How do I earn PowerPoints?
Posted by , Last modified by Debbie Serrano on 20 November 2015 02:01 PM

We award points based on services you purchase from OurChurch.Com. You are also rewarded for completing surveys, site traffic, advertising click-throughs, and referrals.

Ad-free site 2000 points Awarded monthly to sites with this premium option.
Bronze Package 1500 points Awarded monthly to sites with a Bronze package.
Silver Package 2000 points Awarded monthly to sites with a Silver package.
Gold Package 3000 points Awarded monthly to sites with a Gold package.
Advertising, Design, & Search Marketing services varies Points are awarded on a predetermined scale depending on the scope of the service.
Survey 250 points Occasionally, OurChurch.Com will take a short survey of all Webmasters. If you complete the survey, you'll earn the points.
Newsletter Poll 100 points Every Webmaster Newsletter has a poll question. Vote in the poll, and you'll earn the points.
Ad Clicks 20 points Every time someone clicks on one of the ads on our site (excluding banner ads and Google ads) you will receive 20 points. Ad-free sites can't earn these points, but are compensated with 2000 points as described above.
Hits 1 point Every time a page on your NE1 site is viewed, a point is awarded.
Referrals 20% If you tell someone about OurChurch.Com's free website service, make sure you give them your ID#. You'll receive 20% of the points that your referring sites earn. To receive credit for referrals, they must go to their webmaster page, click the PowerPoints Challenge option, and enter your ID# into the box asking who referred them.
Migration 1000 points Given to anyone who migrates a site from BEACON to NE1.
Custom CMS 2000 points Given to all completed Custom CMS Express sites.