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OurChurch.Com Custom CMS Express Newsletter
October 2007

Tutorials, Traffic, and Testimonials

Hello Custom CMS Express Administrator,

OurChurch.Com has completed another update to our Custom CMS Express website service. We're pleased to tell you that several components have been improved, and our staff is available to upgrade those for you. We are also in the process of developing a library of online video tutorials that we're excited to tell you about. Plus we've got opportunity for you to get some links and new visitors to your website.

Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums. You can also view this message on the web with color and graphics in our newsletter archives.

1) Traffic for Testimonials
2) Video Tutorials Now Online
3) Get the Flash Wow-Factor
4) New Newsletter Provides Insightful Stats
5) Add a Spell Checker
6) New Image Rotator

Do you like your Custom CMS Express site? Did you enjoy working with our staff? How has your Custom CMS Express website improved your ministry or business? We'd like to know.

OCC is looking for testimonials to publish on its website. Send us a testimonial and if among those selected, you'll receive a link to your site in our design section. That link can bring visitors to your website AND it can help improve your ranking in search engines. Additionally, if we receive your testimonial in the next 2 weeks, we'll include a link to your website in the November edition of our Webmaster Newsletter which goes out to more than 9,000 subscribers. Send your testimonial to our help desk.

We are in the process of creating an online library of video tutorials that will provide Custom CMS Express administrators like you instant access to training any time you need it. The first tutorials are now online.

In the future we will be adding voice-overs so you can hear an explanation of the steps involved while watching them. We'll also be adding tutorials for other components like the media gallery, calendar, event registration, need sharing board, and more. Please take a few moments to view some of the video tutorials we just published and post your comments about them in our forums.

Market research shows that most people form an opinion about a website within the first 3 seconds of their arrival. To engage new visitors, you need to capture their attention in those first 3 seconds, and a great way to do that is with an animated Flash header. The header is the top part of the website that usually includes the organization's logo and some images. Creating that header in Flash brings it to life with motion. Take a look at the Flash header on our Sample School Website.

We can create a animated Flash header designed to your specifications that will make get your visitors attention. Flash headers typically cost between $750 and $1,500 to develop depending on the complexity of the design, and can bring dramatic result. Contact us for a free consultation with one of our developers.

An eNewsletter is a critical communication tool for keeping people connected with your organization. OCC now provides a newsletter component that takes measuring the effectiveness of your eNewsletter to a whole new level. This newsletter measures the number of subscribers that open each edition of your newsletter and tracks the number of people who click on each link. These statistics provide valuable insight into the effectiveness of your eNewsletter and what elements are garnering the most interest from your subscribers. You can upgrade to this new newsletter for $149, which includes training. Contact our help desk.

A new version of the JCE Editor has been released, which includes a spell checker. We can upgrade your editor today for just $49. Contact our help desk about upgrading the JCE Editor.

Last but not least, we also have a new image rotator available. This is the module that provides a slideshow effect for some of your images. The old image rotator module only allowed for one slideshow on a website and also made it very difficult for you to change the images or the number of images being displayed. This new image rotator module enables you to put multiple slideshows on your website, change the images, and the number of images yourself any time you like. The upgrade costs $119 and includes phone training. Let us know via the help desk if you'd like us to upgrade your image rotator module.

Thanks again for allowing OurChurch.Com to develop and host your website. We value your feedback. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.

In His Service,


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"What do you think of [the new video tutorials]? Do you find them helpful? Easy to understand? What components, modules, or other functionality would you like us to create tutorials for?"

- pdstein  

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CMS Tip o' the Month

Spelling errors are one of the biggest detractors on a website. Eliminate spelling mistakes on your website by upgrading to the new JCE Editor that includes a spell checker.
CMS Spotlight
Shiloah Ministries

Shiloah Ministries

Shiloah Ministries Incorporated is a non-profit ministry whose purpose is to provide humanitarian aid for Ugandan orphans and poor children, including food, clothing, education, and medical care. Shiloah ministries recently asked OurChurch.Com to create a new Custom CMS Express website for them. The site includes a premium template and the Community Builder component, which enables them to display profiles of children available for sponsorship. It also includes an online donation module to facilitate one time or monthly donations.

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