OurChurch.Com Webmaster Newsletter - February 2005
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Free Search Engine Registration

Hello OurChurch.Com webmasters,

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1) Free Search Registration Offer
2) Are You Listed but Still Lost?

If your website exists but no one can find it, its not doing your organization or anyone else any good. That's why we at OurChurch.Com launched our Marketing Services site in January complete with our Search Engine Registration and Guaranteed Top Search Ranking services. We believe these services are so important to the success of your website that for a limited time you can receive the Search Engine Registration service absolutely FREE and the Guaranteed Top Search Ranking for only $95 - half off the regular rate - when upgrade your hosting plan and pay for a year.

With the Search Engine Registration service, well register your site in the most popular search engines and directories on the web including Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, AskJeeves, and more. These search engines cover more than 99% of all Internet searches each month.

With the Guaranteed Top Search Ranking service, well research the best keywords for your site, optimize your homepage to rank well for those keywords, register your site with the most popular search engines and directories, and provide you with a comprehensive search engine ranking report. All of this for just $95 - half off the regular price. And we guarantee you'll get at least five top 30 rankings or your money back.

To receive this special offer you must upgrade to a Gold, Silver, or Bronze hosting package, and you must pay for a full year. If you currently have the Free, Plus, or Domain package you can upgrade to Gold, Silver, or Bronze. If you currently have the Bronze package you must upgrade to Silver or Gold. If you have the Silver package you must upgrade to Gold. If you have the Gold package you can renew the Gold package for a year.

If you place your order on-line, dont check the box to order the search service, but instead indicate in the comments box whether you want the free registration or the half-priced guaranteed ranking. We'll follow up with you after we receive your order.

Search engines are the number one method people use to find websites. Most webmasters now recognize the importance of being listed in search engines. But what really matters is not simply being in search engines but ranking well for phrases relevant to your website.

For example, say John Doe Ministries publishes Sunday school materials. The webmaster of the site is pleased to see that when he types "John Doe Ministries" into Google, his site is first in the results. The problem is that unless someone is already using John Doe's materials they won't know to search for "John Doe Ministries."

The vast majority of people looking for Sunday school materials are going to enter something like "Sunday School materials" into the search engines. When the webmaster does this he finds that he's not on the first page, or the second, or the third. He keeps moving through the results until he finds his site listed on the 10th page of results at number 96. Unfortunately, he is probably the only person who is going to look through 10 pages of results for his site, and John Doe Ministries is going to get little if any visitors from the search engine. The site is listed but still lost.

Conventional wisdom is that 97 percent of Google searchers don't click past the first three pages (or 30 results). How valuable is it to be ranked in the top 30 as opposed to just being registered with Google? One columnist with Wired Magazine found out:

"...the first month a site appeared on the second or third page of Google results, traffic increased five times from the previous month, and in the second month, traffic was nine times greater. The number of unique visitors tripled when a company moved up from page two to page one, and in the second month doubled again to more than six times the traffic it received before it broke the top 10."

OurChurch.Com's Guaranteed Top Search Ranking service is guaranteed to move your site from the outer reaches of the search engine listings to the first three pages or your money back. You have nothing to lose and according to Wired Magazine on average a nine-fold increase in traffic to gain. You'd be hard pressed to come up with any anything that will increase the number of people you reach like that.

Thanks for hosting your website at OurChurch.Com. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.

In His Service,


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Make sure your site is not just listed in search engines but ranked in the top 30 for relevant phrases.
Website Spotlight
Cypress Meadows Community Church

The mission of Cypress Meadows Community Church is to make fully devoted followers of Christ out of unchurched people. To reach unchurched people Cypress Meadows is committed to being outreaching, relational, and culturally relevant. The church had its website custom designed by OurChurch.Com to convey these values. It is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and includes a lot of photos of people - people of all backgrounds and ages. The site is updated each to include the Sunday program and the upcoming week's activities.
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