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Content is King, Linking is Queen

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1) Going Once, Going Twice...
2) Content is King, Linking is Queen
3) Tips for Getting Links

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"Content is king," has become somewhat of a cliché is website marketing circles. It refers to the principle that providing useful articles, materials, and resources (content) the most important (king) factor in producing a successful website. If your website has good content, people will come back and they'll bring their friends.

Well, if content is king, then linking is queen. That is, getting other, related websites to link to your website is the next most important element for a successful website. This is true for two important reasons.

First, links provide an avenue for new people to get to your website. They are more thread in the Web, and the more threads that lead to your website the more visitors you'll get.

Second, links are an important factor in how search engines rank sites. Each link to your website on another website is considered a vote or recommendation from that site. The more links your site is getting from other sites and the more prominent those sites are, the more important search engines like Google and Yahoo consider your website to be.

So, now that you realize the importance of links, how do you get them?

First, create good content. (We said content is king didn't we?) No one is going to link to your website until you have useful articles, materials, or resources.

Second, find websites that are related to yours. Don't waste your time trying to get links on completely unrelated sites just to have more links. It doesn't help. Try using OurChurch.Com's search engine to find related sites.

Third, send the webmasters of those related sites a personalized email offering to exchange links. Stress the benefits of linking in general and of linking with your site specifically.

Fourth, persevere. Most of your emails will go unanswered. Follow-up, send more emails, and keep working at it. Gradually your hard work will start to pay off and you'll see the number of visitors to your website increase as well as your ranking in search engines.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with website services. It's our pleasure to serve you. Let us know what else we can do to help.

In His Service,


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Don't forget... content is king, linking is queen.
Website Spotlight
Dr. Johnny Mays

Once a country music entertainer, Dr. Johnny Mays has served the Lord as a pastor and evangelist for the last 31 years. He has preached the gospel all over the world including Russia, Albania, Thailand, Africa, and all across the US. His website was built with the bronze package and ad-free option. It includes information about himself, his ministry, itinerary, photos, thoughtful essays, and even audio messages. It is a wonderful example of a refreshingly uncluttered and well-organized website.
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