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New Dashboard Available to All - No Strings Attached!
Posted by Paul Steinbrueck on 01 November 2013 06:02 AM

Today we start the next phase of moving web hosting accounts to our new dashboard.

In October, we offered a special deal: renew your web hosting account for a year and we give you a free upgrade to the next best hosting package and give early access to the new dashboard.  With the turning of the calendar that special offer is now gone, but we have a new offer…

Request the new dashboard by November 6 and we’ll not only give it to you at no extra cost, but we’ll also give your hosting account a free upgrade! 

Why move to the new dashboard?

  • A simpler login using your email address instead of a username
  • A cleaner design
  • Easier, more intuitive navigation
  • Convenience of having multiple contacts, so you can focus on being the admin and the person who pays the bills can automatically get the invoices sent to them.
  • Invoices that are easy to read, print and pay.
  • Convenience of being able to look up your entire payment history online any time you like.
  • Totally new shopping cart that’s far easier to use

Note that moving to the new dashboard will not affect the appearance or functionality of your website in any way. Nor will it affect the admin of your site. That’s a separate system that has not changed. If you’d like to take a look before moving, we’ve created this quick, 5 minute video that shows you around the new dashboard.

Important Details 

  • Invoice/ Payment Info.  We are not able to transfer credit card information from our old admin system to the new dashboard.  If you are paying for any services, when you move to the new dashboard, you will be emailed an invoice even if you are currently having your credit card charged automatically each month or year.  Please pay it promptly.  After you’ve made one payment in the new dashboard, you can be billed automatically again from that point forward.  
  • Ad-Free Option to NE1 Premium.  In the new dashboard, the AdFree Option is now called NE1 Premium.
  • No User Access Manager Yet.  The User Access Manager is an awesome module in our NE1 Web Builder which allows the administrator to set up additional admins with access to edit specific pages and modules.  This module is only available with the Gold hosting account.  However, it is not currently working with the new dashboard.  We are working hard to get it fixed, but if you have a Gold account and use the User Access Manager, it’d be best for you not to move to the new dashboard right now.
  • Free Upgrade. If you have a Starter account, it will be upgraded to Bronze. Bronze accounts will be upgraded to Silver. Silver accounts will be upgraded to Gold.  Gold is our best package, so we can’t upgrade your account, but we will give it to you for the price of a Silver account.
  • Free Websites. If you have a free website and request the new dashboard, we’ll give it to you and your site will continue to be free (no upgrade).
Request the New Dashboard and Get a Free Upgrade

All you have to do to get the new dashboard is login to your MyOCC page one last time and click the “Request new dashboard!” button.  Clicking that button sends a message to our help desk ticket letting us know you want the new dashboard.  One of the members of our support team will move you to the new dashboard within 1 business day.

Or call us M-F 9 AM-5PM ET and we’ll take care of the entire upgrade and move you to the new dashboard instantly while you’re on the phone: (727) 723-2454.

Got any comments or questions? Just let us know. We’d be happy to help.

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