OurChurch.Com Partnership Newsletter
January 2009
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Partnership Month - Partners Newsletter

Greetings OurChurch.Com Partner,

Christians are often amazed that the Lord would use such imperfect advertisements as ourselves to spread the good news of the Gospel. Why choose sinful man to be a salesperson when a message written in the sky would seem to grab more attention?

But isn't that the way it works best? A truly heartfelt testimony is still the best way to convince someone of the love of Christ. In the same way, today's businesses depend most on word-of-mouth referrals. Despite the billions of dollars spent on advertising each month throughout the country, there is still nothing that beats a sincere recommendation from a satisfied customer.

OurChurch.com is keenly aware of this and, as a result, the OurChurch.com Partnership Program was developed. "Spread the WWWord" was set up to reward our faithful members who refer other members by displaying a banner or a link on their website. OurChurch.Com rewards partners who generate paid hosting packages and options. When any of the sites you refer pays for hosting services, you receive 20% of that revenue. We also offer custom website design, search marketing, and online advertising services on which partners earn a 10% commission.

I am excited to be the Director of OurChurch.com's Partnership Program and I will be pleased to myself available to anyone who has questions or concerns. Together we can expand each other's efforts and enjoy the fellowship along the way.

In His Service,
Karl Beaudry
Director of Partner Relations


1) Commission Checks
2) Organization Alliances
3) Hours Left for Feedback, 5,000 Free Banners
4) New Partnership Graphics
5) Need Help Setting Up Your Banner?
6) Top Partners, Tips, and Topics

Because March is Partnership Month, we decided to send out commission checks early. Checks for commissions earned in the 1st quarter of 2009 have been issued. And wow, what a quarter! Records were set for the number of partners receiving commission checks and total commissions paid. Please be sure to check your referrals and commissions on our partnership site and contact the help desk if you have any questions or issues.

OurChurch.Com has launched a new partnership opportunity for large Christian organizations called Organization Alliances. Here’s the deal – if you help to bring your parent organization on board as an Organization Alliance, we’ll give you a free site for life. See the Organization Alliance announcement for more info.

We want to help you become a successful participant in our partnership program. Because if you're successful, we'll be successful too. So, how can we do that? What can we do to help you? How can we improve the partnership program? Let us know by posting questions and suggestions in this new partners forum topic. Everyone who posts a comment or suggestion by March 31 will be entered into a drawing to receive 5,000 banner displays in April.

Our graphic designers have been hard at work creating cool new graphics you can display on your site to refer your visitors to OurChurch.Com. You can easily add these graphics to your site by clicking the "View HTML Source" under the graphic and copying and pasting that into your site.

Unfortunately, many of our partners are losing out on lots of free advertising (and thus free visitors) for their site because they haven't set up a banner ad for us to use to promote their site. Banners can be set up relatively easily using the Banner Admin There is a Banner Admin Help Page available. If you're still stumped, submit a ticket to our help desk and Karl will help you get set up.

We wanted to take a moment to recognize our top partners from September, plus pass along a partnership tip, and continue some conversation in the partners forum.

Last Month's Top Partners:

Partners Tip:
Update the OurChurch.Com graphics you display on your site every few months. That will help with people who visit your site regularly and have become "blind" to them.

"We're looking for feedback from participants in the Spread the WWWord! partnership program." - karlbeau Sound off in our forums

That'll do it for this issue. Thanks for partnering with OurChurch.Com. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.


OurChurch.Com's partnership newsletter is sent 4 times a year to everyone who has signed up for OurChurch.Com's Spread the WWWord! partnership program. We consider it essential that we keep all partners informed. If you wish to discontinue your participation in the partnership program, please go to our partnership site and click the "Cancel" option in the menu.

If you've forgotten about your username, password, or the sites listed in OCC's search engine, you can Request a Report and that information will be emailed to you automatically. OurChurch.Com Inc., 1906 Firefern Ct Suite 107, Trinity, FL 34695, (727) 723-2454

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