OurChurch.Com Webmaster Newsletter - April 2005
OurChurch.Com Webmaster Newsletter
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Half-Price Special on Ad-Free Option

Hello OurChurch.Com webmasters,

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1) Half-Price Special on Ad-Free Option
2) New Servers
3) Relaunch of OCC Forums

OurChurch.Com is committed to providing websites that are not only inexpensive and easy to manage but also look good. To that end, we encourage everyone who can afford it to upgrade to the ad-free option. Removing the ads from your site makes it much more attractive and reduces distractions that may take away from the content of your site.

To help make it possible for more sites to go ad-free, we are running a half-price special through the month of May. Those of you who have been with OCC for a while may remember that a year ago we reduced the price of the ad-free option from $220/year to $110/year. Now, for a limited time you can get a year of the ad-free option for only $60. Please note that this offer is only available through May 31, so don't miss out on this opportunity.

If you already have the ad-free option, you may renew for another year now at the discounted rate. If you recently purchased or renewed the ad-free option, we're sorry but we can't offer full or partial refunds or credit you with additional months. There is no discounted 6 month term; you must purchase a full year for $60 to receive this special offer.

OurChurch.Com is in the midst of moving to brand new Dell PowerEdge servers. These servers are faster, have better support, more robust backup systems, and other benefits. One server full of Gold, Silver, and Bronze accounts has already been moved. Over the next two weeks we will move the rest of the websites. We do not anticipate any downtime, but there will be a brief period of less than a day when sites will not be able to be edited. We will send out email notifications as soon as the times and dates of the migrations are known.

You may have noticed that OurChurch.Com's forums have been down for a while. In a couple of weeks when the migration to the new servers is complete we will relaunch them. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope you'll visit the forums again once they're available.

Thanks for hosting your website at OurChurch.Com. If you have any comments or questions please let us know.

In His Service,


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This feature will be continued next month after we relaunch our forums.
BEACON Tip o' the Month

Visitors appreciate a clean, uncluttered website. Move banners, links, and awards off the homepage to a separate page, minimize the use of animated and flashing graphics, break up long pages into several shorter pages, and remove the ads from your site by upgrading to the ad-free option.
Website Spotlight
Roadmap to Heaven

Roadmap to Heaven is an evangelistic ministry born out of a concern for those who do not attend Bible believing churches, or who attend no church at all. It shares God's grace with people through radio broadcasts, cassette tapes, printed literature, and, of course, their website. The Roadmap to Heaven website includes a number of audio messages and Christian tracts geared towards people who are seeking God and want to know more about Him.
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