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Ours Is A Christian Newspaper based in Nigeria, Africa for the purpose of Reporting and Publishing Christian Events,Programmes,activities,and Personalities.Representatives,Correspondents and Submission of Articles on the above are welcome from all parts of the World.

WE believe in God the Almighty, in the name of His son Jesus Christ.
We believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ,for the salvation of mankind from sin and death to eternal life;
This we believe and proclaim, publish and propagate, as the testimonies, and the wonderful works God do in the life of those who accept HIM, and HIS son JESUS CHRIST.
I know I am a Christian because I believe in Jesus Christ and I have accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour.
PTL News views all denominations as equal constituents of the body of Christ and in preserving its identity as a non-denominational Christian media source, does not promote or demote any Christian denomination and/or congregation above any other.

For further information, inquiry,requests and suggestions; Contact
Publisher/ Editor PTL News, The Christian Newspaper.
Call or visit our office,
Or Send Email to
God bless you.
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PTL News, The Christian Newspaper
Who We Are
PTL News, an acronym for Praise The Lord News was established in September 1994 under the name GOSPEL ARTS PROMOTIOMS.
It was founded by Evangelist Julius Adegunna and his wife Mary O. Adegunna as a co-founder.
It was established for the purpose of covering, reporting and publishing of information, news activities, events and programmes organised for the promotion of the body of Christ. It shall remain as independent, non-denominational christian newspaper.
It is published in Lagos the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria, the giant of Africa.
Since 1994, PTL News has covered reported and published stories covering great christian events and personalities in Nigeria among these are:
1. The trends of Gospel Music in Nigeria
2. Nigeria's foremost gospel singers
3. Nigeria's Leading drama ministers
4. The Growth of Pentecostal Movement in Nigeria
5. Leading Pentecostal Leaders in Nigeria including late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, Pastor E. A. Adeboye of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria etc.
6. Coverage of major Christian gatherings like Pastor Adeboye's Holy Ghost Convention, The Millenium Revival of Christ Apostolic Church in Nigeria, as well as conventions of major churches in Nigeria.
7. Coverage of Crusades and revivals organised by prominent foreign evangelists like Evang Reinhard Bonnke, Dr. K. A. Paul etc.
8. Documentaries on Christian ministers' associations like Chaplains Fellowship of Nigeria, Virgin Prayer Fellowship, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, United Global Churches of Nigeria.

For a better reach out to your target and concentrated customers, you can advertise your programmes, products and services in PTL News, The Christian Newspaper.Our advert rates are as follow;

Outside Backpage
Full page Colour N 50,000

Spot Colour, 25,000

Half page 17,000

A Quarter page 9,500


Black and White 20,000

Half Page 11,000

A Quarter page 6,500
1/8 3,500
Bottom Strip
Outside Front Cover Colour 15,000
Spot Colour 10,000
Outside Back Cover Colour 12,000
Inside Black & White 7,500
Classified Ad N50.00 per word

Payment can be made by check (Cheque) to Gospel Arts Promotions, or Editor PTL News, and notify the Pulisher immediately. You can pay in Dollar equivalent
Contact JULIUS ADEGUNNA, 265,LAGOS ABEOKUTA EXPRESS WAY, PLEASURE- IYANA IPAJA, LAGOS, NIGERIA Or Send Email to, God bless you. Telephone lines- 234-8033260387, 8056244916 ,234-018148103 .

Apart from the above, Gospel Arts Promotions has been instrumental in the area of Championing enlightenment programmes for Christians, among which are the following.
1. Sponsorship of Christian oriented Public lectures, the first of which was organised in 1994 with the former secular singer now an Evangelist, Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi as Guest Speaker,
2. Commencement of Media for Evangelism Conference {1997,98} till date
3. Institution of Awards for Prominent and highly anointed ministers of God,
4. Concerts for Christian Gospel Singers
5. Commencement of PTL Institute of Christian Communication Arts as the training arm of Gospel Arts Promotions
Since the inception of the Institute, We have trained Christians in their hundreds in the following areas
1) Introduction to Christian Communication
2) The Art of Writing
3) Christian Newspaper and Magazine Management
4) Gospel Promotions & Marketing
5) Public & Media Relations for Church Growth
6) Radio & TV Production for Evangelism
7) Understanding English Language for Communication
8) The Church on the Web; Internet facilities & Opportunities
9) Copyright, Media Laws & Ethics
10) Events Management

We are available to render the following services;
1. We can be commissioned to do stories on Christians programmes, events and activities in Nigeria
2. We can act as publishers' Representatives in Nigeria
3. We can assist in organising conferences, seminars and workshops for Christians in any part of Africa
4. We can equally participatte in conferences, seminars and workshops bothering on Christian Communication in any part of the world
5. We can train church personel, writers, secretaries, editors and proof-readers in Christian writing and general communication.
6. We can assist in publishing Writers' manuscripts, books, journals and magazines
7. We can deliver seminar papers on any aspect of church and the media.

Gospel Arts Promotions is Presided over by Julius Olasunkanmi Adegunna, a graduate of International Relations of the University of Ife in Nigeria, the Nigerian Institute of Journalism in Lagos Nigeria.
He has practised Journalism in the secular and the church for about 20years. He started with Newbreed Newsmagazine, Viva Magazine, Money Minder Magazine,Financial Update before he received the call to PTL News in September 1994. He is a prolific writer, a book, Fundamentals of A Good Report, which he published to commemorate the ten years of PTL News as a Christian Newspaper.
He is ably supported by his wife Mary and a team of dedicated staff, supporters and worthy patrons.
His goal is to become a prominent, highly anointed Christian Writer and publisher to draw Millions of people to the Kingdom of God through his writing in Newspapers, Magazines and books.
Julius Adegunna can be reached on or by E-mail:, or or by telephone 234-803-326-0387,234-01-814-8103. Office: 265, Lagos-Abeokuta Express Way,Pleasure-Iyana Ipaja,Lagos, Nigeria.
Contact us for further infomation
God bless you.

Our Challenges & Needs
So far it has been discovered that the challenges of publishing a Christian newspaper or magazine is very enormous in Nigeria. Be it as it may, we strongly believe that the future of the ministry is very bright.
Presently, the newspaper enjoys a measure of support from churches, Christians and Private Organisations. It is uncommon for churches and ministries to raise financial support for other ministries in Nigeria, yet we count on the priceless supports of private well meaning individuals, churches and subscribers,who place adverts or give direct financial or material supports at one time or the other.
Presently among our needs are the following
1. Printing machines- preferably Kord
2. Computers and printers - A3 size
3. Spacious office accommodation or land for expansion
4. Financial support in currencies from any part of the world
5. Prayers of the righteous,
6. Private contributions and counselling
If you are able to do any of these kindly reach out to the Publisher Julius Adegunna on, or
Or Send Email to
God bless you.

Telephone lines- 234-8033260387

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