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August 19, 2008
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Time Running Out on Big Discounts

Hi OCC News Subscriber,

On October 1, 2008 OurChurch.Com will be scaling back the substantial discounts currently offered on annual hosting plans and Website Service Bundles and adjusting the pricing on some Marketing and Advertising services. We’re announcing this today to give you 6 weeks to take advantage of the current discounts.

Web Hosting Price Changes
Despite increasing disk space and bandwidth six-fold in recent years, OurChurch.Com has never raised prices on its hosting packages. In fact, a few years ago we reduced our prices by offering 25% off the purchase of an annual hosting plan. On October 1, the discount on annual hosting plans will be reduced from 25% to about 17%.

  • Domain Package: Currently $60/yr. Will be $60/yr (no change).
  • Bronze Package: Currently $135/yr. Will be $149/yr.
  • Silver Package: Currently $180/yr. Will be $199/yr.
  • Gold Package: Currently $270/yr. Will be $299/yr.
  • Platinum Package: Currently $399/yr. Will be $449/yr.
  • Ad-Free Option: Currently $90/yr. Will be $99/yr.
Note that there will be no changes to the quarterly and semi-annual hosting plans.

If you currently have one of these hosting packages and your renewal date is after Oct 1, you can still renew before Oct 1 to receive the big discounts currently being offered. Hosting prices - Order now!

Marketing Services Price Changes
Services that include search engine registration and search engine optimization tend to be very hands on and labor intensive. Thus the prices of these services are closely tied to staffing costs. If you’ve gotten to know some of the folks that work here at OCC, you know they’re a very selfless bunch. However, most would prefer to be able buy food and have a place to live rather than not. So, we’ll be adjusting the prices of our marketing services on October 1.
  • Major Search Engine Registration: Currently $50. Will be $59.
  • Christian Search Engine Registration: Currently $89. Will be $99.
  • Guaranteed Top Search Rankings: Currently $399. Will be $499.
  • Search Engine Optimization Management Set-up Fee: Currently $449. Will be $499.
  • Search Engine Optimization Management Lite Set-up Fee: Currently $399. Will be $499.
  • Top Church Search Rankings Set-up Fee: Currently FREE Will be half off ($199)
The new prices will still be an amazing value, but obviously you can save even more if you purchase before October 1. Marketing services prices - Order now!

Website Service Bundles Price Changes
OCC offers its biggest discounts – 20% to 33% off - on website service bundles, which combine hosting, ad-free, and search engine marketing services. The new prices will still include a substantial discount, but by purchasing before October 1, you can save $50 on Bundles A, B, and C and $100 on Bundles D and E. Bundle prices - Order now!

Advertising Services Price Changes
In the last two and a half years OurChurch.Com’s traffic has doubled, and yet we have not change our advertising prices in that time. On October 1 the price of most advertising services will increase by about 20%. We will also be reducing the discount for annual purchases from 20% to 15%. If you’re interested in putting an ad for your organization on 11,000+ websites in our network, now is the time to act. See our advertising rates or contact us for a free consultation and quote.

In His Service,
Paul Steinbrueck, CEO

Post your comments and questions concerning this announcement in our forums.


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