May 06

Christian Puppet Scripts

Puppet ministries have proven to be both effective in teaching biblical principles to children and fun for everyone involved. With a puppet ministry children are able to learn and remember valuable lessons that they are able to apply to their own lives.

For churches and ministries who are looking to add a puppet ministry, there are a number of online resources that can help:

Puppet Scripts from CCES - Christian Counseling & Educational Services has a number of puppet scripts that are available for free download, as well as a book of 15 scripts and several articles that can be purchased. All scripts are written so that they can be used as puppet scripts or acted out by children.

Puppet Resources - Puppet Resources is one of the largest and most useful collections of puppet resources that you will find. Authors can share their scripts, and churches, teachers and ministry leaders can find puppet scripts that can be used in their ministries.

Project Puppet - Project Puppet provides patterns that can be used to make your own professional puppets.

Puppets4u - Puppets4u offers puppets that can be purchased.

Puppet Revelation - Puppet Revelation has tons of different puppets that can be purchased.

More resourcces will be added in the future. Are there other resources that you would like to suggest to be listed here? Please contact us.

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