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Gold, Silver & Bronze NE1 sites unavailable
Posted by Paul Steinbrueck on 13 September 2011 01:59 PM

We are currently experiencing a technical problem making all sites created using our NE1 web builder and hosted in a Gold, Silver, or Bronze hosting account unavailable. Free and Starter accounts, custom designed Joomla sites and any website you may have developed on your own are not affected.  We are working as quickly as we can to determine the problem and resolve it.  We will post additional updates here when we have more news.  Thanks for your prayers and patience.

EDIT (2:24 PM EDT): All sites are back up for the time being.  We found a way to get all sites working while we continue to work on the underlying problem.  There could be some additional downtime when we implement and test a solution, but we will try to keep it to a bare minimum.

EDIT (4:11 PM EDT): The problem has been resolved.  All sites are functioning normally again.  Just to clarify, sites were up for all but a few minutes since 1 PM and even for much of the time between 11 AM and 1.  We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Paul Steinbrueck

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Christopher Rising
14 January 2013 02:21 PM
I am forwarding this email reply in response to Paul who replied instead of Debbie, in hopes someone at Our Church can find what is wrong with the free site builder to the account, why your services refuses to acknowledge same and state it's my issue, and what is being done to correct this it; now costing me even more time and money etc.

Blessings Paul, I am perplexed to why I got nowhere with reporting what appears to be a serious issue with your free site builder as proven to Debbie? Who now claims she "sees nothing wrong???" And instead now referred me to a knowledge base per her manager I'm told of well after-the-fact as stated to her also. Despite numerous email replies, updates and attachment clearly illustrating the issue to-date! What exactly is the problem here? I KNOW what I'm doing, as I am computer literate. Take a look at what I just did with a simple text-only test page on the now damaged site! (I can fix what is ruined, but the issue is that site builder suddenly stopped working, almost since I first started using it). What else can I send to further prove this?


The News module (which appears on the left of every page) was ruined instantly first, as was the For Hire page in like manner: when that builder "blew up" upon saving a simple edit?

Many things transpired as reported to Debbie to keep her informed and get support (read then entire email thread history for what was attempted up to this point to not repeat myself).

I deleted the rest of the site pages over the weekend to further troubleshoot the issue, and see if it was due to a "space limit reached" per Debbie; who also told me this after-the-fact?

But there never was a "reached limit" alert at any point, even when the pages were all intact via that site builder; just before it failed? (starting with that News module etc.; and since).

I immediately reported all this and more to Debbie in great, concise detail; to no avail. (Test Page edits described above were just done as I write this reply: I initially added Saturday).

Take a look at the last Test Page "edit and save" effect yourself; it's self explanatory:

...and click through the site links, compare the good and damages pages (including News) and see what I'm referring to (the Test Page is brand new and was started over the weekend).

Notice how the TEST format was wiped-out and the TEXT content is crammed together? (what should have been a simple text /space /enter format exactly as it was via all other pages).

The Home, Rapture and Worship site pages are exactly how I saved them when the builder was working; format and content intact. Now the builder ruins pages upon saving the edits?

Hence, if I edit the remaining good web site pages, they too will be damaged in like manner by your site builder since it failed as described, ...and is still not working: that's the issue.

Ever since the News Module editor to the site builder "blew up" on-screen!? (the tabbed long and short edit boxes were wiped out: "add news" and "edit news" appeared as one box?).

That is when all this started, and hasn't worked since. And has nothing at all to do with formatting, Paypal code and so on (no text copy /pastes were done also, since this occurred).

Debbie has the entire history from the beginning (since I recently joined Our Church), kindly get the rest from her. And escalate this matter to whoever can fix the free site builder.

Beyond that I can either send you more attachments or as I stated to Debbie, have admin log into "my site" editor, start a new page and try exactly what I did on that page, etc..

Your admin dept. should get the exact same results: the free web site builder set up for my web site and account stopped working soon after joining; and is still not working!?

One final thing as repeated: For Hire Paypal codes already set up were also wiped out from that page!? (the memo notes remained intact, but were bunched-up with the rest).

In other words, the entire text contents were crammed together exactly as with News; ruining the format etc. I worked hard on. It can't be fixed until the builder works again.

I am open to suggestions, please advise and God Bless

The Rapture of Jesus Christ is imminent so be ready: ...I state on God's Authority!
Bearing witness to what a mighty real God we serve in Jesus name for all eternity!

Christopher Rising

...always be Rapture ready and Repent for the hour of the coming of our Lord is at hand
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