Flights  Of  Mercy..The African Jinx

Flights Of Mercy..The African Jinx


This site is dedicated to all those who have been trying to make headway in solving Africa's Aid dependancy.

Regardless, it is our humble opinion that short of a new approach to facilitator ethic, African children will continue to suffer induced poverty due to 'wastage' of resources hitherto meant for personal or project funding. Administrator costs far outrun receipient's gains.Abject teens simply outgrow their childhood dependancy into adult destitution.

Many flights are being logged to drop food aid to war or refugee zones. Needless to say, this is but a short term measure that lasts as long as donor aid is flowing though the hangars. As of August 2009, the Kenya military had to be called in to fly out food aid to remote Kenyan enclaves where drought and famine has put 4.5 million citizens on starve-death row. To reach the children, schools have been targetted as convenient drop-zone and distribution centres.

That apart, there are many foreign donors who take it upon themselves to seek out needy children in Africa on the assumption that they are of help to a specific charge.

But just how much does a child need to survive and flourish in Africa?

We take up this issue as a sponsor advisory to those who would like to combine traditional methods of child sponsor and direct contact involvement.

Take it from us: getting to know the limitations of the child and family you are helping and managing 'their' affairs at your own discreetion has better results than subscribing to a donor pool. Nevertheless, the best way to start -amazingly- is by enrolling your support through the same international donor pools. The catch is, have you ever studied the figures recommended by such groups as basic sponsorhip advisories and tried to work out a budget to fit common survival needs for 'your' child at her locality?

Think about it, if you sponsorsed a child at $30 a month, what percentage of that gets to the child; a dollar a day?

Humanitarian efforts of all kinds must be rationalised for practicability and affect. Otherwise, it is not the choise child that benefit but the few who along the chain are fortunate enough to get a new form of administrator employment.

On the other hand, if facilitators recommended higher figures of monthly sponsorship, lots of would-be sponsors would shy away from long term committment.

Managing the meager resourses based on the earlier minimum is none easier for the overworked administrators. So much is expected on assumption that lots and lots of dollars have be donated to the pool yet the minimum guidelines and account audits have been published for public view on donor websites.

Click Lizzy to view sample story of a girl child's tribulations on a subsidy support system.


N.B. Pages on TopSky and ChristAviation are being edited for clarity and will henceforth be rather brief. Detailed information and commentaries can be found on my related blog
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Maina Hatchison.
                                                                           Mombasa, Kenya.

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