OurChurch.Com Webmaster Newsletter - February 2004
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New Newsletter Format

Greetings OurChurch.Com webmasters,

Welcome to our new newsletter format. You can also view this message on the web with color and graphics at http://www.ourchurch.com/news/webmaster-2004-02.htm

1) New Newsletter Format
2) New OurChurch.Com Forums
3) New OurChurch.Com Status Board
4) New Gold, Silver, & Bronze Forums

As you can see, OurChurch.Com has developed a new format for our monthly webmaster newsletter. Most of you probably see this newsletter in full color, but if you view email in text-only mode you can either read this text version or follow the link above to view the full color version on our website. You will also notice several new features in the newsletter including "OCC Quick Links," the PowerPoints Challenge winners, something "Overheard" on our message boards, and a BEACON web builder tip.

So, what do you think? Please give us your feedback in this month's webmaster survey. Login to your webmaster page and click the "Survey" option.

OurChurch.Com is also excited to announce our all-new forums. The improvements in the new forums are so numerous we can't possibly list them all here. You'll just have to check them out for yourself! One notable change is that we've integrated the forum registration with our user registration, so you're already registered. Just use your OCC username & password to login.

To celebrate the grand opening of our new message boards and chat room, OurChurch.Com staff will be available live in the chat room at the following times this week:

  • Paul: Wednesday 4-5 PM EST
  • Mark: Thursday 10-11 PM EST
  • Pam: Friday 9-10 AM EST
Stop by and say "hi" at http://forums.ourchurch.com

Because our new forums are hosted on our server, if our server goes down the message boards go down. So, we've added a new emergency status board hosted on a separate server so we can provide status in the case of emergencies. We STRONGLY urge you to bookmark this status board, but use it only if our main forums are down. http://status.ourchurch.com

OurChurch.com is also upgrading the forums and chat rooms in the Gold, Silver, and Bronze accounts. You can have the same forums and chat room as OurChurch.Com now has. The new forums and chat room are much easier to use. They have a single user registration so visitors only need register once to use both. Seven color options are pre-installed for you to choose from. Anyone who upgrades to a Gold, Silver, or Bronze account from today forward will automatically have the new forums pre-installed and configured in their account.

Webmasters of current Gold, Silver, and Bronze accounts - we will install the new message boards into your account at your request. Just go to the help desk at http://www.ourchurch.com/support/ and create a ticket asking us to upgrade your forums. Please include your OCC ID# and the username & password for your Site Administrator. If you'd like us to delete the old message boards and chat rooms from your account let us know that as well.

Thanks for trusting OurChurch.Com with your website hosting. Please visit our new forums and chat rooms. And don't forget to give us your feedback in the webmaster survey.

In His Service,


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Info on PowerPoints Challenge

"Welcome to the all-new OurChurch.Com Forums. What do you think?"

- pdstein  

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BEACON tip o' the month

Type up the text of your pages in a word processor and then copy the text into the Edit Page form. This allows you to save a copy on your computer and spell check it.
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