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August 2008
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"One of the biggest questions I keep getting [about a school website] is how safe are the password protected areas?" - OurGodReigns  

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With our easy-to-use NE1 Web Builder, any teacher can create a website just for his or her class and update it weekly with that week's events and homework. If your school has a website that doesn't have a section for each class, tell your teachers about NE1 and put links on the school site to their class sites.

Harmony Christian School
Harmony Christian School is located in Middleton, NY about 50 miles north of New York City. The school offers Pre-School to 12th grade, and has approximately 250-300 students. OurChurch.Com developed a Custom CMS Express site for Harmony Christian earlier this year. It features an animated Flash header, e-newsletter, staff directory, common forms and much more.

Back to School or Coffee with Jesus?

Hello OurChurch.Com Webmaster,

If you're a student, parent, teacher, principle, or school administrator you're probably well into the new school year by now. We are in my household. If so, you've probably also experienced some miscommunications at your school - a homework assignment that was missed, an activity that wasn't well publicized, a form that was lost, classes at less than full capacity.

A well-designed, well-maintained website can dramatically improve school communications. That is the motivation behind OurChurch.Com's current Back to School Month.

Even if you're not involved with a school website you'll find plenty of good stuff in this Webmaster newsletter including another funny Christian video and a coupon only available here.

In His Service,
Paul Steinbrueck, CEO


1) 7 Days Left to Save
2) OCC Focuses on Christian Schools
3) Blog Round-up - Grow Your School Budget
4) Top School Search Rankings Maximize School Enrollment
5) Funny Video - Coffee with Jesus?
6) 5 More New NE1 Templates
7) New Coupon - Only Available in This Newsletter

Last month we announced that some of the massive discounts we've been offering on hosting and marketing services would be coming to an end September 30. This is just one final reminder that you've got 7 days to take advantage of those discounts before pricing changes on hosting, marketing, advertising and bundles take effect October 1.

During the month of September OurChurch.Com has been focused on helping Christian schools communicate better using the Internet. We've been blogging about school issues, started a forum discussion, and more. See the Back to School Month announcement for info on what we're doing to help schools this month..

Grow Your School Budget

Have you ever wondered what your school would be able to do if you were able to fill every class to capacity? Are there plans your school has made or projects you want to complete, but you just donít have the recourses? As a member of the school board of Family of Christ Christian School in Tampa, FL, these are questions that I thought about a lot and I think Iíve found an answer to these questions. More...

Other recent blog articles:

Last week we also announced our brand new Top School Search Rankings service, an online marketing service designed to help Christian schools get to the top of the search engines when parents in their local communities a researching schools. If your school is not at 100% enrollment every year, watch the introductory video to learn how we can help you fill those empty seats with students.

This month's featured Christian video is a funny look at what it might be like to have a cup of coffee with Jesus. We've posted the HTML code so you can copy it into your website and share it with your visitors.

Add this code to your site:

We've added another 5 new NE1 templates for you to use with your website, including two templates ideal for schools or children's ministries. See the templates in our forums.

Kids - Blue template  Children - Green template
See the 3 other templates in our forums.

One of the new features of the webmaster newsletter is a coupon that can only be found in this newsletter. The coupon will change month to month. You've got to click on the coupon to "claim". After claiming the coupon, it will appear in the order form for all of your OCC websites until it expires. It can be used once per site. If you have any problems clicking on the coupon, you can also claim it by going to your order form and entering coupon code back2school.

That'll do it for this issue. Thanks for hosting your website at OurChurch.Com. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.


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