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April 2008

Internet Evangelism Month

Hello OurChurch.Com webmasters,

The potential for reaching non-Christians with the Gospel online is tremendous. Most people online are open to new people, new information, and new websites. So, the opportunity to meet people, build relationships, have spiritual conversations, and share evangelistic materials is on the Internet is unparalleled. That's why we've made April Internet Evangelism and Outreach Month at OurChurch.Com. Read on to learn more about Internet evangelism and the services and opportunities we're providing to help you connect with unbelievers online.

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1) Internet Evangelism Month
2) New Church Marketing Online Site Launched
3) Free Search Registration
4) NE1 Adds Map, Sitemap, and More!
5) 5 New NE1 Templates
6) Discuss Internet Evangelism

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Throughout the month of April - Internet Evangelism and Outreach Month - OurChurch.Com has been making efforts to raise awareness of the opportunities to share the Christian faith online and to increase participation in Internet Evangelism Day Sunday April 27th. Yes, IED was 2 days ago, but really there's nothing sacred about that date. Any day is a good day to do something at your church or ministry develop an Internet evangelism plan or teach people about Internet evangelism. Visit the IED website for more info.

Millions of people this year will search online for a new church. So, earlier this month OCC launched a brand new site - Church Marketing Online. The site includes a new Top Church Search Rankings service to help churches rank at the top of search engines when people search for a church in their community. The site also includes a blog to help educate pastors and church leaders about search engines, church websites, and online outreach.

What good is great website if nobody can find it, right? Unfortunately, churches and Christian ministries usually don’t give much thought to making sure people can find their websites in search engines. Have you?

This month only, if you buy the Christian Search Engine Registration service (which will get your site listed in about 50 Christian search engines), we’ll give you our Major Search Engine Registration (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc) for free. Or buy the Guaranteed Search Ranking or Search Engine Optimization Management services and get both the Christian Search Engine Registration and Major Search Engine Registration services free.

Last week we announced 6 new features have been added to the NE1 Website Builder - a sitemap, map & directions page, address in footer, bookmark link, navigation clues, and spell checker. Several of these features will help search engines as well as visitors. For more details see the announcement.

Check out the new lighthouse theme with animated Flash header. We've also created a new Mothers template just in time for Mother's Day. Other new templates include Manuscript, The Old Forest, and The Harvest. See the New NE1 Templates topic in our forums for more details.

Want to know more about how you personally can share your faith online? Want to know more about how your church or organization can better connect with unbelievers? Do you have ideas or proven methods to share with others? Read our Christian Web Trends blog and our forums for articles and discussion related to Internet evangelism.

Plus check out Salvation is Just a Click Away - Using the Internet to Reach Unbelievers by OurChurch.Com CEO Paul Steinbrueck. It's the feature article in the April edition of Christian Computing Magazine.

Thanks for hosting your website at OurChurch.Com. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.

In His Service,


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"I was just wondering if any of you webmasters (of websites with the premium hosting packages) out there... are using the blog module on your new NE1 websites."

- betheltoledo  

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NE1 Tip o' the Month

Adding a map to your website is easy with NE1 and Google Maps. Just add a new page to your site and select the Map & Directions page type. Then click the link on your new page to the Google Maps help page.
Website Spotlight
Robinson AME Church

Robinson AME Church

Robinson African Methidist Episcopal Church is located in Grasonville, MD just across the Chesepeake Bay Bridge from Annapolis on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Robinson was the winner of the Extreme Website Makeover contest in February and received a custom template with Flash header. Their beautiful new site also makes excellent use of the news, calendar, prayer request, and sitemap modules.
New NE1 Templates

Mothers template

Lighthouse template

Manuscript template

The Old Forest template
The Old Forest

The Harvest template
The Harvest

New NE1 templates are created each month and posted in our forums. All NE1 templates can be viewed in the gallery.

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