Thomas Family Ministries
Jesus helped those in need..., Would YOU help sow the seed?
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Thomas Family Ministries is a non-profit ministry that goes out to the streets 
to interact with the lost and needy of the world. We are followers of Jesus, and base our mission on "what would Jesus do".

Our mission is to serve God according to Matthew 25:36-41. We help with shelter, food, clothing.  We do this because God has commisioned us all to be His ministers-at large.  We do not accept government funding.  However, we do accept "Love offerings" (donations), other contributions (food, clothing, vehicles, etc).   But it isn't always enough.  It does, unfortunatly, take money to find shelter, food, clothing, and financial aid for those that are in dire need.

We offer counseling in the following areas:

Bible study





We are a non-profit organization formed to follow God's will.

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