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Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church
January 16, 2005
8:00am- Mass - St. Joseph's
Mass Intention: David Lee Panowicz
+by Patricia Sachs
Lector: Emily Miller
Greeters: Larry Spilinek Family
E.M.: Diane Jonak & Mary Ann Krzycki
Ushers: Richard & Ron Miller
Gifts: Victor Dush Family
Servers: Mitchell & Troy Jonak
10:00am- Mass - Sts. Peter & Paul
Mass Intention: Victoria Radke
+by Gene Krance & Angie Path
Intro: Betty Horky
Greeters: Joe & Dee Mlinar, Pat Geiger,
Bill & Edith Payne
Lector: Ron Kulwicki
E.M.: Jim & Betty Horky,
JoAnn Urbanski
Ushers: Edith Payne & Pat Geiger
Gifts: Joe & Dee Mlinar
Servers: David Proehl & Brady Townsend
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