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August 2006

It Blows My Mind!


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1) Commission Checks
2) It Blows My Mind!
3) New Tracking Codes for Email Referrals

Newsletter sponsorship

Checks for commissions earned in the 1st quarter of 2006 have been issued. Please be sure to check your referrals and commissions on our partnership site and contact the help desk if you have any questions or issues.

It blows my mind that some of our partners are forfeiting lots of free advertising simply because they have not set up a banner graphic for us to display. A couple months ago one partner missed out on 3rd place and 1,000 banner ads that come with it. Last month another partner would have been our top partner and as a result would have received 4,000 banner displays, several hundred additional banner displays on the sites they referred to OCC, and been listed in the Top Partner section of this newsletter and the search newsletter this month.

To set up your banner go to and click the "Banner Admin" link in the menu. If you don't have a 468x60 banner to promote your site you can make a free one at Or perhaps if you post a nice request in the Partnership Forum one of our other partners would be kind enough to create one for you.

Because our referral tracking system looks at the web address that each visitor comes from, it previously was not able to track referrals from email messages. We recently updated our tracking system so now you can email your friends, family, clients, and website visitors about OurChurch.Com and you will be credited with the referral for those who click the link. If you send out a regular e-newsletter, you may want to include a link to OurChurch.Com in an upcoming issue.

Replace with the URL of your site. That site must be listed in your partnership settings as one of your "base URLs." Please note this link structure is only for links in email messages. You should continue to link directly to on your website.

Thanks for partnering with OurChurch.Com. We appreciate your help in spreading the word about OurChurch.Com's Christian website services. If you need any help at all setting up your banner in our system or putting our banners or links on your website, don't hesitate to go to our help desk and ask us for assistance.

Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.

In His Service,


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Do you have to be a paying customer of occ to be able to do the partnership of occ to be able to get any of the free advertisement?

- teresaoakes  

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