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OurChurch.Com Webmaster Newsletter
April 2007

Help Save a Child's Life with a Click

Hello OurChurch.Com webmasters,

Hope you all had a great Easter and had an opportunity to interact with many non-believers who don't normally attend church. After focusing the previous two months on helping to raise awareness and usage of forums and blogs, this month we have a completely different focus. For the first time in our history, OurChurch.Com is serving directly in missions and relief work in Africa. And we've made it very easy for you and your ministry to join us.

Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums. You can also view this message on the web with color and graphics in our newsletter archives.

1) Help Save a Child's Life with a Click
2) New Webmaster Survey
3) Frontpage Support Being Phased Out
4) Terms of Service Agreement Updated

Newsletter sponsorship

Last week OurChurch.Com launched the AIDS Clickathon to help children in Africa who have lost their parents to AIDS. Some of these kids are as young as young as 5 years old living on the street with no one to provide for them or protect them. The Clickathon works like an online walkathon. You click... our sponsors donate. Could it be any easier to make a difference in the lives of some children whose lives have been devastated by the AIDS crisis in Africa? Why not take 30 seconds to visit the Clickathon web page and click?

And if you want to make an even bigger difference take another 30 seconds to email your friends, family, and your newsletter distribution list about the Clickathon. Taking 60 seconds to do these two things could raise enough money to save at least one child's life and provide him or her with a Christian education. See the power of one message.

Good or bad, we'd really appreciate your feedback on the AIDS Clickathon. For that reason, we held off on publishing a new survey this month until yesterday. If you're unfamiliar with the monthly webmaster survey, go to your webmaster page, look down under the "Additional Options," and click the "Complete Survey" link. It only takes a minute and it will earn you 250 points each month in the Powerpoints Challenge, which will move your site up in the OurChurch.Com search engine results.

Last year Microsoft announced that it was planning to discontinue its Frontpage web development program and introduce two new web development tools to replace it. We still have Frontpage Extensions installed on our servers and have no plans to remove them at this time. However, because MS is not supporting FP Extensions any more it's hard to say how long they will continue to function properly. We are encouraging all Frontpage uses to begin looking for another web development program. For more details or to post comments and questions, please see the announcement in our forums.

We recently updated our terms of service agreement in an effort to clarify our refund policy. Please take a moment to review the updated ToS.

Thanks for hosting your website at OurChurch.Com. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.

In His Service,


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"On the homepage of our site, some of the lettering is font [size] #4 and shows up on Firefox, BUT on Internet Explorer and Google, the letters stay small?? Why is this?"

- MHG  

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Jesus Christ Chapel Worldwide Ministries

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