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UK in danger - A call to the church to risk all to save the nation

Eddie Liley - 20 Oct 2010
It's midnight. I can't sleep.
My mind's racing and then the Lord met me in a powerful way that I had to get up and pen what was revealed. I saw a huge galleon in a tempest. It was listing because it sat on dangerous rocks. Huge waves pounded over it and the wind raged. The ship had it's sails neatly folded away. The Lord told me that the ship represented the UK. The ship was given sails which were meant to take the ship away from danger but the crew knew best and didn't use them.
The Lord then revealed the sails represented God's word and the galleon the UK. Had our government and its people opened God’s word the UK would not have been dashed against the rocks.
Then the Lord said the Church knows why the ship is upon the rocks. Some sit in judgment and would happily see the ship dashed to pieces saying "I told you so". They don't walk in love. Then the Lord said "MAN THE LIFEBOATS! - Who will risk losing their lives in the tempest to save those on the galleon." Then, overcome by the spirit, I wept. I wept because the Lord weeps for our once great country because it rejected Him. I also wept because no-one was manning the lifeboats.

This is a call to the UK church. God is a God of Mercy and of Love and He lives in us and calls us to a life of love showing mercy to those who need saving from the tempest. Pick up your oar; get into the lifeboat and risk your life to save others is the call! It's what Jesus did!

Fire on the bride

Tracy Roberton
Posted 21 August
This morning I had a vision from God and I believe that it is very exciting and involves the whole church, aswell as my own Church in Gravesend.
I saw a very large field/open plain and scattered across it were people,christians. They were all standing a short distance apart from each other and each person was standing silently and was just WAITING... ( It was a bit like the movie City Of Angels where the Angels were all gathered by the Ocean early in the morning ).
Nobody was talking, they were all deep in thought and just waiting for 'something'.....
Then Jesus appeared above them on a kind of Cliffe Edge and he stretched out his hands and all of the people Caught on Fire !!!! It wasnt in a horrible way, the people were waiting for something and this was it !!!!
God Bless,

A spirit of conviction to come upon London
London Prophetic Forum
Word from Forum on 24th July 2010

I was woken in the early hours on Saturday and heard the phrase "Mercy triumphs over judgement " ( James 2:13) and I had the sense that God wants to show mercy to London rather than judgment. And I sensed that God wanted to show compassion on London as he had on the city of Ninevah. I sensed during the worship that the Lord wants to take what is a sinful city and cleanse it and make it holy. Just as at Ninevah they made even the animals fast so I also sensed that nature itself in London will reflect this holiness.

Hence the word I had that the River Thames which has been getting cleaner and cleaner reflects the fruit of the prayers of the saints interceding for the city over the years and they need to be encouraged that their prayers are making a difference.

My group prayed a lot about witchcraft and freemasonry in the Church of England and the Royal Family. And then a young man joined the group who read from the book of Jonah where God says to Jonah you have been concerned about this vine 'Should I not be concerned about that great city', its the last verse of the book. We prayed that like Ninevah , London would be spared.( see Jonah 4:2).

We prayed for the Holy Spirit to be given the freedom of the city and a spirit of conviction to come upon London.

A New Dawn over Great Britain

Deborah Smith
15 May 2010

The Sunday before the elections, the Lord woke me up around 7am (completion), and the birds were singing unusually loud. I heard the Lord say to me that it was a New Day and a New Dawn over Great Britain. It was a time of singing and rejoicing over our nation. Yesterday, the Lord said that we have just entered into a 5 year period of Grace in our nation, where the impossible wud become possible under this unusual strategy if we (the church) wud continue to pray. They are declaring that they will not call another election for 5 yrs.

We haven't arrived, we still need to keep our eyes on the Lord and pray and decree as He leads us. Great Britain has indeed come into the favour of God.

A sign for 2010? The rainbow appears at 20:10 over Parliament.
(See prophetic word given in 2009 Phil 'Homer' Smith from Sheffield -
"I believe for England now that God is releasing "No more Delay" over the land and wants to release his Rainbows of promise and the 7 Fold Spirit.")

Timeline of 11th May 2010
From Telegraph

20.08 David Cameron and his wife are driven in a silver Jaguar from Westminster to Buckingham Palace - encountering a learner driver and a motorcycle courier on the way - where he accepted an invitation from the Queen to form a new government.

20.10 In a poetic twist, the sun comes out in Westminster and a rainbow is seen over the Houses of Parliament.

The election has resulted in a hung parliament but it has also resulted in a parliament that is better balanced on Christian conscience issues.


Righteousness exalts a nation

Deborah Orgill
Received by webmaster and published 12 May 2010

My name is Deborah Orgill and I am part of Revival Fires in Dudley and am a trustee for Extreme Prophetic UK.
I wanted to share with you what I believe God showed me pre-election which I shared with others before David Cameron was announced as Prime Minister today.

Before the election God told me that David Cameron would be the next Prime Minister and that with this was coming a five year (five meaning grace) season of grace for our nation. On the morning after polling day I woke and He again said that David Cameron would be Prime Minister and that I was to step into a new season of grace that day.

I believe this next five years is an opportunity of grace for our nation and the church in the UK to see righteousness arise again in our nation. Proverbs 14 v 34 says:

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people"

We need to see the stakes of righteousness going deep into the fabric of our society again. I believe Nick Clegg’s declaration that he would stand by what he said in the pre-election about supporting the leading party is a sign of the new integrity that will arise in this nation in this season.

We are now at a crossroads and have the opportunity to choose the right path that will take us away from the encroaching darkness of the last government. Jeremiah 6 v 16 says:

" Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the ancient path where the good way is, and walk in it. Then you will find rest for your souls."

This is a great opportunity for Kingdom advancement. As we look to see we will find the good way and find the rest that so many are seeking. Let us step forward with victory in our steps, take this opportunity and see the Kingdom of God established in this nation.

Love and Blessing
Deborah Orgill

[Editor's note - for the record the prophecy above was received 4 mins after midnight on the 12 May 2010]

Dream - READY for crowds to come to Christ?

Tracey Wickland
4th May 2010

I had a dream which I believe is from God:-
I dreamt I was with a team of people who had decided to to market a type of speciality bread. (The gospel, the Christian message - Jesus the Bread of Life)

Plans and agreements were drawn up and along the way decisions were made to put out tables and chairs, open a cafe, sell cakes and have live music as well. (We need to keep on track and on message. Doing other peripheral things may not be a bad idea but may simply be a waste of time if not directed by the Lord.)

On the opening evening people began to arrive in their hundreds. The crowd far out stripped anything we had anticipated or planned for. We were overwhelmed and we could not cope with the sheer number of people. We were trying to serve them cups of tea from a small electric kettle. This was just not working. We had not made the right prepartions, did not have the right equipment and the helpers were slow and lazy. (It is interesting that the crowds came in the evening - in these end times?)

Maybe this is a modern day picture of the virgins running out of oil before the bridegroom came? The tea may represent the Holy Spirit that is in short supply in our lives to 'quench' the thirst of the crowds that are coming.

I woke up thinking - 'We needed huge tea urns'.

I believe the dream is a warning and encouragement from God to get ourselves ready for revival. The coming outpouring from God is far bigger than we are imagining. We need to equip ourselves by walking constantly in God's Word and His Spirit. If we think we are ready (and I have to say I thought I was doing OK!) - we're not!

Pray for the streets and subways of London

3rd April 2010

I saw the labyrinth of underground subways and tunnels in London. The enemy is saying or proclaiming, "London bridges falling down, falling down..." but what the enemy has meant for evil I have meant for good. Pray for London. Pray for her churches and pray for her people. Pray for Southwark and the Southern roads, gates and entrances to London. Something from beneath the city is going to be revealed that will bring healing and serve a restorative purpose and the enemy is trying to prevent it. I saw the dates of Passover from now, the first week of April, to England's St. George Day the national day of England April 23rd, 2010 and to pray specifically Isaiah 58:12 and that destruction would "pass over" London: "And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in."

Chad Taylor

Two words that came several years ago also speak of London Bridge see:

Word For The UK - Lanna Perry - November 2005

Prophetic Declaration - Over London - No flooding to occur in the natural - Heather Butler


Below part of a larger prophecy on Europe - See
The Lord's Eyes are on the Continent of Europe - Prophetic Word by Obii Pax-Harry

Britain, England, London ...

Obii Pax-Harry
April 2010

The angel with the pointer in his hand asked; “What next?” Before I could prepare myself to write, I saw bright light shining on a particular spot on the map of Europe. The light was flooding into the area I saw through a portal then came laughter. I could hear laughter as I continued to write down the mystery of the nations. I then heard an answer to a question that was yet unuttered, in my heart. I wanted to know where so much light was flooding into. The nation was Great Britain, and the portal was over England, and the light was targeted at London, then spreading through the nations of Great Britain and the Isles (Habakkuk 2:14). I then heard the voice of the Lord say; “Now!” This time the Lord was answering to a question that had not as yet formed in my heart. He knew I would ask that question before I knew, and to save on time He answered me (Isaiah 65:24). Again the Lord answered to the angel saying; “Now!”, and finally with a smile as of One who knew the end of a matter from its beginning the lord answered; “Month of May.” Neither the angel with the pointer in his hand nor I asked ‘when’ but remember the Lord said the reason for revealing the mystery of the nations in a new decade to His people is so that Believers are in tune with the things that must occur from nation to nation. The Lord was revealing His heart for His children-to know the mystery of His will for nations. Believers must be equipped to interpret signs in this dispensation of time, and also to distinguish what is of the Lord and what is not. These are the days for the fulfillment of the prophecy of prophet Obadiah in verse 15; “For the day of the Lord upon all the nations is near; as you have done, it shall be done to you; your reprisal shall return upon your own head.”

The Lord spoke once more to reveal that He must strengthen His people in Great Britain. The Lord would arm the intercessors and watchmen with strength to turn the battle for the destiny of their nation at the gate (Isaiah 28:6). He revealed further that Britain was a Savior nation within the continent of Europe and she must be made ready to fulfill her destiny within the continent of Europe and beyond. I was made to understand that a savior nation had spiritual and natural responsibility within confederacy of nations in her continent. As such, Great Britain has strong commitment to, and responsibility also to Europe, to see her aligned with God’s prophetic agenda for the continent as a whole. The Lord revealed that Great Britain was an Esau-type nation (first born) that is in a ‘kairos’ or opportune time to redeem time, and enter into the future ordained for her as a ‘founder nation’. The set time had come for Great Britain to be redeemed as a first-born and frontline nation. A first born nation is one with authority and responsibility similar in kind as a natural firstborn in a family. They become Esau types when responsibilities of leading and leadership are relegated due to compromise of some sort. Israel is a first born nation as well as being God’s firstborn land. Once more, the Spirit of the Lord made me understand that an Esau-type nation is one that has sold his inheritance as firstborn through compromise and short sightedness. Such nations have deviated from the hope of their founding fathers, the identity with which they were brought forth and are in identity crisis but in this decade of reversal of negative trends, the Lord shall redeem Esau-type nations, and time shall be won back on their behalf as we pray and travail for a new dawning (Obadiah 21). These nations will fulfill their destiny and shall be restored to their positions as front line nations. The time has come for intercessors in such nations to petition the Lord like the five daughters of Zelophehad in Numbers 27. The time has come to petition heaven under the new covenant in the blood of Jesus Christ for the inheritance due nations and for their redemptive gifts to be restored in this decade of reversal of trends. The church must therefore walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise; “redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is” (Ephesians 5:16-17).

As I was yet writing, the angel of the Lord declared to the intercessors of Great Britain; “Weep no more! For the hour of rejoicing is upon you. Put on your garments of praise, for in this hour, your strength shall come from the quality of your praise. Put on your garment of praise for the Lord shall give you beauty for ashes, the oil of gladness for mourning. He shall give you the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness” (Isaiah 61:3).

The Lord then began to reveal the purpose of the fresh outpouring of strength or the zeal of the Lord upon Believers in Great Britain. Believers in this nation need to be revived, renewed in their minds and reinvigorated for spiritual battles ahead affecting natural activities yet pointing to year 2012 as a face-off year. For in that year, says the Lord, My people shall understand the words I speak in this hour through My prophets. He revealed years 2010-2012 to be a cycle of time during which the body of Christ need to uproot tares growing amidst wheat. The Lord revealed a new season of hope, restoration of national identity and honor as preordained by the Holy One of Israel and not by nationalistic sentiments (Zechariah 4:6).

From nation to nation, the thrones of iniquity (contending invisible spiritual forces) that challenge the Lord’s purpose for Europe shall be defeated.

Fire of revival is coming soon

Chris Wickland - April 2010

My Fire of revival is coming soon. A fire such as the world has never witnessed before.
I am coming first to judge this country ( UK ). I will bring it to its knees and I will crush its foundations. Then and only then will the people of this land come before Me on its knees in humility. It will kneel before the burning torch of My Spirit filled Church. The land will come to seek hope and healing and my church will be ready to give it.

Many will come who are oppressed by devils and circumstances, by sickness and disease. I will pour out my Mercy and I will heal them all. I will heal all diseases,
cancers, tumors, afflictions and sickness.

I will come against all the filth of this country with my Power. I will smash through this land with My Power and Glory like a freight train. No one will be able to speak out against My Power, no one will be able to deny My Truth. For signs and unspeakable wonders will be done. Signs and wonders that will confound all.

My Glory will be established in this land. My Will be done on Earth as it is done in Heaven will be a reality!

This country will burn so bright with My Glory that demons and angels will see this land shine bright from the furthest reaches of space.

From this land I will send out mighty men and women of My Name to travel the globe to establish My Power and Glory throughout the world.

In these last days, before the time of judgment, in this last slither of time, in this last great outpouring of My Spirit. I will marry My Word and Spirit together.

I will fill the earth with My Glory.

Chris Wickland
tongues and interpretation April 2010

[Editor's note - the prophecy below needs to be read in the context of other words, and in the knowledge that faithful intercession will release grace and mercy]

Prophetic Word to 2012 - England is doomed!

Added march 2010
Originally Posted on another site
October 2005 by Apostle Ngabo

Oh UK, Oh UK, Great Britain, a nation that condemns God, persecutes and throws out God's apostles from the Land that I send to bless this nation,

You who allows perversion to reign and exalts yourself above God's written laws. Now your doom has come!.

I have given you the right to exercise your wickedness, even over My church in England,

You are going to make laws that will pervert justice,

You are going to oppress the poor and the middle class, you are even going to turn My church (preachers of the gospel) into a den of thieves,

You are going to make laws that promote homosexuality and every kind of abomination,

You will even force these abominable laws upon My church, to make them swear an oath, so that they may worship your idols, commit adultery and defile My people.

After the process of seven years, [that is 2012] I am going to return with a two edged sword in My mouth to destroy you, humble you and cleanse you from all your idol worship and also in that time will I empower My people, I will anoint them with oil and the lion (the church) will roar again, says the Lord.

By: Apostle Ngabo

Prophetic Word for 2010 from UK Prophetic Council

January 11, 2010

In November 2009 the UK Prophetic Council came together to consensus the revelations that God had given us for the United Kingdom and Europe. W

A New Great Awakening
Hallelujah, the cloud of God can be seen to be moving again just as when He went before Israel.
Before the end of 2010 we are going to see a “New Great Awakening” in the earth, but it is our responsibility to make sure it comes to our nations, to our churches and families.
For God would say, “Sixteen centuries from the birth of My church, My church had grown formal. Man was seeking a more personal, spiritual and immediate kind of assurance. Something that would touch their hearts directly and guarantee that they would indeed be saved. This atmosphere has cycled around again for you. At that time I brought a “Great Awakening” I swept through the English speaking world. Then I brought a second Great Awakening when it looked like the only faith that remained inoculated people from Me. In England there was the Methodist revival, in Wales the Welsh revival.
I hid The Awakening from the wise and prudent, those who loved intellectualism and I am again coming to reveal this Great Awakening to babes. There is a broken generation and I will heal them with a heart transplant. Upon the youth and university campuses I will bring great joy from Holy Spirit encounters, healing their brokenness, shame and addiction. You will see My goodness for I like and love you.
This Awakening will be built upon a prayer and worship base. I remember geography and Revival Trade routes, those that carried this Awakening back and forth across North America and Europe. You will do it again. This Awakening will be preserved by those of discipline and godliness. The media will also support My wave of sovereign healing.”

A Time to be Nimble
We are on an important trek right now and we are to stay nimble, ‘lean and mean’, not picking up things on the way that will weigh us down. We need to stay focused on the goal before us. Releasing the grip we have had on over-structured, over-programmed church.
For God would say, “There have been so many small distractions that have tried to attach themselves to you, like wet sand on your hands. They have been accumulating slowly so its been almost undetected. This season will be one of shaking off the distractions, which will allow you to sense more clearly what lies ahead. Stay nimble!”
God is moving with acceleration and we need to partner with Him and be more nimble in our response. God is giving a shorter response time to His moving. Many in this next season will be asking what they have done wrong to not engage with the supernatural side of God. The answer will be ‘because they held too tightly to what they had built’. Don’t miss out on this blessing. (Isaiah 52:2) “Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, O Jerusalem. Free yourself from the chains on your neck, O captive Daughter of Zion.”

Explosions and Catapulting
2010 begins a time of explosions and catapulting. Many will be catapulted into their divine destinies and some into different nations. This is a time God is bringing you to your mountain like Caleb so that you can take of your mountain. (Josh 14:11-12) There will be those who are moved and some radically rocketed forward in their destiny.
Many will shift from the commissioning of Elisha in 1 Kings 19 when Elijah put his cloak upon him. Launching into 2 Kings 2 where Elisha picked up the fallen cloak of Elijah during his departure in the chariot.
For God would say, “Get out of the interval waiting place and pick up the cloak! Go back and stand on the banks of your Jordan and cry with expectation for My miraculous multiplied power to come upon you.”
Get ready for explosions of God’s light as gross darkness comes upon the earth and people. (Isa 60:1-3) “But the LORD will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you. The Gentile nations shall come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising.” This is a realm of the Lord’s explosive enlightenment and glory, to manifest the power of a resurrected Jesus, in and out of the church.

Mantles for Change
God said, “In this season I am giving Mantles for Change.”
He is providing an accelerated metamorphose, which is, change through supernatural means. Some mantles will be mended as we are altered. God is mantling us with what has been unfamiliar, unaccustomed and untried authority, influence and responsibility.
1. For some it will bring inventiveness and solutions, the possibility for a new era of thought. It is time to believe Luke 1:37, that with God all things are possible, in order that the quality of life for others would improve, through inventions.
2. For others it will release authentic identity where the enemy falsely yoked you with lies.
3. Consecrated holy lives will be pursued as true repentance (change) clothes you.
4. This mantle of change will affect our position of how we view Jesus Christ. (1Cor 13:12) “Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.” We are going to see new dimensions of God.
5. God is giving us mantles of change in order for us to bring change to our atmosphere.

New Divine Order
The question of this new decade will be: “How much of the kingdom of God can actually be expressed before the second coming of Christ Jesus?” As we emerge from the ruins of our passive Christianity, we are being given the responsibility for this new divine order of reformation. We must learn to discern and judge on a new level in order to not remain in old destructive patterns and to correct past mistakes. Repeating the old can hijack us from entering into our highest potential.
This can be a time of recovery of what we lost or was robbed from us during our wilderness journey.

Ownership of the Land
This next decade is one of ownership, particularly for God’s people, who He is calling to rise up in faith and take back the land, physically and spiritually. This is a time to buy and own land, buildings, houses and businesses. But do not operate in presumption, financial over extension and debt, that was the error of last season. We will obtain these things via faith, wise financial diligence, and hard work as well as supernatural provision. The UK will continue to feel the bite of the recession. These disruptions will give opportunity for the church to take the initiative in many areas from providing for the needs of individuals as we respond to the heavenly call to take the land.

Worshipping Army
The change in season will be highlighted by the emerging of new bold worship/warfare songs. For God will grant favour to those who have positioned themselves against injustice and demonic giants in the land. Your children will run through a troop and leap over the wall. (2 Sam 22:30) A people movement is still rising and forming where saints operate fully in their gifts and callings, being impassioned to be in the place God wants them to be.

Intimacy and Holiness – Leading to Provision
A body of believers is being raised up who are radical in their hearts and are willing to die to self and to move in the power of God. Total surrender will be required in this season. God is highlighting the parable of the ten virgins in Matt 26, and as in this passage, provision in this season will be linked to intimacy with God.

Watch and Pray
This is the Hebraic year 5770, which is the letter Ayin. Ayin is also the symbol of the eye. God is releasing a greater ability to see. Watchmen are called to awaken and take their place upon the walls, raising a clear sound again in the nations. The watchmen are to scrutinize, identify and herald what is not right. This will help birth a radical prayer army, that deals with real issues.
Some results of watching and praying are:
1. Our spirit will overtake our weak flesh. (Matt 26:41)
2. We escape all that is about to happen, to stand before the Son of Man.”(Luke 21:36)
3. There will be an increase of 24/7 houses of prayer and worship.
As sight is being contended for, God wants our focus that we might say,
Now I see (understand), instead of, this is the way I see it. (Isa 55:9) “My ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

The main purpose of the shaking is now being revealed to us, (Heb 12:27-28) “that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken…”
The Kingdom of God is not just surviving but thriving during this clash of kingdoms. Yes, there will be more shaking in the UK, manifested through economic pressure and felt in many of our current national structures, in response to overwhelming needs within the nation.
Just as in the days of Joseph of Egypt, the famine will be felt over a protracted period of time. This is a global shaking.

As part of it, we can expect to see:
1. Homes and possessions being repossessed.
2. National companies going bankrupt; e.g. the post office and the student loans company will be shaken
3. Further economic and societal shaking in the financial, energy and public sectors which will continue to greatly impact the lives and finances of individuals.
4. A shaking of mortgages.
5. A shaking of governmental positions and political staff.
6. A shaking of governmental authority in the nation and a decentralisation out of London – where national structures fail, a door for local initiatives will open up with a fresh sense of community.
7. Closer links will be forged with Europe as shaking continues.
8. As financial systems ‘peak and trough’ new solutions will be sought.
9. The justice system will come under God’s scrutiny.
10. Shaking also continues as Believers leave behind old traditions that have made the Word of God to no effect.
This is a time for short and long term strategies, of new technologies, governmental strategies, and effective administration systems being birthed, alongside alternative banking systems, and new models of education.

Kingdom Rest verses Striving
Be careful and do not align with fear, anxiety, or intimidation in your life.
This is not a time of striving, but we are to be proactive in pressing to maintain momentum and mobilisation for kingdom advance. Luke 12:32, “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”
Rom 14:17, “For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”
We need to be connected with those that will be ‘force multipliers’ for the kingdom. As we transition, God is calling us to be careful of the covenant relationships we embrace. We need to be released from inappropriate covenants and to realign ourselves with divine kingdom relationships.
A Decade of Unprecedented Harvest
Amos 9:13 ”Behold, the days are coming,” says the LORD, “When the plowman shall overtake the reaper”

Two prophecies for 2010

Martin Cooke - January 2010

2010 Prophecy. The Hour Is Late.
I had a picture of a watch, but the time was obscured by an attractive fly that had landed on the watch face.
The time is late, but the eyes of my people are blinded and cannot see the lateness of the hour. They are distracted by the schemes of men, by much church activity and concern for their own well-being. It is time to brush away the Satanic deceptions and diversions and to earnestly seek the Lord for His will.
Martin Cooke.

Switch Your Source A prophecy for 2010

Time and time again you have returned to the River of Life but only experienced death and bitterness. The waters have been poisoned by those higher upstream who thought to do you good but have only muddied the waters. You have waited patiently for change but have seen no change. Even the small patches of water that appeared to be clear were soon mixed and as muddied as the rest of the flow.
Leave this river, for I have another river which I have guarded and is kept pure. It is not like the river that proceeds from man's works that looks promising but ministers death. The River of God proceeds from the Throne of God and ministers healing to those that have been hurt . Only those who seek God will find this river. This river ministers life and will refresh the weary ones. This river ministers refreshment to the parched areas of the earth.

Martin Cooke

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