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Yes, we can for a design fee of $150 for a banner ad and $100 for a sponsorship graphic.
Yes. Rates vary by quantity. Please see the Advertising Rates page for rates and availability.
Yes, we can create a custom program for those organizations who are interesting in a pay-per-sale or affiliate basis.
Advertisers can login and view their ad campaign statistics using their OCC username and password at:
Please see our Advertising Section for current rates.
Banner ads (468 x 60, measured in pixels), Pinnacle Sponsorship (125 x 125, upper left side of page), Spotlight Sponsorship (125 x 125, lower left side of page), Prime Sponsorships (top of page), Text Link ads (below navigation menu), and newsletter sp...
Banner and sponsorship graphics are displayed on OurChurch.Com's website and the 13,000+ Christian sites in our network. A newsletter is sent to all webmasters (approximately 12,000 recipients) each month. Each newsletter includes a 468 x 60 pixel sponsor...
You can call us at 727-723-2454 or contact us through our help desk. Additionally, many other questions are answered in our Advertising Section [].