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OurChurch.Com Webmaster Newsletter
February 2006

The Website You've Always Dreamed Of

Hello OurChurch.Com webmasters,

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1) The Website You've Always Dreamed Of
2) $50 For Everyone...
3) OurChurch.Com Goes Platinum
4) Get a Bundle! Save a Bundle!
5) Custom Beacon Templates
6) Say Goodbye to Plus

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What does your dream website look like? It would have an attractive, unique design, wouldn't it? An easy-to-use online web builder? Include powerful interactive features like forums, newsletters, blogs, and maybe a shopping cart? The ability to delegate the updating of different sections of the site to different people? And it would be affordable, right?

OurChurch.Com’s Custom CMS Express includes all of this and more. You select the design and features you want. OurChurch.Com will install an amazing, interactive CMS (Content Management System), configure it with the features you select, develop a unique design to your specifications, and train you over the phone. Custom CMS Express sites start as low as $798 and can be created in as little as five business days. Come see how you can have the website you've always dreamed of.

2) $50 FOR EVERYONE...
This month’s Website Scavenger Hunt focuses on our new Custom CMS Express service. This month we are “sweetening the pot” so to speak. Every person who gets at least 10 answers correct will receive a $50 credit towards a Custom CMS Express website, AND the person who submits the most correct answers will also receive a $50 credit which can be used towards any OCC website services. Scavenger hunt ends February 28. In the case of a tie, the person who completed the scavenger hunt first will be the winner.

Last week OurChurch.Com introduced the new Platinum hosting package. This high-capacity package includes 3 gigabytes of disk space, 50 gigabytes of bandwidth, and up to 750 email accounts, all more than 3 times the Gold package. The Platinum package is ideal for organizations that want to place video or large quantities of audio on their site, such as churches that want to make the audio or video from their services available online or musicians who want to offer MP3s, video clips, and interviews on their site. For more details, see our Hosting Packages page.

Last month, OCC introduced Website Service Bundles, helping you save money when you purchase website hosting, the ad-free option, search marketing, and services together. This month, we tweaked a couple of the Bundles and introduced two new Bundles bringing the total to five. Order Bundle A and save $61 off the price of the Domain package, Ad-free option, Search Registration, and Christian Search Registration. Order Bundle C and save $135 off the price of the Bronze package, Ad-free option, Christian Search Registration, and Guaranteed Top Search Ranking. For more details on these and the other Bundles, scroll down on the Hosting Packages page.

Over the years, a lot of folks have asked us about creating a specific template designed for their Beacon website. That service is now available to you. We will create a custom template for your Beacon site to your specifications, we'll upload all the graphics and configure the settings, and we'll give you exclusive ownership of the template so your site will be completely unique, all for a one-time $120 fee. Alternatively, OurChurch.Com can create a custom template for your Beacon site, upload the graphics and configure your color settings, but if you allow us to retain the rights to the template and make it available to others the cost is only $80. To order a Custom Beacon Template for your site, go to your webmaster page and click the "Order & Renew Premium Options" link and look for that option on the order form.

With the introduction of the Platinum hosting package, we have decided to discontinue the Plus package. Members who currently have the Plus package can continue to use it until their term expires. At that time they can upgrade to Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Domain package. The price of the Domain package was reduced to $60 in January, which is the same price the Plus package used to be.

Thanks for hosting your website at OurChurch.Com. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.

In His Service,


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Save money by purchasing hosting, ad-free, and search registration services together with one of our new Website Service Bundles.
Website Spotlight
Campers for Christ

Campers for Christ

Campers for Christ is a group of Christians who enjoy camping and living the RV lifestyle along with having fellowship with other fellow Christians. Their goal is to meet in campgrounds across the USA and Canada and share the truth of our Lord and Savior with all who do not know Him. Their website is hosted in a Gold package with the ad-free option, and includes lots of information about the organization and the various chapters spread across North America. The Campers for Christ site also features some great photos and online sermon messages.

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