
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eYSfmZonngZ, St USA - 08/18/09 at 03:36:00 (EST)
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PYcGdUtRixjboytvN, Rp USA - 08/18/09 at 01:56:16 (EST)
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wMURVWIyeifuskMhxze, ry USA - 08/18/09 at 00:16:57 (EST)
is there a congregation near brunswick?
cheryl eisenhauer
BRUNSWICK, GA USA - 08/11/09 at 00:53:41 (EST)
I am hungry for fellowship in my area. The congregation in Augusta, KS is within an hour and a half travel time. Do you know the contact information for them? Bless you!
Stephanie Reimer
Salina, KS USA - 08/04/09 at 15:02:24 (EST)
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vBkBDkDcvEDFhrvfXw, WF USA - 07/31/09 at 08:09:54 (EST)
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ypviqgvxjzw, Me USA - 07/31/09 at 06:28:59 (EST)
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ZRTiZXTbUoim, od USA - 07/31/09 at 05:36:55 (EST)
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qdUBHmXxun, pA USA - 07/31/09 at 00:31:00 (EST)
Thanks for being there for us.Is there a messianic jews congregation in Nairobi Kenya or even an individual.I also would want to marry a jewish lady.Am 25.I love jewish people.My contacts are;Mobile 254773335701 email
NAIROBI, N/ KENYA - 07/28/09 at 11:20:00 (EST)
NAIROBI, N/ KENYA - 07/28/09 at 10:59:32 (EST)
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yoaNTsrNlx, RF USA - 07/25/09 at 06:05:48 (EST)
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kEwMRcRnqCZj, oM USA - 07/21/09 at 22:30:03 (EST)
Any churches in my area of New Hampshire??
Norm Frost
N. Haverhill, NH USA - 07/09/09 at 22:20:28 (EST)
entry removed by admin
Admin KS-ILT
Jakarta, Indonesia - 07/01/09 at 00:28:20 (EST)
WEXFORD , PA USA - 06/26/09 at 14:34:53 (EST)
shalom, from austria ,god bless you ,meby i come and see you this year.i love israel, and the jews people,shalom god bless you
götzis, a austria - 06/25/09 at 08:02:50 (EST)
Shalom, Sue Davis We have a messianic group meeting at 4433 Lon Dr. on Saturday at 7:00pm and on Sunday at 9:00 Am. Holy Ghost filled. Every one is welcome who has a passion for JESHUA.
Columbus, GA USA - 06/21/09 at 12:59:33 (EST)
I am looking for a spirit filled Messianic Church in the Charlotte area where I can visit/attend.
Jeannette Olexa
Charlotte, NC USA - 06/18/09 at 20:41:39 (EST)
Where (what address) do you guys gather to workship in Salem. I am looking for a messianic congregation here in Salem OR. If you know schedules and addresses please let me know.
Ariel Landeros
Salem, OR USA - 06/17/09 at 12:41:53 (EST)
Where can I find the messianic jews congregation here in Columbus, GA? Shalom
Sue Davis
Columbus, GA USA - 06/14/09 at 17:44:16 (EST)
I am looking for a congregation in the Seattle/Bellevue, Washington vicinity.
Tana Redfield
Wenatchee, WA USA - 06/14/09 at 04:34:05 (EST)
Hi there Kim we have a fellowship that meats on shabbat at 2pm Dianella church of christ 68 waverly rd. We celebrate the festivals and worship each week in a messianic way, both Jews and Gentiles Be there or be square!! All are welcome, We are celebrating Shavuot this Saturday
perth, wa australia - 05/24/09 at 10:28:32 (EST)
Hi there Kim we have a fellowship that meats on shabbat at 2pm Dianella church of christ 68 waverly rd. We celebrate the festivals and worship each week in a messianic way, both Jews and Gentiles Be there or be square!! All are welcome
perth, wa australia - 05/24/09 at 10:24:08 (EST)
Interesting website, found it by searching in Google for a fellowship in Perth, Western Australia
Andre Rabe
Perth, WA Australia - 05/22/09 at 20:56:40 (EST)
To Benjamin and Kim Cavanagh We have a messianic home group You are welcome to attend, if distance is a problem we can put you in touch with other groups. We have some excellent networkers in Perth who are in touch with almost all messianic fellowships in Perth Western Australia Regards Peter Gradussov email above Mob 0411514447
Peter Gradussov
perth, wa Australia - 05/03/09 at 07:07:48 (EST)
WESTERN AUSTRALIAN MESSIANIC JEWS Kim, Jennifer and any other Messianic Jews near Perth, WA. There is no group for MJ's yet, but I (and someone else) have been thinking of starting one. What's the best way to get connected?
, WA Australia - 04/25/09 at 00:40:26 (EST)
I am a petite lady, 63 and searching for a Messianic mate. I have no connection with other believers in YHVH who keep the feastivals and believe Torah. and believe in the working of the Rauch Hakodesh in our dail lives. The Sons of Elohim are led by the Spirit of Elohim. If you are a Messianic Man and this fits you please contact my email.
Reta Sprenger
Salem, OR USA - 04/18/09 at 12:33:41 (EST)
I'm moving to Peoria AZ and i really would like some info. of any messianic congregation in the area.I would really appriciated thank you may the peace of YHWH be with you.
peoria , Il USA - 04/07/09 at 12:37:18 (EST)
I moved to Perth 6 months ago and would like to attend a messianic congregation here. If you know of one please let me know. Many thanks.
Kim Cavanagh
Perth, WA Australia - 04/05/09 at 05:54:05 (EST)
CHATTANOOGA, TN USA - 03/20/09 at 23:19:15 (EST)
Shalom from Budapest Jaakov
R.Jaakov, Béla Orban
Budapest, Hungary - 03/19/09 at 10:53:38 (EST)
Growing up my mother was raised orthodox Jewish and my father Roman Catholic, so when I was growing up we were raised with both. My mother is now a Christian who still holds to her Jewish roots and is doing ministry in Owerri,Nigeria. I have continued on with my own children teaching them as well. I am not either Christian or Jewish but I still embrace the religions that I had grown up with.
Pleasanton, ca USA - 03/18/09 at 11:56:45 (EST)
Ha Mishkan David/The Tabernacle Of David will be hosting Passover April 11,2009 Elgin IL. Spirit Filled Messianic Ministry. Blessing's, Rabbi Leora 847-464-5477
Rabbi Leora
Elgin, IL USA - 03/17/09 at 20:14:59 (EST)
Ha Mishkan David/The Tabernacle Of David will be hosting Passover April 11,2009 Elgin IL. Spirit Filled Messianic Ministry. Blessing's, Rabbi Leora 847-464-5477
Rabbi Leora
Elgin, IL USA - 03/17/09 at 20:14:11 (EST)
I am looking for a Messianic Congregation in sweden,i want have reltion ship with them.
säffle, va sweden - 03/02/09 at 12:26:52 (EST)
I am looking for a Messianic Congregation. Mine closed its doors. I live in Dear Park, Texas and I would like to see if you could help me find one in the surrounding area. Shalom and G-D bless
O lga Westmoreland
Dear Park, Tx USA - 02/18/09 at 15:40:37 (EST)
western christianity doesnt connect with me. i kept the sabbath and festivals for 10 years in the worldwide church of god for 10 years. it fell apart and i just cant blend in to the protestant churches in our rural area. when i try to explain the festivals they look at me like i am from mars. the jewish roots seem to be brushed aside quickly for christmas and easter. i just cant connect. Are there any congregations to include the gentile in my area? i guess st louis mo. or springfield il. would be the closest big city. are there any internet services? (because these 2 cities are 50 miles away.) thank you
susan watts
Greenfield, il USA - 02/09/09 at 20:50:49 (EST)
Hello. I am a gentile yet God is leading me on a Messianic path. I study Hebrew to English scriptures even doing the Parashiots. I am in desperate need to find other Messianics in my area. I live in Greenville, NC. I truly do not feel right within any Christian denominations. I have tried several churches of different denominations. If there are any Messianics in my area, please contact me. Thank you and God bless, praise YAH!
Greenville, NC USA - 02/09/09 at 06:33:28 (EST)
I am looking to get involved with a spirit filled Messianic Ministry in Pinevile NC. i have also been involved with a Messianic/Russian ministry in Brooklyn NY I am happy to have found this site, and sign your guestboo
James Forano
Brooklyn, Ny USA - 12/26/08 at 11:51:22 (EST)
I am a RABBI PASTOR of a Messianic congregation here at Libreville, the capital of Gabon, CENTRAL AFRICA COUNTRY, please,I need to share many things with you, propheties of the End Time and also The place of Israel during this last hours, also, Iwould like to visit your congegation in USA. MAY THE HOLYONE OF ISRAEL BLESS YOU IN THE MIGTHY NAME OF YSHUA AH MASHIAH.THANKS.
Libreville, Gabon Africa - 12/15/08 at 08:13:09 (EST)
Shalom B'Yeshua My name is Jaroslaw. I love messianic music. I'm looking for Jonathan Settel's song entitled "Hine Yeshua" ("El Es Yahshua"). Would you send me please free MP3? TODA RABAH VE SHALOM! Jaroslaw.
, - 12/08/08 at 08:30:17 (EST)
I know very little of the messianic jewish faith, except it's the truth.ME and my soon to be wife, sarah, need help and prayers.
Caelin Jake Martin
Mukilteo, wa USA - 11/14/08 at 23:10:36 (EST)
This is a beautiful web site that I hope to visit and learn from and thank you very much for making it available. It is my plan to research you information intensly in the coming months as I want to teach the ladies of our church about Messianic Jews and their beliefs concerning our Lord and Saviour Jesus. It is my sincere hope that my ignorance does not offend any Messianic Jews and I do not know protocol. Bless you, Margaret Kincaid
Margaret Kincaid
Quincy, IN USA - 11/08/08 at 12:14:37 (EST)
Hello! I found your website. My name is Anders Branderud and I am from Sweden. According to world-recognized authorities in this area Ribi Yehoshua was a Pharisee (a Torah-practising Jewish group - who according to 4Q MMT practised both written and oral Torah). As the earliest church historians, most eminent modern university historians, our web site ( and our Khavruta (Distance Learning) texts confirm, the original teachings of Ribi Yehoshua were not only accepted by most of the Pharisaic Jewish community, he had hoards of Jewish students. Finding the historical Jew, who was a Pharisee (today's Orthodox) Ribi (see, brings, for the first time in your life, his *true* formula for profound meaning, inner happiness and purpose in your life. From Anders Branderud Geir Toshav, Netzarim in Ra’anana in Israel ( who is followers of Ribi Yehoshua – the Messiah – in Orthodox Judaism
Anders Branderud
Täby, Sweden - 10/13/08 at 14:16:37 (EST)
Hi- Does anyone know of any Messianic Synagogues/Churches or meeting places in the Stuttgart area in Germany?
Stuttgart, Germany - 09/09/08 at 06:03:12 (EST)
Can you let me know of a Messsianic congregation in Modesto Ca. So very Happy to have found this website. Thank you and God Bless you
Raquel Burnette
Modesto, CA USA - 09/06/08 at 13:10:21 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
rjgdko dcexwzsu
uebfztsi, CA USA - 08/27/08 at 12:09:30 (EST)
jdusl jylqkwvcg ekptbca ctzdn kfhxtbs vdya exrp
gostjldz sagohfju
wheju, CA USA - 08/27/08 at 12:08:53 (EST)
Shalom, I'm visiting my sister in Redding CA and a few years ago I found a name Beth Sincha Tora Messianic Congregation in Redding and this year in July, 2008 their number was disconnected. I would like to find out a messianic congregation in this area. Please help me. Toda
Maggy Perez
Garden Grove, CA USA - 07/19/08 at 17:19:15 (EST)
I am looking for other Messianic Judaism believers. In my home, we study the Bible every night and we practice Messianic Judaism. We are not welcome at the synogogue nor are we welcome in the "christian" churches. We would like to establish prayer group of jewish believers for fellowship and teaching. Please respond. Your website came up under my search for messianic judsism in Opelika Alabama
Peggy Allen
Opelika, Al USA - 07/09/08 at 04:26:17 (EST)
I need to find a messianic jewish temple in my area if you know of one. Thanks
Angela Fitch
Germantown, MD USA - 06/09/08 at 12:36:50 (EST)
I VISITED YOUR WEB PAGE WHICH reveal orignal ispired Hebrew language I an a poor Yahwist having 2 assemblies in India.I f you want to discern our sacred truth work please cisit our country and encourege us spiritually My mailing address is K.JOHN C/O.PALURI NARASIMHA RAO ADAVIPALEM-534 266 W.G.DT.,A.P., S.INDIA. May YAHWEH be with us
W.G.DT., A.P.,, S INDIA-534 266 - 03/31/08 at 05:45:08 (EST)
PORTSMOUTH, NH USA - 03/19/08 at 18:04:42 (EST)
hello, i am interrested in learning the bible from a jewish point of view. are there any messianic congregations in the everett,wa area?
john king
everett, wa USA - 03/03/08 at 20:36:13 (EST)
WE Would Like To Find a Messianic Jewish congregation or would like to get one started. Email me if you are interested.
Shawn&Beth Bretthauer
Everett, WA USA - 03/02/08 at 11:15:09 (EST)
Shalom, I would like to find a Messianic Christian Fellowship in Modesto, Ca
Raquel Burnette
Modesto, CA USA - 02/20/08 at 17:06:35 (EST)
Reverand, I am a member Temple Christ Messiah and I may get an assignment in germany soon, therefore could you give me the nearest location of messianic kirche in or near stuttgart/heidelber area? I appreciate it..
Tiffany Kelly
, ks USA - 01/19/08 at 08:54:19 (EST)
I love you web page! Do you have a chat room?
Sharon LeGrand
Jeffersonville, VT USA - 01/14/08 at 17:50:21 (EST)
Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back ;)
, USA - 11/28/07 at 04:48:46 (EST)
Dear Sir Can i become a Membership in Yshuas Ministry ? Please send a membership certificate. My adress is Torsten Schuetz Sauerbruchweg 28 23562 Luebeck Germany
Rev.Torsten Schuetz
Luebeck, Germany - 10/20/07 at 08:13:24 (EST)
rxyq etbh vfln mzawxgujh eftq bsjdrchi oagiuxw
dnksjwiz qmzb
mlgfhwj, CA USA - 09/24/07 at 13:46:36 (EST)
the lord confirmed your sight praise and greetings in the LORD Jesus CHRISTS NAME
maria austin
san berdno, ca USA 92405thank - 07/29/07 at 01:26:55 (EST)
i will like to know if there is any messianic congragation in spring tx or neer thanks and shalom
spring, tx USA - 07/26/07 at 15:48:37 (EST)
looking for a local congregateion
tony cicatko
fort wayne, in USA - 05/07/07 at 22:18:33 (EST)
i would like to find a messianic jewish church in the everett,wa area to attend on occasions. can you help? thanks
everett, wa USA - 04/11/07 at 01:01:29 (EST)
I would like to find a messianic/christian fellowship in the Everett/Lynnwood/Kirkland area. Can you help me with this please?
Shari Camacho
Snohomish, wa USA - 03/06/07 at 20:03:54 (EST)
sbgk pwyku dfwgbsnxq ultmxgisv pzuoyh zitcgxo usfapjm
nqrb lmecprjuq
dwobnf, CA USA - 02/28/07 at 22:04:09 (EST)
please this listing in your guestbook is in yahoo search can you remove it thank you
gail sirotnak
xxxx, xx USA - 02/24/07 at 09:25:49 (EST)

Germany, hhfgdgdf USA - 01/29/07 at 15:02:56 (EST)

Germany, hhfgdgdf USA - 01/26/07 at 07:43:54 (EST)

Malaysia, hhfgdgdf USA - 01/24/07 at 15:44:03 (EST)

Malaysia, hhfgdgdf USA - 01/24/07 at 08:14:13 (EST)
Please contact me with information on a messianic jewish temple my family and I can attend in our surrounding area. Thank you.
Kari Tibbedeaux-Johnson
Quincy, CA USA - 01/03/07 at 16:14:56 (EST)
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Dear beloved I have been briefed to contact you because of your passion for humanity and sympathy for people with just causes. I am the former Mrs. Marian Asamoah, a widow to late Mr. Sheik Mohammed Asamoah; I am 47 years old, suffering from long time cancer of the breast. From all indications my condition is really deteriorating and it is quite obvious that I won’t live more than six months according to my doctors. This is because the cancer stage has gotten to a very bad stage. My late husband was killed during the U.S raid against terrorism in Afghanistan, I would have loved to travel out of the country to a place where I will have peace and spend the rest of my life with my children but I couldn’t make it for I am weak and severely sick. My late husband was very wealthy and after his death, my late husband deposited 150kgs of AU gold dust and $8.7Million USD, in a Security Company here in Ghana. My children and I inherited all his businesses and wealth. The doctors has advised me that I may not live for more than six months, so I now decided to divide part of this wealth, to distribute to the development of the church and orphanage in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Arab countries. AND ALSO YOU WILL INVEST THE REST MONEY FOR MY TWO CHILDREN IN COMMERCIAL ESTATE OR ANY BUSINESS OF YOUR CHOICE YOU DEEM HEALTHY. I selected you because of your passion for humanity. And I prayed over it. I am willing! To donate the sum of $1.8 million U.S dollars to you for the less privilege, for your effort, I am prepared to give you 25% of the total funds. I await your urgent reply. I remain yours, Mrs. Marian Asamoah, Please note all reply should come to this my Alternative For security reasons
Mrs. Marian Asamoah
AC, AC USA - 10/21/06 at 08:12:52 (EST)
This is one of the many pagan Christain web pages. The cross that is all over this site is the sign of Tammuz !
Sam Massey
, AZ USA - 10/09/06 at 18:35:28 (EST)
It's very interesting site!
London, London USA - 10/02/06 at 21:01:25 (EST)
Ruth Isela Tapia
tulsa, ok USA - 09/20/06 at 23:48:29 (EST)
Ruth Isela Tapia
tulsa, ok USA - 09/20/06 at 23:43:40 (EST)
LaBrian Leggett
Dallas, TX USA - 09/16/06 at 17:12:18 (EST)
I well miss your weekly messages. I look forward to your return. Have a great rest and enjoy the new year. Joseph
Joseph Olvera
Spring, Tx USA - 09/16/06 at 02:33:19 (EST)
hi, cool
Mrs Bales
, FL USA - 08/22/06 at 14:25:34 (EST)
Dear Beloved, Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour of mankind. I am very happy to view what your ministry is doing over there in your Country. We will continue to pray for your ministry so that they can win more souls for Christ Jesus in this last days. God Bless you and your family. Yours in the missionary field, Pastor Friday Aideloje. Nigeria.
Pastor Friday Aideloje
, NIGERIA - 08/08/06 at 23:42:22 (EST)

Cannon Lee Hearn
Spring Hill, Tn USA - 08/08/06 at 10:06:32 (EST)
ltpcjmyw wamh wcxim jpxvbr figkojz mthuy odhwesi
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jlcvofabe, CA USA - 08/08/06 at 07:10:17 (EST)
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jlcvofabe, CA USA - 08/08/06 at 07:09:14 (EST)
fobjdty defryacuk hueltyi jelrmbnd ckpbnqze vhpw ynwj
sizctmkj xjqbuzl
bwnpklj, CA USA - 07/31/06 at 15:15:15 (EST)
MArion Burke, HI me and my family are living in Lima and we keep Shabbat and such and are looking for other Messianic's to fellowship with. E-mail me Ally
Lima, OH USA - 07/24/06 at 11:21:33 (EST)
I am trying to find the following in Lima. I attend a Presbyterian church and we have just studied Deuteronomy. We would like to celebrate the passover meal, visit a Jewish temple or/and a messianic temple or have someone talk to us. The congregation speak Spanish. Can you help?
Marion Burke
Lima, Peru - 06/15/06 at 10:02:09 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
..., ... ... - 06/08/06 at 23:33:23 (EST)

Ann Dunlap
fort wayne, IN USA - 06/02/06 at 23:23:04 (EST)
I wish to join an messianic church. I live in dubai.
Nibin Oommen
Dubai, UAE - 05/21/06 at 15:15:45 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
..., ... ... - 05/17/06 at 07:53:58 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
..., ... ... - 04/30/06 at 07:31:47 (EST)
I was wondering if there is a Messianic congregation in my area. I am near Houston. Thank-you & God bless you in your work.
Mimi Carpenter
Katy, Tx USA - 04/25/06 at 19:20:30 (EST)
I was wondering if there are any Messianic Congregation in San Diego area. God bless you all.
Lilia Hawley
Escondido, CA USA - 04/21/06 at 15:39:19 (EST)
Thank-you for such a wonderful web site. I was wondering if there are any Messianic Congregations in the Wilks-Barre/Scranton area of North East, Pa.
Shickshinny, Pa USA - 04/01/06 at 21:21:19 (EST)
Hi im not a jew but i like israel and the jews.I have made a pro israel web page God bless you all
oslo, Norway - 03/28/06 at 04:42:07 (EST)
Any Messianic groups that anyone knows of in Seoul, Korea?
, USA - 03/28/06 at 03:24:47 (EST)
I'm trying to help my sister Alice, who lives by Sonora, to find a Messianic church. I clicked on this homepage, but can find no address. Can you help me?
viola rogers
modesto, ca USA - 03/07/06 at 14:15:47 (EST)
"You know,brothers ,that our visit to you was not a failure."I am so glad that greet you of this the morning with peace of Lord and joy with the Holy spirits power and love. And this not failure to make this and pray for glory revival soon.Thanks and many bless.keijo sweden
, sweden - 02/12/06 at 05:01:44 (EST)
Non-Messy-Awnic Acts gathering sought; Jerusalem N Tulsa? Can't find. Help? Not Eastland or Peoria please.
Sand Springs, OK USA - 02/10/06 at 21:24:50 (EST)
Who can I email to ask a question?
, TX USA - 12/29/05 at 23:39:13 (EST)
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online gambling, online gambling USA - 10/30/05 at 01:39:53 (EST)
Shavua Tov, Lovely site, precious Word Of G-d Torah. May Yeshua continue to bless this site and may peace be with Jerusalem and within her walls.
Jennifer Smith
Perth, WA AUSTRALIA - 02/17/05 at 21:20:29 (EST)

Phx, AZ USA - 02/02/05 at 14:56:42 (EST)

Phx, AZ USA - 02/02/05 at 14:55:12 (EST)

Erika Saldana
Wilmington, Ca USA - 01/19/05 at 14:33:20 (EST)
are there any messianic temples in tulsa??
robbi hammett
tulsa, ok USA - 01/01/05 at 02:59:29 (EST)
Great blessing to the israels people for my the Bible, be touch of the Holy Spirit just now strong and pray for revival.Blessing keijo sweden
, - 12/20/04 at 14:52:18 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
meet massionic singles
, USA - 12/16/04 at 12:13:31 (EST)
My family and I are looking for felowship in our area. We just moved here from Castle Rock,CO. CAN YOU HELP!
Harry Dollarhide
Port Washington, WI USA - 12/15/04 at 10:59:35 (EST)
Thank you, You have answered all the unanswered questions.
gold canyon, az USA - 12/09/04 at 21:50:54 (EST)
The site is great. I am new to messianic Judaism and am trying to gather all the info. that I can... Thanks
Dawnielle King
, USA - 11/30/04 at 12:17:57 (EST)
Awesome site....very Annointed. This will be a blessing to many and bring much Glory to GOD. I have given a link to this site from our HIS GATHERING PLACE MINISTRY Group. My Prayers are with all of You as You go forth, daily, teaching GOD's Truth and Proclaiming His GOOD NEWS.
Chaplain Linda
Moses Lake, WA USA - 11/25/04 at 13:58:10 (EST)

, USA - 09/30/04 at 10:30:03 (EST)
E/P Stephanie Brumfield
Stockbridge, Ga USA - 09/15/04 at 10:08:58 (EST)
I was so excited to see that you are in Illinois. I am new here and having a hard time finding believers in my area. Thank you and keep up the hard work!
Sondra Bowen
Peru, Il USA - 09/13/04 at 12:08:30 (EST)
well my question is. is this a jewish chistian website and if so, can i being non jewish join. you see i beleive in Christ as Savior and that He's God Incarnate. also churchs in chicago where to go.
jose mota
chicago, il USA - 09/11/04 at 14:10:26 (EST)
Indeed a Pleasure and Blessing to Visit again...and Let You Know. Needless ta say, Every Christian Witness and ministry is GREATLY NEEDED and YOURS is SURELY Making an Eternal Difference! God Bless You, Yours and Your Witnessing and ministry...Prayerfully! Please May I Suggest a couple of Web Pages That are Really Getting Attention as the word is Spreading...Smile, but Serious. They're Entitled: "Heart Talks"... and... "SECRET OF THE SINGING HEART"... Do have a Blessed day! AND THANKS!! Jerry Boyer (Akron, OH) (little about us...)
Akron, OH USA - 09/07/04 at 15:23:08 (EST)
Please e-mail the names/addresses of Messianic congregations in & around Boise.We are planning to move to the area in the near future.Thank you
Shirley Vaughn
Fresno, Ca USA - 09/06/04 at 16:54:06 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Penni and Clark Morris at JPS
Georgia, USA - 08/29/04 at 22:56:47 (EST)
May God the Father through his son Jesus and his precious holy spirit bless you all.
Bonnie C Brown
Hampton, NH USA - 08/21/04 at 17:36:17 (EST)
Greetings,We are Robert and Joyce Ricciardelli. We are Marketplace servants of Jesus Christ. Although we have a local church we are proud to be part of ONE body of Christ, regardless of denomination or race, or degrees or pedigrees. We are connectors in the kingdom as we come alongside many ministries in many nations. We are bringing forth a message of kingdom living for today by restoring a biblical world view and helping believers understand their role in the marketplace in all jurisdictions. We have been involved in prophetically praying for business leaders and even onsite in their businesses for the Lord to have His way in their business and family lives. We are involved in community transformation projects by bringing the spiritual leaders and gatekeepers of a community together. In unity we believe for the Lord of the harvest to heal their land and their people and what is all of our assignments in bringing this forth in Him. We continue to live and move and have our being in Him, and seek to always have and teach an unoffendable heart towards others which gives us the freedom to be about our Father's business.
Robert Ricciardelli
Seattle, Wa USA - 08/21/04 at 13:31:09 (EST)
May God the Father through His Son, Jesus and His Holy Spirit bless you all!
Rev. Tony Costa
Pittsburgh, Pa USA - 08/20/04 at 22:47:31 (EST)
Indeed a Pleasure and Blessing to Visit and Let You Know. Needless ta say, Every Messianic/Christian Witness is GREATLY NEEDED and YOURS is SURELY Making an Eternal Difference! God Bless You, Yours and Your Witnessing...Prayerfully!
Akron, OH USA - 08/17/04 at 19:31:49 (EST)
I am a Christian going to Israel in Sept. 2004. Shalom
Sheila Blount
Mineral, Va USA - 08/17/04 at 10:19:29 (EST)
I'm very interested in your websight.
Kenneth Bade
Kankakee, IL USA - 07/15/04 at 12:46:48 (EST)

Garland , TX USA - 07/12/04 at 12:19:02 (EST)

Morgan Levy
Kapaau, HI USA - 07/10/04 at 21:26:12 (EST)
Blessings to you in Yeshua enjoying your music of praise.Thanks
Jerry and Janie Ginn
Pelham, Al USA - 07/01/04 at 21:55:35 (EST)
Hi and looking forward to emailing you as often as possible. I am really enjoying the song on your web site!!!! We live in Ghana and would like to meet any one here who might be a local representative of your organisation. Many thanks Francis and Belinda email:
Francis and Belinda Poku
accra Ghana, USA - 06/07/04 at 05:36:28 (EST)

Kay H. Reece
Indian Trial, NC USA 28079 - 05/07/04 at 18:47:46 (EST)
Great site!!! Great music!!! Blessings!
Paul Dennis Tabanao
Phnom Penh, Cambodia - 04/18/04 at 18:25:11 (EST)
Beautiful: I love the Jewish people and to me a Messianic Jew is a "completed Jew" May the Lord Jesus Yeshua bless you beyond measure. Martha
martha e. williams
Lakeland , Fl USA - 04/16/04 at 12:29:12 (EST)
I have always been curious to know why we do not follow the Jewish ways, being that our Savior is a Jew. So the prayers on your site are a blessing to me and I will pass them on as led to do so. Some of the real long letters take more time than given me, but for the most part, they are great. Thank You for sharing your great faith in our Father God, in Jesus beautiful name, thank you, Mary Ann. You may check my name so I do not receive the same mail twice.
Mary Ann Jorgensen
Green Bay, Wi USA - 04/12/04 at 12:00:54 (EST)
What a blessing to worship G_D in Y'Shua with you!
James & Ellen Hofford
Washington, NH USA - 03/27/04 at 18:03:59 (EST)
I Pray that the Lord will keep strengthening you all the days of your life, so that you will continue his good work of networking people all over the Globe. BLESS YOU.
Ngozi Osuagwu
Lagos, Nigeria - 03/19/04 at 03:04:58 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Spirit Fire
Redding , CA USA - 03/12/04 at 13:29:39 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
, USA - 03/11/04 at 17:07:11 (EST)
Its so wonderful very beautiful very inspiring awesome website.Thanks a million
Rev.tony p. demecillo
seoul,korea, USA - 03/09/04 at 19:02:53 (EST)
Pastor Dick and Sister Jo-ann your site is lovely and the music is wonderful. My site has no music and has had no updates since Tammy Martin stopped writing me about 6 months ago. I am enjoying your teaching tapes and pray for the anointing to be strong in your teaching about our Y'shua. I will enjoy your site and praise our Y'shua for this blessed ministry. In His care, Sister Betty Ruth
Betty Ruth Manney
Urbana, IL USA - 03/09/04 at 17:48:49 (EST)
from the web site staying with the times a tishbite net; I like what I've seen so far. May He Bless You and Your Ministry Richly, Thomas
Thomas Gowin
Canyon Country, CA USA - 03/08/04 at 20:11:42 (EST)
Dear sir, Its very awesome,very beautiful,heart changing,mind renewing and anointed.God bless
Rev.tony p. demecillo
seoul,korea, USA - 03/04/04 at 09:53:24 (EST)
its so wonderful very awesome love it very commendable
tony demecillo
seoul,korea, USA - 03/04/04 at 09:39:28 (EST)
Praise God for the jewishness of our Messiah and blessings to you in his beautiful name. Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord....I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. The ground is level at the foot of the cross as a gentile grafted into the vine I am blessed by my wonderful savior. In christ name Patricia Mason
patricia Mason
Spring Hill ks, ks USA - 03/02/04 at 12:35:58 (EST)

carren basina
seoul,korea, USA - 03/02/04 at 09:57:03 (EST)
very captivating and very awesome.GOD is GREAT and most worthy to be it
Rev.tony p. demecillo
seoul korea, USA - 03/02/04 at 08:00:51 (EST)
I'm praying about joining Yolanda's InJesus site, and dropped by your's to investigate. The Cloud is certainly stirring! Asking, seeking, knocking, In Him, Ron M.
ron david metcalf
Orlando, Fl USA - 02/28/04 at 10:45:26 (EST)
I am blessed to be your sister in Christ! May the Lord be with you and give you all grace, peace, and joy. In His perfect love, Chanin (More of Him)
Hebron, Ky USA - 02/08/04 at 10:17:14 (EST)
Thanks for the great teachings, and messages. Love and prayers, L. Parsons
Lora Parsons
Spring Hill, Fl USA - 02/02/04 at 09:04:02 (EST)
I am really enjoying your messages and teaching. Thanks for sharing with the body of Christ. Your sister in Christ, Debra May God grant Israel peace.
Debra Cannon
Greenville, NC USA - 01/31/04 at 11:06:50 (EST)
Beautiful Web Page. Keep up the good work. G_D bless you all
Rev Patrick W. Pechacek M.A.
Pasadena, Tx USA - 01/20/04 at 13:12:12 (EST)
Your site is such a blessing. I am not Jewish, but God has given me a grafted in Jewish heart. I am so in love with the Lord! Blessings in His Name.
Kristy Billingslea
Virginia Beach, VA USA - 01/18/04 at 17:49:53 (EST)

Elsie Reid
Canada, USA - 01/17/04 at 17:18:55 (EST)

Biloxi, MS USA - 01/17/04 at 15:40:07 (EST)

eugenia M. Whitsett
Jupiter, FL USA - 01/17/04 at 14:57:31 (EST)
Blessed is Jerusalem and I pray for the peace of Jerusalem as a gentile believer we are blessed to be the wild olive branch that was grafted in Praise His Holy Name.I pray for Jewish people wherever they are peace be on you. God Bless
patricia Mason
Spring Hill , ks USA - 01/17/04 at 12:30:17 (EST)
Jeshua is L-RD! I love Him, but I need so much help from Him to change all these ugly things that still are in my nature! G-D help me please. Thanks for listening! Love In Jeshua Barbara Anne marie-(Wood)
Barbara Anne Marie-
Philadelphia, Pa USA - 01/16/04 at 23:08:53 (EST)
God bless you in this ministry. It is awesome to know that Y'shua is working in your lives and ours.
Frazee, MN USA, 56544 - 01/14/04 at 10:10:29 (EST)
I have just opened a Prayer and Resource center to provide resources and gifts to support Israel and learn about Hebraic Roots; based after learning from Sid Roth and Ed Chumney, Dr John Garr and others; called the One New Man ; Prayer & REsource Center...I welcome viewing your site...thank you ;
Susan Perry
Front Royal, Va USA - 01/05/04 at 19:51:16 (EST)
Blessings! I'm a member of Trumpet of Yahveh Ministry Augusta, KS.
Jan Watts
El Dorado, KS USA - 01/03/04 at 03:49:10 (EST)
God is Awsome! in Messiah, jaime jesus servat, missionary, lima, peru, south america
lima, peru south america - 01/03/04 at 00:49:48 (EST)
God is Awsome! in Messiah, jaime jesus servat, missionary, lima, peru, south america
lima, peru south america - 01/03/04 at 00:48:24 (EST)
awesome website, be blessed of the Lord
Sharron L. Elliott
Nampa, ID USA - 12/31/03 at 16:20:47 (EST)
Blessings to you, Pastor Dick and JoAnn!! Come to your site and bask in the presence of the King and enjoy the new music I've added to each of the pages. I made a few changes on the front page. I pray that you have a prosperous and healthy New Year!! May you soar like an eagle high above all power and principality with victory always in your wings!!! Love in Christ, Yolanda
Yolanda Ballard
Melbourne, FL USA - 12/30/03 at 21:43:23 (EST)
I love Jewish people!
Harold Van Buskirk
Studio City, CA USA - 12/25/03 at 15:40:30 (EST)
It is exciting to learn and understand more about God and His kingdom.
Elaine Hillard
Tulsa, OK USA - 12/16/03 at 11:29:56 (EST)
We eagerly await the second coming of our Messiah!
Barbara Botha
George, RSA - 12/14/03 at 00:40:11 (EST)
Thank you for being there and teaching and guiding and opening my eyes to all the lies I have been taught. Thanks for the freedom in our living and loving lord
Doretta Corrie
Watseka, IL USA - 12/13/03 at 16:47:35 (EST)
I really enjoyed this website and glad you sent it out on the cyberspace church today!!!!! I love you both so much! Blesings to you both through Him!!!!
Leslie Phillips
Opelika, Al USA - 12/13/03 at 10:01:50 (EST)

Steven Beattie
galston, uk - 11/25/03 at 08:17:48 (EST)
i thank God for this web site and pray His blessing to be upon you and all you put you hands to in His service.
Susan Sowers
Temple, Tx USA - 11/20/03 at 12:15:31 (EST)
I found this website through the "More Like Jesus Ministries Inc." message that Pastor Dick wrote. I think it is a very refreshing website. Thank you
Gary L. Simon
Green Bay, WI United States - 11/18/03 at 14:05:17 (EST)
hi, there - wonderful site! can you please tell me what 'ani vi dodi, vi doi li' means? i would surely appreciate it. blessing on your ministry.
chattanooga, tn USA - 11/16/03 at 14:15:13 (EST)
Pastor Dick & Sister Jo-ann. I pray the Lord's blessings fall upon you this day, and I thank you for your service to the body in bringing forth this awesome site! I thank you for all your prayers for Levi and your support. I just found out that there is a home fellowship in Wales that has been praying for Levi for two years and is gathering together a love gift to help with his vitamin supplements. This is an answer to prayer for prosperity for Levi. I asked the Lord for a special gift for Levi for his thirtieth birthday, and the Lord more than abundantly answered also with a check for $100, a refund from the government where I overpaid somewhere over ten years ago! So I know with all the prayers going up, which you have had a big part, the Lord is blessing Levi. And I wait on the Lord for the ultimate blessing of Levi's total healing and deliverance. God's timing is always perfect. May you always prosper and be in health as your soul prospers! You both have been on my heart a lot lately! We are one in Christ! Yolanda AT THE FATHER'S FEET MINISTRY
Yolanda Ballard
Melbourne, FL USA - 10/08/03 at 20:26:34 (EST)
dear beloved in CHRIST Greetings in the name of Jesus, our LORD and SAVIOUR I was blessed by my visit to your site today and I pray the holy spirit will be poured upon you as you touch the hearts who visit your site. YOUR SITE IS AN ANOINTMENT FROM GOD and I truly have been blessed by my visit here more than you will ever know. It is truly a blessing to visit sites that are such a blessing for a lost and dying world on the internet. We certainly need more sites as yours and others to reach the web for the Lord. DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA TO VISIT INDIA? If so I will arrange some meetings for you. God Bless you dear servant of God and I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU. I want to know more about your Ministry. So please send some literature, Magazine, Newsletter and Books. God Bless you all. I AM EAGERLY WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY lease visit my website at Thanking You, With Love and Prayer Your Brother in Christ P.ELANGOVAN My Postal Address P.Elangovan Go Ye Missions 209, Water Tank Road Nagercoil 629 001. India. email.
Nagercoil, TN India - 09/26/03 at 15:09:15 (EST)

Anne & Mike Jago
Wanganui, New Zealand - 09/17/03 at 17:53:10 (EST)
Shalom! Rich site. Thanks a ton!
Gordon Ogden
Fresno, CA USA - 09/11/03 at 19:51:09 (EST)
This is a beautiful site. Want to be part of this to learn more about the jewish tradition.
Pastor Ifeanyichukwu Amakor
Owerri, Im nigeria - 09/08/03 at 04:28:34 (EST)
MY husband and I have been celebrating Sabbath for 2 months now what a blessing to our home. We are southern baptists
Linda and Donny Polley
Lakeland , fl USA - 09/06/03 at 07:17:55 (EST)
This site is a blessing! I am interested in learning more about Yahweh & Yeshua Messiah from the Jewish stand point. I am so tired of the watered down gospel that the "church" gives us. May Yahweh bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you; may He lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.
Susan Noel
Sun Valley, CA USA - 09/05/03 at 11:23:22 (EST)
oh! how I love to hear my jewish friends proclaim the wonderful name of our lord and savior jesus christ.I thank G-O HE GRAFTER ME INTO HIS TREE.
evelyn oglesby
social circle, ga USA - 09/04/03 at 21:30:00 (EST)
JOEL AND BALAK,Thanks for introducing us to so many of the roots of our L-rd. We very much enjoy learning of the many traditions observed by the Messiah J-sus
SWETO, SW SOTH AFRICA - 08/05/03 at 12:34:47 (EST)
You are truly amazing and I am so blessed to know you both. Thank you for your answer. I forwarded it to my friend. I feel special in that you always answer me so quickly. It means a lot to me to have friends/family like the two of you. I thank G-d for leading me to you and allowing me to learn at your knee so to speak. Blessings to you both. Amen and amen. Susan

Thank you for this site. I find out on my father's death that my grandpa was Jewish and this was keep from all of us. I am overseas, and I am looking forward to find out more about my roots. Jesus is the LOVE of my life. Thanks for the hard work and the blessing that follows for people like me, and by having this site I fill conected. Shalom
Lillian Feliciano
APO, AP USA - 07/29/03 at 18:31:57 (EST)

Lillian Feliciano
APO, AP USA - 07/29/03 at 18:19:10 (EST)
Thank you for this site. I am so hungry for fellowship. Although I am not Jewish by birth, my heart has been jewish for many, many years. I long for the return of our Messiah but until that time, as I sit here in the Bahamas, I have no real fellowship.
Diane Major
Nassau, Bahamas - 07/08/03 at 18:51:35 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Ed Ordaz
Galesburg, Il USA - 07/08/03 at 07:27:31 (EST)
Musa Opiyo
York, United Kingdom - 06/22/03 at 08:14:21 (EST)
I am not Jewish, However I do have Jewish heritage on my mother's side.
Alice Roten
Dripping Springs, TX USA - 06/11/03 at 14:24:51 (EST)
GREETINGS from! Thanks, sincerely...we've enjoyed visiting. We gather encouragement as we see others are giving their best to labor for "The Master"! G-d Bless one an all!! " stop by an see us at when convenient, won't you? Smile...better yet, please visit He Is Able---another great site! ; G-D BLESS!!
Jerry [ Heart to Heart ]
Akron, OH USA - 06/04/03 at 09:22:19 (EST)
Although I have never done this before,I am writting to find out more information about Jewish Customs during the New Testament times. The story of the woman with the issue of blood has been on my mind and heart for months but there is something missing.I desire to write a poem from her point of view but I feel I need to know more about how this sickness affected her life.If there is anything you could teach me or a recource you know of that I could read I would really appreciate this, thank you Tricia
Patricia Peters
Menominee, Mi USA - 06/02/03 at 14:12:47 (EST)
Your site is a blessing.Thank you!
Denise Moen
san diego, CA USA - 05/15/03 at 13:54:59 (EST)
Just saw your site. May G_D bless your ministry. Don't give in to this world, and key up the site. May blessings be your's.
charles brand
fort wayne, in USA - 05/10/03 at 20:42:21 (EST)
Just saw your site. May G_D bless your ministry. Don't give in to this world, and key up the site. May blessings be your's.
charles brand
fort wayne, in USA - 05/10/03 at 20:41:15 (EST)
Just saw your site. May G_D bless your ministry. Don't give in to this world, and key up the site. May blessings be your's.
charles brand
fort wayne, in USA - 05/10/03 at 20:39:29 (EST)
I am totally excited about the plan, purpose and destiny that the Father has for us having met over the Internet; and now just hours away from meeting in person. Glory to G-d in the Highest!!!
La Vetta Williams
Chicago, IL USA - 04/27/03 at 06:55:14 (EST)
hi dick and joanne' greetings in the lovely name of our lord and savior jesus christ' we do hope you are being blessed' your site looks great
Good News Gospel Ministry ()
, USA - 04/17/03 at 21:13:12 (EST)
What a blessed site. I felt so close to Y'Shua my Jewish Lord while reading this site. Praise Him, for He is Holy, Holy, Holy & Worthy, Worthy, Worthy........
CHICAGO, IL USA - 04/16/03 at 06:20:49 (EST)
Greetings and Shalom form Sonora, ca. Let us know if there is anyone in tis area that we could get together with. Laurie and Don Nessl.
Laurie Nessl
Sonora`, Ca USA - 09/12/04 at 21:26:41 (EST)
I would like to join in yeshua's name.
HaroldVan Buskirk
Studio City, CA USA - 04/15/03 at 09:01:12 (EST)
This site has so blessed me this Shabbut morning. My friend Cathy and myself have been exploring Jewish Messiah. We have come to the conclusion, the more we understand the fact that our Yeshua would have prayed the shema and observe all the festivals and high holy days, we know that we are missing so much. We have come to understand that our roots are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I would like to take the time and give honor where honor is due, We would not have come to this understanding if it had not been for Upon This Rock Ministries-Rev. Irma Diaz whose mentor is a Messianc Rabbi in Jerusalem. Shalom Tammy
Mark and Tammy Dowell
Woodlake, Ca USA - 04/12/03 at 12:48:50 (EST)
Very nice site, May Yhsua continue to bless your ministry.
Rev. Francis Robinson
delaware, oh USA - 04/07/03 at 20:46:01 (EST)
Love the site, I'll try to be back Friday night.I am a Church of God Pastors wife. I have loved the Jewish people all my life and my heart is with them. I've been to a Messianic Congragation before and loved it. There is not one in this town. I'll be back.
Deborah Cannon
Altoona, Al USA - 04/02/03 at 12:15:26 (EST)
I just met someone online who is working in Jerusalem to bring about unity, take care of the poor and spread the Gospel. I truly love Jesus and all Jews and all Believers. It is a blessing to be able to log onto your Site. God bless - Min. Valrie Small
Valrie Small
Augusta, Ga USA - 03/19/03 at 13:32:44 (EST)
Shalom Pastor Dick and Jo-ann. Thanks for introducing us to so many of the roots of our L-rd. We very much enjoy learning of the many traditions observed by the Messiah J-sus.
Tom & Ruth Pointec
Oakbrook Terrace, IL USA - 03/14/03 at 22:31:13 (EST)
May God Bless your work, and may the Power of His Love be poured out in your lives and the Ministry that He has given to you. We will pray for the increase of our Love for you, and Israel, and we will pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. Your humble servant, Pastor Jerry Mooneyham LightHouse Fellowship Ministries New Jerusalem Covenant Fellowship Church, Lewiston, Idaho
Pastor Jerry Mooneyham
Lewiston, Id USA - 03/05/03 at 11:29:09 (EST)
Thank you for all the wonderful information and for loving Yeshua. I copy almost all of your messages and I send them to my prayer partners. Thank you again and I love you both
Doretta Corrie
Watseka, IL USA - 03/01/03 at 00:11:24 (EST)
Our prayers are with you in your work in introducing Jesus to whosoever wills. May his kingdom come
Kofi A O. Mate
Accra, Ghana - 02/28/03 at 11:47:17 (EST)
Enjoyed your message to "All the Women of the cyber church." It was just a blessing! Continue your hard labor for the one most worthy of it.....Yshua'. We love the Messianic Jews here at NewJoy Gospel Ministry. May the L-rd of peace be with you and Jo-ann as you minister in the name of the Messiah Jesus. Tammy
Tammy Martin
, USA - 02/26/03 at 23:45:57 (EST)
Today is my first email from you---I know it will be a blessing---reminded us about out thought life==everything we see and do is inputed, the unseen is half the battle, most go only by what is seen and heard
Gail Sirotnak
Allentown, Pa USA - 02/17/03 at 07:14:26 (EST)
SHALOM! My family and I are new Israelites,beentaken out of "the Church" by the living G-D Himself,to come into HIS THRUTH.Thank you for a true Godly teaching.W We are now a Yahweh's church at home. Blessings in YASHUAH'S Holy name.
Myriam Hudson
Pleasanton, CA USA - 02/15/03 at 14:38:46 (EST)
Dear Pastors Dick and Jo-ann: Blessings to you. Thank you so much for this wonderful testimony. I am deeply touched and deeply challenged. Thank you again. I pray for you and ask the thouch of our Master to be your portion. The rivers of living waters to be yours and the strength and wisdom to do all He has called and purposed for you to do. I strengthen you and speak health and peace to you. Love, Rita

Shalom Pastor Kenny, Re-your posting InMyJesus. Thank you, my heart rejoiced and was truly blessed.Blessings to you and this ministry. Baruch haba bashem Adonai. G-d's humble handmaiden, Marija
Marija Thornton
Melbourne, Vi Australia - 01/19/03 at 02:07:43 (EST)
After visiting your web site several times, I guess I should sign the guest book. I really enjoy your e mails. Blessing to you; Your's in Christ: Brenda
Brenda Creamer
Warsaw, IN USA - 01/05/03 at 11:37:19 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Rev. Traci Forszen ()
Charlotte, NC USA - 01/04/03 at 12:17:39 (EST)
I believe the Lord sent me to this web site to learn more of the truth of Him.
marilyn sprang
watseka, il USA - 12/16/02 at 06:31:42 (EST)
God is thrusting me into learning more of our jewish roots. It is an exciting journey! Praise God!
Coreen Myers
Wallaceburg, ON Canada - 11/27/02 at 14:47:07 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Fr. Mike Glenn Bread of Life
Tijeras , NM USA - 11/27/02 at 08:35:09 (EST)
I am overjoyed to have found this website. I have loved the Jewish people and Israel for years, I have not known much about the Jewish people and the culture etc... But now I am so blessed to be able to learn and now the Bible will really come alive for me! :-) My son also loves the Jewish people, I have e-mailed him your website, I am sure he will be just as excited as I am. He has been to Israel and his love for Israel has grown ever since. I am so happy that I am welcome here even though I am not Jewish. Blessings Susan
Susan Noel
Sun Valley, CA USA - 11/23/02 at 18:23:29 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Janet Ellen Shen
, Singapore - 11/19/02 at 10:38:54 (EST)
URBANA, IL USA - 11/17/02 at 18:20:20 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Denver, CO USA - 11/10/02 at 19:21:06 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Rev. Traci Forszen ()
Charlotte, NC USA - 11/06/02 at 23:25:56 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
, USA - 10/28/02 at 16:55:11 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Charlene Gates
Branson, MO USA - 10/27/02 at 10:31:49 (EST)
Pastor Kenney, thank you for such an awesome website. It is so refreshing to be getting back to the Hebrew roots of our faith.
Barbara J. Alford
Reno, NV United States - 10/20/02 at 00:10:20 (EST)
I saw your article about the true altar on It caught my eye as my name is Ed. Joshua 22 tells of the altar Ed (witness). Remember, "ye shall be my witnesses"? We are a living altar of witness, positioned this side of the river of life as a witness to those who choose to cross on our watch, that we serve the SAME God. Check out Joshua 22 for this exciting account, and remember.....two Eds are better than one, yes?
Ed Key
Columbus, GA USA - 10/06/02 at 15:43:12 (EST)
Thank you for all of your prayers, Richard and Jo-anne. Love to both of you. Ani l'dodi,v'dodi li. Andrea
Andrea E. Jackson
Baltimore, MD USA - 09/02/02 at 12:17:24 (EST)
dear brother dick &jo'anne. this is a good ministry ,lots of word here, bless the both of you Ernest & Delle Trammell
Good News Gospel Ministry
, USA - 08/13/02 at 22:02:27 (EST)
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