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The Value of Repeat Visitors

Greetings OurChurch.Com webmasters,

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1) Buy Silver, Get Gold
2) Last Chance for Discounted Ads
3) The Value of Repeat Visitors
4) OurChurch.Com Hits the Road" Feature

OurChurch.Com is doubling the disk space for the Silver package from 100 MB to 200 MB - the size of the old Gold accounts. Anyone who upgrades to the Silver package will receive 200 MB of space immediately. If you currently have the Silver package your account will be bumped up to 200 MB when you renew. Keep in mind that you can renew or add months to your term of service at any time. So, if you currently have the Silver package and want us to bump up your account to 200 MB, renew now and we'll increase your disk space as soon as we receive your payment.

OurChurch.Com is auctioning off a sponsorship and blocks of banner ads at greatly reduced prices. The auctions end just after 1:00 PM EST tomorrow (July 21). If you'd like to bring more visitors to your website, take advantage of this great opportunity to try advertising at greatly reduced rates. Read more...

Most webmasters spend a lot of time trying to get visitors to their site for the first time, but most put very little thought into strategies that keep them coming back. Consider this: if a website gets just 10% of its first time visitors each week to come back once a week, in a year traffic will increase more than 500% even if the number of new visitors each week stays flat. What can you do to bring visitors back?

a) Add new content to your website at least once a week.
b) Email a newsletter to subscribers at least once a month.
c) Build community through interactive forums and chat rooms.

All OurChurch.Com sites give you the ability to add new content and send out e-newsletters any time you like. To add forums and a chat room to your site, upgrade to the gold, silver or bronze package.

OurChurch.Com CEO and co-founder Paul Steinbrueck will be in Denver, CO and Cheyenne, WY with his family July 23 to August 1. He would enjoy the opportunity to visit with some OCC webmasters, whether it's just for a few minutes, for a meal, to worship with your church, or if you'd like to be a tour guide for Paul, his wife and two children for an afternoon. If you live in Denver, Cheyenne, or somewhere in between and would like to visit with Paul please let us know.

Thanks for trusting OurChurch.Com with your website hosting. Please visit our forums and chat room. Let us know what OurChurch.Com has done for you and your ministry in our testimonials topic.

In His Service,


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"Why do you suppose God compares humans to sheep?"

- gracetoyou;

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Forums are one of the best ways to build community on your website and allow others to add fresh, interesting content to your website. Forums create return visitors.
Website Spotlight
Blessings of Brokenness

The Blessings of Brokenness website is a website devoted to bringing grace and encouragement to women struggling with brokenness, whether it be physical, relational, or spiritual. Despite being on-line for only a couple of months the Blessings of Brokenness forums are among the most popular on OurChurch.Com. They touch on topics from fellowship and Christian teachings to recipes and movies. This site was built using the silver package and is a good model of how to build an interactive community on-line.
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