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Newsletter - February 2009
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New Admin, Features, and Videos

Greetings OurChurch.Com CMS Administrator,

How is 2009 going for you so far? For me it's been a mixed bag.

On the one hand things are kind of crazy with the global recession, friends out of work, and trying to figure out how to navigate some new economic realities.

On the other hand, I've never been more excited about what God is doing around the world, what he's doing in my own heart, and all the new ways to connect and build community that are coming from emerging technology like Content Management Systems (CMS), social networking, and mobile communications.

It's in that spirit that OurChurch.Com has continued to make advances to our custom CMS service. Please read this quarterly newsletter to learn about the new features and improvements that could help your organization reach its goals for this year.

In His Service,
Paul Steinbrueck, CEO

In This Issue
1) Better Connections - New OCC Admin Module
2) New Directory Component
3) New News Rotator Module
4) More Video Tutorials Online

Most CMS Administrators like you have been somewhat isolated from the OurChurch.Com community. Chances are you probably view your site, login as administrator, but you have very little interaction with other OCC members. But OurChurch.Com is a big community of 13,000 member sites with forums, blog, search directory, announcements, webmaster surveys, and more.

Now we've brought all those things closer to you by adding a new OCC module to your admin. When you login to your site's administrator you'll see on the right side a whole bunch of OurChurch.Com related information and links including billing/invoice info, announcements, the latest forum posts, and links to update your OCC search listing and share your opinion in our monthly survey.

Would visitors to your site benefit from having a directory of some kind on your website? For churches perhaps you'd like a directory of small groups or a directory of all the businesses run by members of your church. Church denominations would benefit from having a directory of churches. The possibilities are literally endless, because this new directory component allows you to fully customize all the fields in your directory. See the example in our Sample Church site.

Cost for installation, configuration and training is $199. There is also an optional plugin that allows visitors to search by zip code which can be installed for an additional $149. Call or contact us via the help desk if you're interested.

You are probably familiar with the image rotator module which creates a slideshow effect fading in and out of a series of images. Well, now you can create that same effect with news or any other content with the News Rotator module. With the News Rotator, you can select a series of announcements, articles, or any other kind of content and set-up a place on the homepage or sidebar where the News Rotator will fade in and out through that content like a slideshow. A lot of big-time news and sports websites use this feature to make the most of the space on their homepage. You can see an example on the right side of the Sample Church site.

Cost for installation is $49. Call or contact us via the help desk if you're interested.

Has it been a while since you've used some of your components? Want to brush up on how to use them so you can make the most of your website? We've developed video tutorials for most of the functionality you have in your website. You can view them online any time as often as you like at no cost. There's also a link to the video tutorials in the list of OCC links when you login to your site as administrator.

Thanks again for allowing OurChurch.Com to develop and host your website. We value your feedback. Please post your comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.


OurChurch.Com's CMS Newsletter is sent to everyone who has a Custom CMS Express website that is either active or under development. We believe the information contained in this essential and therefore unsubscribing is not an option as long as the service is active. If you've forgotten your username or password you can Request a Report and that information will be emailed to you automatically.

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