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OurChurch.Com Webmaster Newsletter
July 2008

Maximize Missions Online

Hello OurChurch.Com webmasters,

I hope you've enjoyed the missions focus here at OCC the last couple of months. I know we have. It's amazing to see how the Internet is impacting missions work all across the globe. If you're involved in missions work, we hope you'll take a look at what the missionaries on our Missions Mashup page are doing and consider whether you and your organization could increase its impact by implementing some of the same things. If you're not directly involved in missions work, perhaps this will stir you to connect with missionaries online or perhaps volunteer to create a website for a missionary who is not yet online.

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2) More Missions Added to the Mashup
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4) Have You Seen the Reports from Africa and Tibet?
5) Beautiful New NE1 Templates

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OCC's Silver Hosting Package has always been a great value. It includes a calendar, blog, photo gallery, newsletter, and PayPal shopping cart - all integrated into your NE1 site and easy to manage. Right now you can get a year of the Silver Package plus a year of the Ad-Free Option for only $219 - a savings of $51. Or get 6 months of both for $129. This special will be discontinued at the end of July. So, renew or upgrade today!

Have you seen the Missions Mashup page lately? More missionaries have been added. Those listed are ministering in 19 different countries on 5 different continents. And it seems like every day there are 2-3 new blog updates from these missionaries.

If you’re a missionary, you can add your info to the Missions Mashup by completing a short form.

Did you know that most people looking for a church start their search online in search engines like Google? Many churches spend thousands of dollars a year on outreach - events, newspaper ads, yellow pages, post cards, radio, and billboards. Those forms of outreach can be effective, but for much less money your church can reach the people who are actually looking for a church by being in the right place in the search engines.

OCC's Top Church Search Rankings service will get your church to the top of the search engines. For a limited time we'll waive the $399 set-up for your church. But time is running out on this special offer. Order today so you don't miss out!

As a part of our missions focus, this month we've been posting articles in our Christian Web Trends Blog from missionaries. These missionaries are making an impact in isolated places and have written about how the Internet has aided their efforts.

"I had already been a missionary for nearly two years before someone talked me into starting a website to promote our work among the minority people in the foothills of Tibet..." More

"Through this homepage the Lord has set up a living network that preaches the Evangelism of peace... We are present in Burundi and Rwanda and South Africa..." More

We've added another 5 new NE1 templates for you to use with your website, including a Fruit of the Spirit theme and The Lord is My Shepard. See the templates in our forums.

Fruit of the Spirit template  The Lord is My Shepherd template
See the 3 other templates in our forums.

Thanks for hosting your website at OurChurch.Com. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.

In His Service,


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Don't be confused by website management. Out-fox it with the NE1 Website Builder.
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"Was Katrina, the mid-west flooding, the California wildfires, and high gas prices the judgment of God upon our nation?"

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NE1 Tip o' the Month

Using NE1's blog module (available in Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Domain Hosting Packages) is a great way for missionaries to quickly post updates for family, friends, and supporters to read.
Website Spotlight
Shiloah Ministries

Shiloah Ministries

Shiloah Ministries Incorporated is a non-profit ministry whose purpose is to provide humanitarian aid for Ugandan orphans and poor children, including food, clothing, education, and medical care. Shiloah ministries recently asked OurChurch.Com to create a new Custom CMS Express website for them. The site includes a premium template and the Community Builder component, which enbles them to display profiles of children available for sponsorship. It also includes an online donation module to facilitate one time or monthly donations.

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