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December 2009

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"What can we say and how can we express; The Love of God, so pure and fresh; It overwhelms, it touches the soul; It sets man free and makes h'm whole..." - ferryman  

Have you bought any Christmas gifts online this year?

Yes, all of them.
Yes, most of them.
Yes, some of them.
Yes, 1 or 2 of them.

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If you use Facebook or Twitter, use the new NE1 modules to automatically display your latest updates on your website.

Born Again Ministries

Born Again Ministries is a vibrant church in New Bern, NC. They focus on ministering to the needs of the whole person through our practical teaching and application of the Word of God. In 2007 the church asked OurChurch.Com to develop a custom designed website, which includes a calendar, Google Map, and Bible search and more. Then this fall they asked us to give their site a fresh new look with a dynamic Flash header. The redesigned site launched earlier this month.

All I Want for Christmas Is... 4 Times the Disk Space

Hello OurChurch.Com Webmaster,

A merry Christmas to you, your family, and your organization from all of us at OurChurch.Com. In what is always a busy season, our hope is that you have the opportunity to slow down and celebrate our savior's birth with loved ones in a meaningful way this year.

One gift you could give yourself this Christmas is to quadruple your disk space. There's more about that in the lead article in this month's newsletter. And be sure to check out the coupon, cool Christmas lights video, and other news.

In His Service,
Paul Steinbrueck, CEO


1) Quadruple Your Disk Space
2) New Facebook and Twitter Modules for NE1
3) Blog Update: Online Church Part 7: Evangelism Opportunities Abound
4) Holiday Support Schedule
5) Cool Video: Holdman Christmas Lights
6) New Baptism Template & More
7) New Coupon - Only Available in This Newsletter

OurChurch.Com is doing a huge end-of-the-year sale on web hosting. Order a new web hosting account or upgrade any existing web hosting account and we'll QUADRUPLE the disk space and DOUBLE the bandwidth! For more info see the announcement or order today!

Do you use Twitter? Got a Facebook page for your organization? We're creating 2 new modules for our NE1 Web Builder that will allow you to automatically display your latest tweets and Facebook status on your website. They'll be available very soon.

Twitter and Facebook are excellent tools for building ongoing relationships. By adding these modules to your site, you'll be able to convert website visitors to fans and followers and then build better relationships with them. The best way to use these modules will be to add them into the side bar of an editable template. That way they are on every page of your website.

Online Church Part 7: Evangelism Opportunities Abound

The opportunity to reach people that offline churches currently aren’t reaching with the gospel is probably the most compelling and oft cited support for online churches.

Mark Meyer, pastor of Granger Community Church’s online church said it like this in a comment earlier in this series:

“Church attendance is decreasing, social networking is exploding, and views of Christianity and “the church” are troubling (Unchristian, Barna surveys)... I believe there are millions who are not comfortable taking a step to go to a physical church... that step certainly seems easier online”

Not to mention the people who are physically unable to go to an offline church because of their health or living in a country (or a home) closed to the gospel.

I doubt many people would disagree with that. Would you?  More...

Other recent blog articles:

When it comes to the holidays we strive to give our support staff time with their families while still providing excellent support to our members. As a result phone support will not be available in the evenings next Tuesday (12/22) through Thursday (12/24). There will also be no phone support on Christmas day or New Years Day, but we will be providing help desk support.

This month's video shows some amazing Christmas lights. The Holdmans have 50,000 computer controlled lights synced to the classic Christmas song Carol of the Bells.

Add this code to your site:

We've got one new NE1 template for you, a baptism theme, which has been requested quite a bit. Plus we've made another 21 templates editable.

Baptism template
See the other editable templates in our forums.

Click on the coupon below to "claim" it. After claiming the coupon, it will appear in the order form for all of your OCC websites until it expires. It can be used once per site. If you have any problems clicking on the coupon, you can also claim it by going to your order form and entering coupon code merry.

That'll do it for this issue. Thanks for hosting your website at OurChurch.Com. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.


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