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January 8, 2009
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New and Improved Web Hosting Services

Hi OCC News Subscriber,

OurChurch.Com is excited to start the new year by announcing a number of improvements to our web hosting services including lower prices, bigger accounts, monthly billing, a new auto-renewal option, and improved order forms and invoicing.

All of these changes are being done as a part of "New Year's Resolution Month" to help you take your website to the next level in 2009 and to make it easier and less expensive than ever for you to do that.

Please take a few moments to learn about all the improvements, and please let us know if you have any comments or questions..

New Year's Resolution Month Features
1) New Starter Package Replaces Domain
2) New Hosting Packages - More for Less!
3) New Auto-Recurring Billing
4) New Monthly Service
5) New Bundles
6) New Order Form and Invoicing

The Domain Hosting Package has been renamed as the Starter Hosting Package. Some people have confused the Domain Package with domain name registration, so the name change should prevent that. If you purchased the Domain Package, your account now says you have the Starter Package.

It seems like everything costs more these days, but OurChurch.Com is bucking that trend. We have reduced the prices of our hosting packages and at the same time increased the disk space and bandwidth that come with each.

  • Starter - Disk space increased from 30 MB to 50 MB. Priced reduced from $60 to $59 per year.
  • Bronze - Disk space increased from 300 MB to 500 MB, bandwidth increased from 6 GB to 10 GB. Priced reduced from $12.42 to $9.95 a month when paid annually.
  • Silver - Bigger and better than the old gold package. It comes with 1,500 MB of disk space compared with 1,200 in the old gold package and 25 GB of space vs 24 GB in the old gold. The new price is $19.95/mo when paid annually compared with $24.92 for the old gold.
  • Gold - Bigger and better than the old platinum package. It comes with 6 GB of disk space and 100 GB of bandwidth compared with 4.5 GB and 75 GB in the old platinum. The new price is $29.95/mo when paid annually vs $37.42 for the old platinum package.
  • Platinum - There will no longer be a package called platinum.
  • Ad-Free - The cost of the Ad-Free Option has also been reduced from $8.25/mo to $6.58/mo when paid annually.

Oh, and we also doubled the number of email accounts that come with each package.

Everyone will continue in their current packages with the current levels of disk space, bandwidth, etc until they renew or upgrade. At that time, you will be upgraded to the new package.

You don't have to wait to renew. Renew now and we'll upgrade your account immediately. Say you've got 3 months left before your Bronze account is due for renewal. Renew for another year now and you'll get the new, bigger Bronze account for those 3 months plus the additional year.

Renew or upgrade now!

You can now opt to have your website services automatically renewed and your credit card automatically charged for your next term of service. The next time you renew, simply select the Auto Renewal option on the order form.

We have also added the option of paying monthly for hosting packages and the Ad-Free Option with no contracts or commitments. Members paying monthly must also opt for the Auto Renewal option.

We have eliminated 3 month and 6 month payment options. But you can still pay annually. And if you do, you get 2 months free and free domain name registration.

With the new, bigger, and lower-priced hosting packages, we have also reduced the prices of our Website Service Bundles which combine hosting, the ad-free option, and search engine marketing services. Save $85 to $222 when you purchase a bundle.

Last but not least, we have made it easier than ever for you to order and renew website services. We cut the length of the order form by half. Invoices now have a new "click to checkout" link you can click to skip the order form entirely and renew the services you currently have.

We have tested the new order form and invoice system like crazy, but we need your help to fix anything you may think is a problem or confusing. By scrutinizing the ordering and invoicing processes and notifying us of any problems you can help thousands of organizations in the OurChurch.com community. Thanks for your help!

In His Service,
Paul Steinbrueck, CEO

Post your comments and questions concerning this announcement in our forums.


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