OurChurch.Com Webmaster Newsletter - March 2004
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Special Offer & Server Upgrade

Greetings OurChurch.Com webmasters,

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1) Special Limited-Time Offer
2) Server Upgrade Tonight, Faster Service Tomorrow
3) Have You Seen "The Passion?"

At OurChurch.Com, we want our members to have the best-looking websites possible. We all know those ads on your website are distracting and can lead visitors off of your website just as quickly as they arrive. If we could, we would make all of the sites we host ad-free at no cost, but we count on the revenue from advertisers and the ad-free option to help make ends meet. For the next 4 weeks, though, we are going to take a chance to help more of our members improve their sites.

Through the end of March, we are offering the ad-free option for just $10/mo. That's half price! To make up for the lower price and the loss of advertising space we need to triple the number of sites with the ad-free option. So, if you want a more attractive website, don't wait. Login to your Webmaster page and click on "Order & Renew Premium Options" to take advantage of this special opportunity today!

If you've already purchased the ad-free option at the regular rate, please understand that we cannot refund the difference, but you can take advantage of this offer by extending or renewing the ad-free option now even if you are not due to renew this month.

Tonight (actually Thursday morning) at approximately 1 AM EST we will be upgrading the main OurChurch.Com server and replacing it with a new, faster server. We will also be adding an additional server for Gold, Silver, and Bronze accounts. If all goes well, websites will only be down for about 15 minutes. If we run into any complications, the down time could be longer and we will post updates on the status board at http://status.ourchurch.com

Millions of people packed movie theaters this past week to see Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" Were you among them? What impact did it have on you and those you saw it with? While there was much talk about the "controversy" surrounding the movie before it came out, what really should be talked about is the impact it has had after it was seen. How has the movie affected your relationship with God and that of the people you know? Talk about it on our new forums at http://forums.ourchurch.com

Thanks for trusting OurChurch.Com with your website hosting. Please visit our new forums and chat rooms. And don't forget to give us your feedback in the webmaster survey.

In His Service,


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"It seems the media is obviously trying to focus attention away from the subject (the atoning death of the Son of God) and move to peripheral topics."

- disciplemakers  

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First impressions are important, so keep your homepage short and uncluttered. Put awards, banners, and links to other sites on other pages.
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