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January 2007

Get to the Top of Search Engines and Stay

Greetings fellow webmasters,

We hope your new year is off to a great start. OurChurch.Com is excited about all that 2007 has to offer. We have some great new marketing services and advances to existing search-related tools and services. We hope we can help you increase the visibility of your website this year and bring in lots of new visitors.

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1) Get to the Top of Search Engines and Stay There
2) New Christian Search Engine Status
3) 50% More Disk Space and Bandwidth
4) Start Your Day with God
5) Connecting with your Audience

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Earlier this month OCC launched its brand new Search Engine Optimization Management service. With the SEO Management service, we guarantee to get your website at least five top 10 and ten top 20 rankings in the search engines AND we guarantee to manage the optimization of your website so it stays at the top of the search engine rankings for as long as you continue the service. You've invested a lot of time and effort in the building and management of your website. We can get it the search rankings and visitors it deserves with SEO Management.

In November OurChurch.Com launched a new Christian search engine powered by Google's custom search engine service. To ensure the integrity of this new Christian search engine, it was configured to only display results from websites already reviewed for our Directory of Christian Websites. We also set up an online survey to get your opinion on the new tool.

The feedback on the new search engine was mixed with people giving the original directory slightly better marks for relevant results and appearance, but expressing a preference for the new search engine over the original directory by a significant margin. For now, OurChurch.Com will continue to keep the original directory as the default for results and make the search engine available as a secondary option. We will also be working to make some improvements to both tools.

OurChurch.Com is ringing in the new year by increasing the disk space and bandwidth of every premium hosting package by 50%. This is not a limited time offer, but a permanent increase. If you have a free site at OurChurch.Com, perhaps one of your resolutions for 2007 is to take your site forward this year with your own domain name or perhaps even audio, video, or a blog. Now is a great time to bring some momentum into the new year by upgrading to a premium hosting package.

If you have your website hosted elsewhere, we hope you'll take a fresh look at what OurChurch.Com has to offer. Our combination of our top quality servers, helpful and friendly support staff, and Christian values make OurChurch.Com a great option for any Christian church, school, business, ministry, or personal site. Why not give us a try today? Build a site

There's nothing more important than maintaining and developing your personal relationship with God. And there's nothing more important to your relationship with God than starting each day with Him. OurChurch.Com is pleased to introduce two new Christian devotionals you can have automatically emailed to you each morning. The Army of the Lord Daily Dispatch is a brief devotional authored by Rev. Sherman Redden and delivered every weekday. The Daily Inspirational Poem is a series of 365 inspirational Christian poems penned by Roger Lee with a unique poem delivered each day of the year. They are added to the devotionals OurChurch.Com continues to distribute: Verse a Day, Old Testament in a Year, New Testament in a Year, and Daily Grace. Subscribe to receive the daily spiritual nourishment you need, and considering adding a link on your website to OCC's devotionals so your visitors can also receive daily spiritual nourishment.

OurChurch.Com's Christian Web Trends Blog kicked off the new year with our predictions for 2007. Last week Paul started a three part series of articles about how to connect with your audience on their terms. Whether you work for a church, school, business, or some other type of organization, we think you'll find principles and strategies discussed in this series helpful for improving your communications.

Thanks for using and listing your site in OurChurch.Com's Directory of Christian Websites. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.

In His Service,


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