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February 2010

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"I was at the post office checking the ministry mailbox. As I walked out to get into the van on the ground was a folded envelope with a check inside $2400" - brbruceaspgren  

Are you planning to redesign your website?

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Using an editable NE1 template, you can change the colors and header graphic of your site giving you unlimited possibilities.

Paradise Christian Leadership Academy

Paradise Christian Leadership Academy develops Christian values, leadership abilities, and academic achievement of middle and high school students through a weeklong summer academy. In December it's founders, Anthony and Dezzaire Fulton, asked OurChurch.Com to create a custom NE1 website for them. The new site features a Flash header that includes their logo, images of their staff and students, and rotating announcements which the Paradise staff can update without having to modify the Flash.

Quick Redesign, Long-Term Payoff

Hello OurChurch.Com Webmaster,

I hope this message finds you well or at least better than the numerous skiers who have crashed while trying to navigate the ice slopes at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

One of the things about the Olympics I have a hard time grasping is what it must be like to train for 4 years in preparation for one very brief performance. Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket.

Contrast that with the relatively small amount of time and/or money it takes to prepare a new design for your website, which can continue to perform for your organization for many months. (Nice segue, eh?) That's why we've been focusing on helping you take the design of your website to the next level during Website Design Month.

In this month's newsletter we talk about some of the things going on this month. Plus we've got another coupon and a funny video clip from comedian Jeff Allen.

In His Service,
Paul Steinbrueck, CEO


1) Transform Your Website in Design Month
2) New Custom Website Package with No Up-Front Design Fee
3) Blog Update: Are You Honoring God with Your Website?
4) Introducing The Universal Login Bar and MyOCC Dashboard
5) Funny Video: Men, Women, and Communication
6) Get a Free, Professional Review of Your Website
7) More Editable NE1 Templates
8) New Coupon - Only Available in This Newsletter

Do you like the look of your site? Are visitors able to easily find the information they're looking for? Does it do everything you want it to? If not... TRANSFORM YOUR WEBSITE!

February is Website Design Month at OurChurch.Com. Our goal for the month is to raise awareness about website design issues, facilitate the exchange of ideas with other website designers/managers, and challenge each other to improve our websites. Check out all the things going on in the Website Design Month announcement.

Last week we launched a brand new custom website package, that has an arms-length list of great features including two custom templates (one for your homepage and one for the internal pages of your site), a full-feature shopping cart, Facebook and Twitter integration and lots more. Best of all, there's no up-front design fee. For more details see the Premier Package announcement.

Are You Honoring God with Your Website?

The Internet is littered with poor church and ministry websites.

Kevin Ring has taken on the challenge of raising the level of excellence in ministry websites through an effort called State of Ministry Online. He recently asked me if I would write an article for the site, which I was happy to do.

One of the things that bothers me about many Christian websites is that they don't honor God. Often times I hear people say they don't have the money, talent, or know-how to create an excellent website. But I believe honoring God with your website is not as much about how much money & talent an organization has, but whether it is doing the best it can with the resources God has provided.

You can read the full article here:  More...

Other recent blog articles:

Earlier this week we added the new universal login bar to the top of pages throughout the OurChurch.Com site. We've been having some technical problems with it, but once everything's working this will enable you to login from anywhere and access any OurChurch.Com services without being prompted to login again.

Once you login, you'll notice a "MyOCC" link in the login bar. This takes you to your MyOCC Dashboard, which has all your contact and billing information, links to update your site(s), search listings and more. Check it out. Then we'd appreciate it if you'd post a comment with your feedback to this forum topic.

This month's funny video is a clip from Christian comedian Jeff Allen. In it he jokes about how men and women communicate differently. Have a look and feel free to post it on your site to give your visitors a good laugh.

Add this code to your site:

Have you been reading the Wednesday Website Weviews posted each week to our blog? Every week we've been providing a free, detailed review of a website. Our hope is that the reviews not only help the site owners, but also help all of our members and readers better understand the concepts that make for a great website. If you'd like your site to be considered for a review, here are the details.

Unfortunately, we don't have any new NE1 templates this month. But we have made another 20+ templates editable many of which have an editable sidebar, which is a great place to put the Facebook, Twitter, or Verse-a-Day modules. You can check them out here.

Click on the coupon below to "claim" it. After claiming the coupon, it will appear in the order form for all of your OCC websites until it expires. It can be used once per site. If you have any problems clicking on the coupon, you can also claim it by going to your order form and entering coupon code merry.

That'll do it for this issue. Thanks for hosting your website at OurChurch.Com. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.


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