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May 2008

Make the Most of Marketing Month

Hello OurChurch.Com webmasters,

Is your website reaching all the people you think it can? Unfortunately, most people do very little after building their website to bring visitors to it and as a result their website only reaches a small part of its full potential. Sound familiar?

Maybe you think people will just show up on your website without any marketing. Maybe for you web marketing is a confusing, overwhelming topic, and you just don't know where to start. Maybe you think online marketing takes more time or money than you can afford. Or maybe you're website is drawing a lot of visitors and you think there's thing more you can do. Those are all myths we want to bust during Marketing Month as we seek educate, inspire, and serve you in the area of online marketing.

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1) Make the Most of Marketing Month
2) Free Search Registration
3) New Directory Registration Service
4) Church Marketing Online Makes a Splash
5) Expand Your Marketing Mind
6) Say Happy Grad and Happy Dad With NE1

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There's much more going on during Marketing Month than we have room to explain here, so check out the Marketing Month announcement for all the info on specials, new services, and learning opportunities.

What good is great website if nobody can find it, right? Unfortunately, churches and Christian ministries usually don’t give much thought to making sure people can find their websites in search engines. Have you?

This month, if you buy the Christian Search Engine Registration service (which will get your site listed in about 50 Christian search engines), we’ll give you our Major Search Engine Registration (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc) for free. Or buy the Guaranteed Search Ranking or Search Engine Optimization Management services and get both the Christian Search Engine Registration and Major Search Engine Registration services free.

Earlier this week we launched a new Directory Registration service. Links in online directories can bring your site more visitors and improve your websites search engine rankings. With this new service we can list your website in 250 to 2,000 directories at a great value.

Last month we launch the Church Marketing Online website. Since then several churches have taken strides to reach more people in their communities through our new Top Church Search Rankings service. And several thought-provoking articles have been published including Is Marketing Evil? How do Search Engines Work? and What is SEO? Check it out!

Whether you're just finding out about for online marketing for the first time or a seasoned veteran, there's always more to learn. One of the our most important goals this month is to help educate our members about online marketing, so you can develop a marketing plan and and make informed decisions about what marketing tasks you want to take on yourself and which you might want help with through our marketing services. If you want to expand your understanding of online marketing read our Christian Web Trends blog and ask anything about marketing in our marketing forum.

We've added another 5 new NE1 templates for you to use with your website, including a Father's Day template and a Graduation template.

Graduation template  Father's Day template
See the 3 other templates in our forums.

Thanks for hosting your website at OurChurch.Com. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.

In His Service,


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PowerPoints Challenge Info

"So, what about online marketing would you like to understand better? Are you having a tough time knowing where to start marketing your website? Or need help deciding between several options?"

- pdstein  

Sound off in our forums.

NE1 Tip o' the Month

Selecting the "SEO Friendly" option in the NE1 config can help your website's search rankings. So can filling out the title, keywords, and description options on the "SEO Features" tab for each page.
Website Spotlight
First Christian Academy

First Christian Academy

First Christian Academy is a Christian school in Tarpon Springs, FL for preschool through grade 8. Earlier this year FCA had OurChurch.Com design a custom-designed website that features a custom template with Flash-animated header. They also had some very useful functionality built into the site including a calendar, parents e-newsletter, and a shopping cart where parents can pay for lunches and tuition online. The site also includes the ability for each teacher to maintain a page for their class which could include homework assignments and other news parents and students can check from home.

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