Strength and Comfort
Finding Strength In The Word


   This website is dedicated to bringing you the pure word of God. I am an ordained minister am not affiliated with a church denomination because there is only one God who gave His Son for all mankind and in doing this He united all mankind at the cross and therefore, if I may say, leveled the playing field so that with this action all men can find salvation by doing nothing more than making up your minds to follow Him and opening their mouths and confessing their way unto salvation. I believe that denominations only serve to bring division among Gods people. Therefore I am non denominational. Revelation 22: 17 opens the door to every single individual in the world and lets them know that Jesus died for all mankind and therefore all mankind can be saved if they would only come and be lead by His Holy Spirit.

   Through the powerful lessons given in this ministry you will receive power for living a victorious and rewarding day-to-day life. Prayer requests will be taken, questions will be answered and the knowledge of the word of God will brighten every area of your life. You will find that the roots of Revelation are found deep in Genesis meaning that the scriptures all tied together and are just as powerful, informative and life saving from their beginning in B.C. 4004 thru A.D. 2011 and beyond. Yes this means the word of God will give you insights to why things are happening the way they are now and what to expect in the future which all comes together and gives you Strength and Comfort for today.

You may find all my past Bible Lessons in my new book, "Lessons To Live By Volume II" available now written by me Pastor E Baldwin.

May God Bless You And Welcome Aboard.

Pastor: Ed Baldwin






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