Accepting God's Will

 In the beginning of creation, man and woman could stand in the presence of God.
      Then man and woman chose not to walk the same path as God
             And accepted death as the just punishment for disobedience
                     Death occurred instantly when mankind separated from the life of God
                               The lack of the presence of God, was handed down 
                                      From generation to generation
                                                Until the time of Jesus

Then God took flesh and became man
      Provided a means by which mankind could be reunited with God
              Instructed the people how to be restored to life
                    And become united with God

 Mankind alone could not do anything worthy to restore the breeched relationship 
       Fore, mankind is but a humble creature
             But God can and has provided a way to circumvent his own judgment
                    The angels and the flaming sword that prevent man from entering the presence of God
                            These two forms of judgement have never been removed and
                                   Still stand in judgment even today.

In Jesus, God has provided an opportunity form man to be lifted up, and
       stand in the presence of the maker of all. (Ja4:10)

 In the beginning Adam could stand in the presence of God.
t was Godís will that man could share the presence of God
              but because of conceit, pride, greed and lusts for power
                     man desired to be equal to God
                           thus offended the maker of all 
                                 was barred from continuing to live in the presence of God.

God is never defeated
      at the appropriate time Jesus came to earth
             to restore man to the abundant life of the presence of God.
                     God wants to makes us his children in Jesus. (Ja1:18) 


God established a way to circumvent even his own judgment
      God by, in, by, and through Jesus, provides a means for
             some of mankind can be restored to union with God.

 In all humility, we accept the offer of God
      We accept the ability to become adopted as a child of God. (Ja1:9)
       We humbly accept Jesus, 
                        the word of salvation planted in us. (Ja1:21).      

We accept that just knowing Godís will is inadequate. 
                        Knowledge must be full of action.
                                    Not taking action is a sin. (Ja4:17) 
We accept that we must be peacemakers who plant peace,
                        and as a result will reap divine rewards. (Ja3:18)
We accept the good and fitting rewards given by our generous father
         Given to all without criticism. (Ja1:5&17)

There is more that must be done after the offer is accepted  
      Acceptance opens the dialogue that brings complete union with God
              Acceptance opens the mind to accept consistent commitment
                    Acceptance of consistent commitment opens the heart accept willing performance
                          Acceptance of willing performance opens the strength to perform the impossible
                                  Acceptance of performing the impossible opens the spirit
                                           to operate according to the will of God

As we of the first faith accept God more completely
      God then approach us in a more complete way  
                       We then can ask God for our needs, and 
                                    submissively prepare for action, (Ja4:7)

We can avoid what causes fights and quarrels. 
          For contention undermines the performance of what is humanly impossible 
          For contention saps the use of strength
          For contention makes the heart week an unwilling 
          For contention lessens the dedication of commitment
                   Such come from what the flesh wants but lacks.
                                If uncontrolled, Evil desires battle within us. (Ja4:1)

Uncontrolled desires create the conditions that kill and covet
          And result in fights and quarrels. (Ja4:2)
                    Wrong motives only feed the flesh  (Ja4:3)
                           And starve the mind, heart, strength and spirit. 
           To love the fleshís desires is to hate God. (Ja4:4)

When we control our desires Evil departs from us
      because we have resisted evil.
                      Evil is resisted when the totality of a person accepts the offer of God
                                    And begins to act according to Godís will in all areas of life


Wisdom and understanding are displayed in a good life, (Ja3:13)
      Wise deeds humbly performed are a manifestation of acceptance
            Commitment, willing performance and the motivation to do Godís will. 
                      True godly wisdom results in a good life.

Godly wisdom produces good fruit.
      Godly fruit is pure peace-making,
                            unbiased, and honest.  (Ja3:17) 
Wisdom like this comes from God.  

The kind of acceptance that keeps us on the way which leads to life
       Is composed of love and hope but begins with faith

Faith is necessary for the mind to develop consistent commitment
     Faith believes and does not doubt.
           Doubters are never anchored to anything solid. (Ja1:6) 
                  They are erratic in all things. (Ja1:7)
                          They often changes their request.
      We focus on what is real and significant.
      We clean our hands and our hearts.  (Ja4:8).
       We feel sad, weep, and cry only when needed. (Ja4:9) 
                   If laughter and joy hold back progress,
                         We change your laughter into mourning
                                  And joy in to gloom, as needed.  (Ja4:9)  

We listen and do what Jesus says. (Ja1:22)  
        We do Godís will and our work is blessed. (Ja1:25)

 A mind that has strong faith is consistently committed
      Readily develops a will to perform even tasks that are humanly impossible
            God wants perfect and complete faith
                   That is free of the corruption of this world.  
                           So that orphans and widows can be watch over and cared for when needed (Ja1:26)

 Evil knows that if faith can be weakened the entire process which leads to life can be destroyed
       It takes faith to develop the mind, heart, strength, and sprit.
               The powerful of the world work to insult the poor
                     Thus waken their faith, and destroy their ability to progress.
                            The goal of evil is to exploit the righteous. (Ja2:6)
                                    They yank people into court and (Ja2:7)
                                           And slander Jesus our advocate.

Evil attempts to destroy the First Faith by
       showing partisan favoritism to those who support evil endeavors
              Favoritism and preference are the tools of evil judges with evil thoughts such as
                    sexual corruption,
                                            insult, (Mk7:22) 
                                                   stupidity, and egotism.

Such things cause evil to enter a person
      Take hold of the mind, heart, strength or spirit 
              And send that person along the path to destruction
Evil often enters a person through both the eyes, and ears. (Mk7:20) 
              And makes the mind and the heart slaves to sin.

 We accept the way of equality because we are one in Jesus. (Ja2:1)
        All who practice the First Faith share equally in the body of Jesus 
              There are no second class citizens of the Kingdom of Jesus 
                        All are one when united with God in, by, and through Jesus
Thus we avoid favoritism because everything worldly, carnal or temporary 
         These things areinferior and not material to the abundant life the we share in Jesus
In Jesus is the domain of the Spiritual, Godly, and Permanent

Some of us are rich and others not so,
       A person displaying wealth and riches
             is equal in value to even a poor man in worn out clothes.  (Ja2:2)
                          Because both are clothed with the light of Jesus

Out of the acceptance of the heart and
      the abundance of good things that a heart full of faith contains
            Our tongue speaks only praise for God our Father. (Ja3:9)
                  We say only words that lift the heart, mind, strength and spirit of others. 
                          Prayer is for the troubled. 
                                  Songs of praise are for the happy.

A powerful horse can be directed by a bit in itís mouth. 
          A large ship is steered by a small rudder.  (Ja3:3-4) 
                       Small words can have big effects.
A perfect person can keep the entire body under control and
      Never speak of what should not be said. (Ja3:2)
             Because a single word can be like a spark in a forest.  (Ja3:6)    
                       A single word can burn and destroy a life.
We all do many flawed things. (Ja3:2) 
        Like not controlling the tongue. (Ja3:1)
               The uncontrolled tongue speaks more that it should. 
                       An uncontrolled tongue is agitated and full of corruption. (Ja3:8)
        The goal of evil speech is to inflame and corrupt.
                 We never curse men or incite passions. 


Acceptance of Godís will means that the tongue should only be used to
     confesses sins,  
            pray for healing, (Ja5:16)  
                   speak the truth and (Ja5:19). 
                              direct sinners from error and death.
The abundance within the heart is displayed by what is spoken by the tongue (Ja3:5) 


Accepting Godís providence means that the tongue should never boast about tomorrow.
         Boasting plants the seed future evil.  
                   None can accurately predict tomorrow. (Ja4:14)
                           We perform Godís will every day as needed 
                                     and live as we should, as God provides good gifts.

The tongue of those who do not accept Godís providence betrays the lack of union with God 
        Their tongue speaks discontent out of lack of patience, (Ja5:7) 
                 They slanders a neighbor out of lack of love, and 
                         They swear needlessly out of lack of faith.

Accepting Godís good gifts allows the people of the first faith the
      The love, hope and faith to let a simple yes be a true yes, and no, be a true no, 
               Anything else means the tongue speaks of self-condemnation.
                        Blessed is the patient person who perseveres.  (Ja5:11)
Even teacher are held to a high standard for what they say.  (Ja3:1)           

Faith, hope, and love displays Godís laws
      Which are contained within our minds
             inscribed on our hearts
                    Powers our strength and 
                          Ignites the desire for abundant life

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