"Do great things for God and expect great things from God"

Welcome to the website of the Siloam Church.

The Siloam Church is located in Tirukoilur, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu, South India.  This is one of the oldest church in Arcot Lutheran Church .  The Danish Missionary society in Denmark founded the Arcot Lutheran Church. The Missionaries started schoolwork and because of the preaching of the Gospel, congregations were established.  It was the Danish Mission church till 1950 and the Danish Missionaries were the leaders at every stage.  In 1951 new constitution was introduced and that paved the way for indigenous leadership and the church was named “The Arcot Lutheran Church".  From 1960 onwards, Indian leaders are in the helm of affairs, having very good co-operation with fraternal missionaries from Denmark.  Episcopacy was introduced in 1981 and that helps the church growth and witness.  The ALC is a member of UELCI, NCCI, WCC and LWF.  It is a founder member of Tamilnadu theology seminary, Arasaardi, Madurai, TamilNadu, India.  It is ecumenical in nature alter - pulpit relationship with sister churches around.

The ALC works in several districts of Tamil Nadu and Pondichery, which is a Union Territory.  Recently it has extended its mission in Bangalore, Karnataka state.  It is an evangelizing Church, which is expressed in local congregations and in the service to the society through schools, orphanages, homes for women, hostels for students and workers, hospitals and community service centers in villages, towns and hills.



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